Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Here’s a quick valentine idea for your sweetheart. My daughter did this for her husband and sneaked it into our family valentine box.

  1. Buy a deck of playing cards.
  2. Get some pretty paper.
  3. Write a list of 52 reasons you love (respect) your man.
  4. Print or write (calligraphy is nice) one reason on each of 52 rectangles of pretty paper. Make these rectangles the size to fit on the front of the cards and still have the corner numbers showing on the cards (the “reason” covers the face or the configuration on the card).
  5. Glue the paper rectangles on the cards. You can “Mod-Podge the surface if you want, but that’s optional.
  6. Decorate the front card (which would be the ad card with your photo, little jewels from the hobby store or just the title; “52 Reasons I Love You.”
  7. Punch two holes with a hole-puncher on the left side of each card and put the cards on a couple of office binder rings to make a little book.

It was fun to hear the 52 reasons including “You hold my hand during every prayer,” “You are sweet to old people and they love you,” “Your love of guns makes you wonderfully masculine,” “You are extremely protective of me,” and “You never skip our Bible time.”

It’s so much better than the Hallmark kind of card and it allows lots of room for your own creativity. (Or, I’ve heard you can cheat and find this idea on Pinterest.) Best of all, it’s a great way to show a husband some Ephesians 5 respect.

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