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Digging Deep 2023: The Crown

This is it!…The 2023 Digging Deep Study. The Crown is appropriately named. From the unlikely crowning of David, son of Jesse, to the placing of the crown of thorns on the head of the Son of God, the study takes you into a reverent study of purposeful and prophetic redemption through the King of kings. Taken seriously, the study can lead one to be around the throne of the crowned Prince of Israel through all of eternity! Click the links below or visit our storefront to get your 2023 Digging Deep study book and merch!

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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley Caleb Colley

Family Bible Curriculum

It’s finally time to roll this out! This is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a while for congregational or family Bible study. 

“That We May Have HOPE,” authored by Caleb and Rebekah Colley and illustrated by Julia Tesh, is a tried and true method of synchronizing your congregation’s Bible study with your own family Bible times at home. I know your congregation could benefit from this year-long study. But I am most excited about the knowledge and faith it can put in the hearts of the children in your little family at home.

But it’s both. It’s for churches and families! In fact, it’s even a great year-long homeschool curriculum for all preschool and  elementary ages.

It’s a book!…that will carry you through 52 character studies of the Scriptures. At the end of the year your family will be able to tell the stories of major Bible heroes and villains and how to emulate the positive and eliminate the negative spiritual characteristics of each person. This material is sound, practical and convicting. If you’re using the book at home, there’s a flexible schedule for incorporating the material into your Bible time on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. In a year, your children will know the stories of 52 important Bible characters and four important facts to remember about each of them. The book is spiral bound, sturdy, and chock-full of the Word. Caleb Colley authored the study book.

But it’s also a memorization flash card system that will allow even the youngest of Bible learners to know the accounts of these 52 characters. The cards come on a binder ring that makes them easy for kids of all ages to carry. This also facilitates easily flipping though the characters at Bible time each night. The cards are both sturdy and beautiful. These memorization cards are authored by Rebekah Colley and illustrated by Julia Tesh.

Finally, it’s also a timeline. This is my favorite part. Each of the 52 Bible characters is placed on a sturdy hang-able timeline (that also lays flat on your table or desk), so that your children can easily see exactly where these heroes and villains fit into the Bible’s chronology and how their lives coincide with well-known Biblical events. Assembled by Rebekah and illustrated by Julia, this tool will help your children see the “big picture” of how each person fits into the story of redemption that is the centerpiece and purpose of divine revelation.

You can complete the study using the book only. But using  all three resources together is something that I cannot wait to do at our house. (I’m thinking, we may have a black cape that we wear when we’re studying a villain and a white one when we’re studying the heroes.)  I just think our grandchildren will be able to conceptualize these accounts more deeply as they use the tools of story-telling, memorization and chronological placement all at once. I can’t wait!

Here’s what Caleb says about how the idea is used in the local church:

“Here is how I have administered the Bible learning initiative: On the first Sunday of every year, I announce to the congregation the theme of the new year’s study. On one occasion I introduced the Bible Characters Study with a sermon on the value of studying Bible characters. Material is distributed to the congregation.

Then, I periodically preach on topics related to the particular week’s study. For example, on the week when the congregation was studying “Cain,” I preached about Cain and Abel. At the end of the year, every family or member has reviewed a 52 week study of Bible characters and has a handbook. I anticipate publishing other studies we have done, including a chronological study of the life of Christ, a study of the biblical doctrine of prayer, etc. I have found that many members of the church welcome the structure of the study and appreciate having the completed book at the end of the year. While this book is just a springboard to one’s own pursuit of Biblical knowledge (2 Peter 1:5-9; 3:18), nonetheless, it is a tool to prompt and deepen that pursuit.”

I hope there are elders who decide to feed the flock using this material. These churches will be blessed. But, even if you are just using it in your own home, exclusively, the growing faith in your home will be well worth your family’s efforts. Nothing is more important than planting the Word in tender hearts!

That We May Have Hope Book

That We May Have Hope Memorization Cards

That We May Have Hope Timeline

That We May Have Hope Discount Bundle

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Colley House Gift Cards are Here! Annual Christmas Contest is Now!

I’m happy to announce this new gift idea from The Colley House. We’ve never offered gift cards before, but here they are! Available in several different denominations, printable and digitally downloadable, it’s one easy way to get the best kinds of gift materials into the hands of people you love. Just in time for the holidays, you can surprise people across the miles with gifts for the soul! 

Find them here.

Next, here’s the holiday contest for this year! With a nod to our DD study of COMFORT this year, I’m asking for your best Holiday comfort recipes. Submit the recipe for your favorite holiday comfort food and, in 50 words or less, tell us why this recipe/food brings you joy, nostalgia, good memories and/or comfort during the holidays. We’ll choose five great recipes, share them with you, and award those who submitted them! Five winners will each receive $25.00 digital gift cards from The Colley House. We’ll try to share lots of the submitted recipes via this blog! 

Deadline for submitting your recipe is December 5th. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Submissions must be sent to Any submissions sent to any other address or text number or message will not be retrieved. (You ladies are all over the board and I cannot keep up with you!)

I hope your early merry is coming on you unexpectedly! But there are many readers who are struggling. Death has take loved ones of several who read this blog in the last few days. I am shocked and saddened at the early passing of some great Christians. I am profoundly thankful for the hope that anchors those left behind. There are others who wake up every day to a different kind of “lonely”. Some are finding themselves in marriages that are being ravaged by sin. Some face Satan’s attempted manipulation in intense ways.  Some are keeping vigils in the NICU or in the Pediatric ICU. Some are saying the slow good-bye that accompanies a parent with dementia. Some are battling cancer. Some are realizing that their children may never come back to holiness. The list is not exhaustible. But our God is good and He knows. I am praying for sisters who are fighting the depression that comes with holidays that are not filled with “merry.” I hope you are studying with me the “Father of Mercies” this month and trying to remember that the trials of this life are preparatory and brief, in comparison to our “stay” in the place where tears are banned!

I anxiously await that place. 


An Introduction to Digging Deep for New Diggers

Several first-timers are asking for details about exactly how to do the Digging Deep study. Some have invited others (yay!) and these very significant “others” are needing the format for the study so they can begin with confidence. (Please do invite friends, especially your friends who are not Christians!) It’s so easy that it’s hardly worth a post, but, just in case you are overwhelmed with back-to-school, home-schooling or, better yet, congregational involvement overload, here it is: the study in a nutshell.

1. Every first day of every month beginning now, a new portion of the study will appear on the Digging Deep in God’s Word facebook group. That’s the place to find a concise copy of the current month’s study and the place to discuss the dig with others all over the world. Go there and see the discussion already happening! This year’s study has also been made available in a free download here and in a workbook called God of All Comfort also available in the store. 

2. Be sure and join the Digging Deep for Encouragement Facebook group as well. That’s the place for any prayer requests that are unrelated to the study.

3. Try your best to pace yourself throughout the month so that you can finish each month’s study by month’s end.

4. Keep your notes digitally or get the Digging Deep workbook. Either works fine. You just need some place for notes!

5. Near the end of each month, there will be a live podcast discussing the month’s study. You will be able to type in your comments and questions in this chatroom and we will discuss them together: podcasts will be archived on this site, as well, so if you can’t listen live, you can listen later. It generally will occur on the last Tuesday of each month, but we will let you know the exact schedule well in advance on the podcast and on both of the Facebook pages. (If you want to go and listen to podcasts from other years, you may do that, too.)

6. You may optionally subscribe to this blog which will often, but not always, be an addendum to the study. It generally posts twice a week, usually on Mondays and Thursdays:

7. The last podcast of the year will come to you live from ‘Polishing the Pulpit” during that annual conference that occurs each August. Those present who have completed the entire study (all reading, questions, podcasts, and challenges) will be recognized there.

8. Anyone who wants a Digging Deep t-shirt, be sure and order here. We have to have the shirt orders quickly so as to get them back from the company and get them in the packages with the books in time for you to do the September study!

We are always indebted to the elders at the West Huntsville church for their support and oversight. We are thankful for Jennifer Benavides for tech support and for every woman who co-hosts on our monthly podcast. But we are especially thankful for those of you who are committing to, persevering in and inviting to this year’s study. It’s not too late to invite friends. Most of all, we thank the Father through the Son for this great study from the Holy Spirit!

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