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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The REST of Your Story.

Don’t forget to send your best service idea to Send it by midnight on December 10th.  You could win this amazingly expensive bracelet (not, really…but cute and handmade by me)! We will all win if we take some ideas and implement them in our routines for living (Details here:,

Next, be sure to watch the podcast tonight at 7 CST here: Spoiler alert: If Jesus washing feet doesn’t get to your heart, you may not be reachable. 

Next, here’s a little Christmas bundle in the store. If you buy the new Digger’s bracelet AND the Digger’s tea towel, you pay just $15.00 plus $3.50 shipping for both. It’s two great gifts in one!  Regular price is $18.00 plus shipping.  Order here:!/Digging-Deep-Holiday-Special-Bracelet-Tea-Towel-Combo/p/420561757/category=20688312

Finally, I’m realizing this year that there are many sisters who are hurting through this holiday season. Covid has claimed. Politics has pained. Budgets are bursted and, worst of all, sin has separated. Hope, joy, love, peace, and cheer–all the things we see on the greeting cards this time of year–are found in Jesus Christ. Love Him, praise Him, serve Him through the rest of 2021 and throughout the rest of your life. And one day, through His advocacy, you will have the REST of your life. Rest from trouble, rest from sin’s consequences, rest from persecution, rest from sickness and death. REST. He said “Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest for your souls.” 

Stick it out in faithfulness through the TESTING ground and you can be wrapped in peace in the RESTING ground. Heaven will surely be worth it all!  

And, not as importantly, but extremely therapeutically,  try to find the holiday sparkle in a child’s eye every remaining day of 2021. That sparkle will keep you pressing forward! Children are the best people on the planet today! Happy Holidays!


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

This Year’s Holiday Contest!

As December begins this year, we are finishing up a Digging Deep study about that amazing service project completed by our Lord in the upper room at the Passover feast. This year’s holiday contest is centered on service. Send us your best service idea for the holiday season. I’ve heard about several already from Diggers, but this contest is open to all women who’d like to enter.

I don’t want to start describing ideas because I don’t want to pre-empt someone’s best idea, but I do want to say the project can be costly or without cost. It can be simple and quick or long and labor-intensive. It can be performed to help a child or a widow or a family or a congregation. The creativity of women who read this blog always amazes me.

So send your best service idea to Send it by midnight on December 10th. Three winners will receive these cute little silver-tone bracelets that I’m making this year for fun gift-giving. They have a tiny little shovel charm and a little bar charm  that says  “BLESSED”.  I’ll also send along one of the Digging Deep flour-sack style tea towels from our store.

Let’s help each other serve!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

You bought them up!…Only a few smalls left.

Here are the ladies (list below) who will be getting shirts. We are trying to mail these out today. Some of your orders are just partial orders. Just had to do the best I could on these. Let me know quickly if you do NOT want what’s listed below. Please just PayPal for the shirts and shipping. Refer to the previous blog post for details. If your name is not listed below, your request cam in later your size was sold out. Let me know if anyone else needs a size small by emailing I can still fill that order, but that’s all! Thanks!

You are the best! I’m trying to get our little holiday contest together, too. I have a little prize I’m making for the winners of that. So watch for details. I hope your weekend is great. Keep the Colley House in your prayers. We love our family in Him!

On a much more sober note (than t-shirts),  I love what Jesus and the Spirit said to the church in Sardis. I cling to this in 2021. Let’s be overcomers together. May all the names on this page and all the diggers’ names be confessed. I want to be confessed. Above all, I want to be confessed and get that white clothing! White has never been my color, but it is GOING TO BE!

He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.”

Gayle in Mt. Vernon, OH— one M

Teri Harris—one M

Glenna Aberle—one M

Bethany Stephens—one L

Andrea Davis —one M

Danette Head—one M, one L, one 2X

Jessica Thomas—one 2X, one 4X

Veronica Wine—one  S, one 2X,

Pam Blankenship—one S

Holly Smith—one S

Dawn Dunaway—one S

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Who wants a t-shirt?

Who wants a T-shirt? 

We have a very limited number of t-shirts left from our September order and this bargain-blessed basement needs ANY items gone! You can order your Digging Deep 2021-22 shirt today for just $11.00 plus shipping by sending your name and mailing address to The sizes I have are listed below. I’ll post a list here tomorrow of those ladies who were first to respond and are receiving a shirt via USPS.

When you receive your shirt, send a check to: Cindy Colley— 1519 Old Monrovia Road, NW—Huntsville, AL 35806 ) OR you can PayPal this address:

Please include $11.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling.  (If you want two or three shirts, shipping will be $9.00)

I hope the shirt works for your wardrobe, but mostly for your evangelism. I have already heard of several people who’ve been able to start Biblical conversations  just by wearing the shirts. I’ve also heard of people who find other diggers in random places (like thrift stores) when they wear the shirt! 

Here are the available sizes. I have…

13 small shirts

5 medium shirts

1 large shirt

3 XXL shirts

1 XXXXL shirt.

Look, in the next couple of days, for your names, so you can be watching the still- lagging USPS for your package. Remember, you have to send the email first to let me know your name, shipping address and sizes needed. Then, you watch for your name here, so you can see if I still had your size when you requested. Then–only then–pay shirt prices and shipping with check or PayPal. 

Mostly, don’t just wear the shirt. Wear the Word it represents. Wear the Savior who is speaking to us through the book of John. Be hidden in Christ (Col. 3:3)!


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Thank-you for your Prayers…

If you are among those who prayed for Brother Kovalenko, please read this letter I received from his wife, Brooke. Prayer is not always answered in the way we think best and, for this, we praise Him. He gives us what is truly best. Either way, it is so very comforting to know that our Calvary-blood relatives are praying us through. Here’s Brooke’s letter. I have a feeling, she will never be the same and that what she is becoming through trials is better than what she has ever been!

Dear Cindy, 

My name is Brooke Kovalenko. I am digging deep along with you as we examine the power of the final conversations of Christ. You were contacted several weeks ago by my sister, Amanda Griffin, coveting prayers on my husband’s behalf as he was in a very serious battle with Covid. When Amanda told me that she had reached out to you to request prayers for us throughout all of the platforms that you employ, I was so thankful and encouraged to know that you and fellow like-minded Christians were lifting our names up to our Father. He is the Creator and the Great Physician. Although we are so thankful for each medical doctor, nurse, and technician who attended my husband during his stay at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, we know that their success was in the hands of the One who understood the needs of my husband the most, and he guided their decisions throughout his treatment. Never before has the power of prayer been so abundantly realized in our lives and during this latest crisis in our family. Incredibly specific prayers were being answered within hours. Fellow Christians, who we will never meet until we are gathered at the pearly gates, truly helped me and my family bear this burden. My husband is now well along the road to recovery. We have come through this as stronger Christians and with a greater appreciation for the power of God’s army when they are joined in a march to the throne of God with a common request. What a blessing the church is! It is a true family that can uphold and benefit each other in the darkest of hours. I want to thank you for your personal prayers on our behalf. I would also appreciate if you would post on every platform that you previously used on our behalf to let everyone know that we can never thank each person enough for their prayers. Let them know that we have prayed for them as well, that their lives will be blessed, just as ours has been. Please let it be acknowledged that prayer is a blessing of being in Christ’s Body and that we should not ever take it for granted or underestimate the power and potential blessings it can shower upon us as obedient children .We are living in a confusing and evil world, being buffeted on every side from the powers of darkness throughout our society and across the globe. Thankfully, we have a source of hope that can bring peace that surpasses understanding, even as we walk through the dark valleys of this life. People need encouragement. We want our positive outcome to provide encouragement to others as a piece of good news during these trying times. We serve an awesome God who has the power to provide for our needs and direct the best outcome for our lives. We need to always remember to lean on Him. His Hand is extended toward His children, and we need to take advantage of His loving kindness and hold His Hand allowing Him to direct the pathways of our lives. We should rely on His will, obediently trusting in Him with reverence and fear, knowing that He is the keeper of our souls. We have been so humbled, not only by God’s mercy in healing my husband, but also by the knowledge that we were being supported and lifted up in prayer by so many. We have truly been blessed, and you, and every person who heard about us through you, have been a huge part of the blessings we have received. We thank you, and every platform follower you informed, beyond words. We give all thanks and praise to God who listened to every petition made on our behalf and who, in His mercy and wisdom, provided us with such a powerful support system while we are on earth. Thank you again so much. We will continue to keep you and your efforts in our prayers. 

In Christian Love, 

Brooke Kovalenko

Lake Forest Church of Christ

Jacksonville, Florida 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Peg Me Here…

Lately I’ve heard a couple of new nomenclatures for those of us who are searching the Scriptures daily and are attempting to apply their principles to the decisions of our personal moral lives. Apparently, that makes us members of “the extreme right subculture of the church.” 

And it makes us serious textual Christians, rather than mere social Christians. 

I mean if I should think that Matthew 5:18 paired with I Timothy 2:9,10 places any responsibility on women to personally enforce, in their own lives, some real standards of modest dress, I’m a part of the subculture. I am more than a social Christian. If I think about and quote verses when engaging in conversation about marriage and divorce, then I’m not what the world views as a “regular Christian.” If I believe that the implications of Philippians 4:8 would have a bearing on what I choose to view on my television or computer, I’ve crossed a line into radicalism. And it’s particularly egregious radicalism if I should ever attempt, in keeping with Titus 2:3-5, to teach another woman any particulars of discretion or chastity or keeping at home. As one man said to me a few days ago “But Cindy, you don’t need to examine passages. Most people don’t get that. Most people are social Christians and they don’t ‘get’ looking at words in the Bible.” 

If looking at the text and trying to figure out how it applies to the very real crossroads to which I come daily in this arduous walk toward heaven is the extreme right subculture of the church (and I do not believe that’s always the belief in our congregations), may I suggest that the church has been absorbed into the larger culture—the world (Romans 12:1,2..see, there I go…trying to apply a text).

I know I shouldn’t be shocked when I’m described as the extreme right in a subculture. But, Biblically, there are two choices that determine all subsequent ones. The choices are succinctly outlined at the bottom of Matthew 7. It’s two regular men who are builders. One builds on the sand and one on the rock. The rock foundation has been claimed by those who hear the sayings of Jesus and do them. The “do them” part means something. If it doesn’t mean that the rock-builder takes seriously the words of Scripture and tries to apply them in situations (when the wind blows and the rains come), then I do not know what it means. Without application, Scripture is rendered meaningless. 

Thanks, but I do not want to be a social Christian. I don’t want to be placed in a category of people who are along on the Christianity journey for the rewarding sense of belonging to a culture. I’ll take the subculture of people who believe Scripture’s Words are inspired, purposeful and directional in everyday situations. The Holy Spirit has worked for thousands of years to accomplish what you and I can open today and read with ease. I’m treasuring His work in every scenario.  The application of the reading is not as easy. It flies in the face of our world of relativism and non-judgmental tolerance of sin. 

Put me down in the subculture column.