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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley Featured

Now on Sale! Must-read on Scripture’s Answers to Racism in the Church.

The answers ARE right here in Black and White! This book has been in the works during the pandemic and the racially motivated chaos in major American cities. It’s a book by four men of God who worked separately and then for many hours on multiple nights in ZOOM meetings searching and pondering the Scriptures together to determine and write practical answers from the Word for the racial issues that challenge our unity. The world will never arrive at the answers for racial peace and unity. But we are not the world.

This book has 37 relevant questions about race and 37 Biblical answers. Melvin Otey, Glenn Colley, Ben Giselbach and Hiram Kemp are men of the Word. They do not necessarily agree on all of the societal solutions. But they agree that the Word has the answers for today’s church.

Scripture speaks to questions like:

What distinguishes a racist Christian from one who is not?

To what extent can Christians be involved in social activism?…in civil disobedience?

What is systemic racism? What is white privilege? What role should these terms play in Christian discussions about race relations in the church?

I’m excited to direct you to this timely discussion. I think you’ll have hard time putting it down. I think you’ll have a commitment to unity when you finally do.

Get it here:!/There-in-Black-and-White/p/231395117/category=21667339


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley Featured

New Digging Deep Study Going Live!

As I am typing, the announcement is being made. I’m grateful to all who are encouraging and studying. You can find the materials here now:

Here’s the free download:!/Digging-Deep-2020-The-Ten-Free-Download/p/228610550/category=0

Here’s the hoodie:!/Digging-Deep-2020-The-Ten-Hoodie/p/228532209/category=0

Here’s the t-shirt:!/Digging-Deep-2020-The-Ten-T-Shirt/p/228523003/category=0

Here’s the t-shirt AND deluxe study book COMBO:!/Digging-Deep-2020-Bundle-T-shirt-&-Deluxe-Book/p/228328434/category=0

Here’s the DD book bulk order discount:!/Digging-Deep-2020-The-Ten-Deluxe-Study-Book-SPECIAL-BUY-6-OR-MORE-AT-$16-ea/p/228325417/category=0

Here’s the deluxe study book:!/Digging-Deep-2020-The-Ten-Deluxe-Study-Book/p/228325393/category=0


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley Featured

Summer GLORY Sale! ($12.00 for the Book…Limited supply.)


It’s been a great study, thus far. Maybe you’ve done the study and now you would like to recommend it for a ladies class or for a study group. Maybe you just want to get the book for later personal study. Remember, there’s no wrong time to go through any Digging Deep study.

All the podcasts are saved for your use at any time HERE.

SO, get a copy to save right now or, if your ladies class is resuming after the pandemic, His glory is a great topic choice to get it jump-started again. While supplies last, “Glory” deluxe edition study/notebooks are just $12.00 each. Place your order here: CLICK THIS LINK

ALSO, if you want to buy in bulk, buy 6 or more for just $10 each by clicking here.

Here are a few comments by Diggers around the country.. Sometimes people thank me. That’s kind, but I know it’s not me. It’s His providence, His goodness and, most of all, His Word, that makes Digging Deep rewarding!

I am loving how you are leading us through the book of John in our DD study this month. My eyes are being opened to so much that I have been taking for granted in the humanity of Christ.Thank you so very much! pastedGraphic.png


I’ve finished! Thank you for this study of Glory. It was incredible. Cannot wait to start the next one! 


We had a big room full of ladies interested tonight! I invited a lady who has been visiting but isn’t a Christian to do it too & she said yes!


Such great studies! At first I thought this takes a lot of time and really focusing and concentrating on the Word of God. And it does take time and focus and study. But what better way is there to learn than spending time studying His Word and drawing nearer to Him and striving to be like Him?
Thanks for motivating us to do just that! ❤️



Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley Featured

Cindy Colley on Homeschooling–On Sale for a Limited Time!

Are you a homeschooling mom who’s feeling a bit (or a lot) overwhelmed by the task of choosing curriculum and planning its use for the next school year? Maybe you’ve never homeschooled before and you feel like its the most daunting prospect of your life, so far? I’m hearing this a lot–in private messages and as I peruse mom groups. I’m even hearing it from my daughter!

This book’s for the faint-of-heart homeschooling mom. I’m marking it down today, for a limited time, for all those moms who are getting ready for the most rewarding educational adventure of your lifetime. The curriculum market is constantly changing…broadening (and, in many ways, improving), so this book is not primarily to help you pick out textbooks. This book is to give new home-educating moms (who are Christians) the big picture that builds confidence in ability and clarity of goals. It’s more of a Titus 2 kind of encouragement for God’s woman in the homeschooling home. I want our kids to grow up to glorify Him, above all else. That’s the message of my book about homeschooling. But, in that process of glorification, I also tried, through the book, to offer a lot of encouragement and ideas for making your home a great school; not because I know all the answers, but because I found my God so faithful in providing all I needed to educate our children at each juncture of the journey.

Here’s a little more info in a review I just found while clicking around:

So for the next couple of weeks, Let’s lower the price from $14.50 to just $9.00. That’s a savings of a little more than 30%. So now’s the time…for your own school, for the school your grandkids will be rocking, for the friend who’s struggling with “keeping on.” We’ve got this. With the help of a God who gave us that great Deuteronomy 6, four-times-a-day-principle of homeschooling (and of all schooling), you’ve got this!

And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.


Digging Deep Bible Study Digging Deep Podcast Featured

Digging Deep 2019-2020

Several first-timers are asking for details about exactly how to do the 2019-2020 Digging Deep “Glory” study. Some have invited others (yay!) and these very significant “others”are needing the format for the study so they can begin with confidence. (Please do invite friends, especially your friends who are not Christians!) It’s so easy that it’s hardly worth a post, but, just in case you are overwhelmed with back-to-school, home-schooling or, better yet, congregational involvement overload, here it is: the study in a nutshell.

1. Every first day of every month beginning now, a new portion of the study will appear on the Digging Deep in God’s Word facebook page. That’s the place to find a concise copy of the current month’s study and the place to discuss the dig with others all over the world. Go there and see the discussion already happening! This year’s study has also been made available in a free download here and in a workbook called “Glory” also available online at the store. 

2. Be sure and join the Digging Deep for Encouragement Facebook group as well. That’s the place for any prayer requests that are unrelated to the study.

3. Try your best to pace yourself throughout the month so that you can finish each month’s study by month’s end.

4. Keep your notes digitally or get the Digging Deep workbook. Either works fine. You just need someplace for notes!

5. Near the end of each month, there will be a live podcast discussing the month’s study. You will be able to type in your comments and questions in this chatroom and we will discuss them together: . All podcasts will be archived on this site, as well, so if you can’t listen live, you can listen later. It generally will occur on the last Tuesday of each month, but we will let you know the exact schedule well in advance on the podcast and on both of the facebook pages. (If you want to go and listen to podcasts from other years, you may do that, too.)

6. There’s also an audio podcast that happens four times each month. If you prefer to listen to those instead of watching the video podcast each month, find them here: Optimally, though, you can learn from both formats!

7. You may optionally subscribe to this blog which will often, but not always, be an addendum to the study. It generally posts twice a week, usually on Mondays and Thursdays: .

8. The last podcast of the year will come to you live from ‘Polishing the Pulpit” during that annual conference that occurs each August. Those present who have completed the entire study (all reading, questions, podcasts, and challenges) will be recognized there.

8 Anyone who wants a Digging Deep t-shirt, be sure and order here. We have to have the shirt orders quickly so as to get them back from the company and get them in the packages with the books in time for you to do the September study!

We are always indebted to the elders at the West Huntsville church for their support and oversight. We are thankful for Jennifer Benavides for tech support and for every woman who co-hosts on our monthly podcast. But we are especially thankful for those of you who are committing to, persevering in and inviting to this year’s study. It’s not too late to invite friends. Most of all, we thank the Father through the Son for this great study from the Holy Spirit!