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Christ in Hebrews; The Rest of the List

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As I finish posting this list of characterizations of Christ, it occurs to me that each one of these could be the “stuff” of an entire podcast. What an unbelievably rich treatise on Christ and the new covenant is this book of Hebrews! 

Chapter 6

1—Author of doctrine

6—Son of God

7—One who is sometimes crucified afresh and shamed openly

19,20—Forerunner into the Holy Place within the veil

20—Eternal high priest

Chapter 7

2—King of righteousness (by implication)

2—King of Peace (by implication)

3—One without priestly genealogy (by implication)

3—One without beginning of days (by implication)

3—One without end of life (by implication)

3—A continual priest (by implication)

5,6—One superior to Levitical priests (by implication)

7—One superior to Abraham (by implication)

7—The One who blesses the lesser

8—Priest who lives on (by implication)

13,14—First and only priest from Judah

15—Priest after similitude of Melchizadek

16—One made after power of endless life

17—Priest forever

20,21—Priest by oath of God

22—Surety of a better Testament

24—Priest of unchangeable priesthood

25—Savior to the uttermost

25—Ever living intercessor

26—Holy one

26—Harmless one

26—Undefiled one

26—Separated one (from sinners)

26—One higher than the heavens

27—One who offered once-for-all sacrifice

27—One who offered self


28—Consecrated priest forever

Chapter 8

1—High priest

1—One seated on the right hand of throne of majesty in heavens

2—Minister of sanctuary

2—Minister of Tabernacle

3—One who offers gifts and sacrifices

6—Owner of the excellent ministry

6—Mediator of the better covenant

Chapter 9

11—High priest of good things to come

12—One who entered holy place by his own blood

12—Obtainer of our salvation

14—One who offered spotless sacrifice

15—Mediator of the new covenant


23—Purifier of heavenly things

24—One who entered heaven

24—One who appears before God for us.

26—One time self-sacrificer

28—Sin bearer for many        

28—Object of our watching

28—One who will appear without sin

28—One who will appear for our salvation

Chapter 10

5—a body

7,9—doer of God’s will

9—taker of first law

9—founder of second law

10, 17—One who offered once for all.

12—One who sits on right hand of God

13—One who expects


19—Source of boldness

20—Consecrator of the new way through the veil

21—holy priest over the house of God

22—Sprinkler of hearts

22—Washer of our bodies


37—One who would come and not tarry

Chapter 11

3—World framer

26—One whose reproach is great riches

40—Some better thing

Chapter 12

2—Author of our faith

2—Perfecter of our faith

2—One who endured the cross for coming joy

2—Despiser of shame

2—One who is seated on the right hand of God

3—Endurer of gainsaying

23—Owner of the church

24—Mediator of the new covenant

26—Shaker of heaven and earth

28—Giver of immovable, unshakeable kingdom

Chapter 13

8—One who is the same; yesterday, today and forever


12—Sufferer without the gate

13—Reproached One

15—One by whom we offer praise to God

15—One to whose name we make confession

20—One brought from dead

20—Great shepherd of sheep

21—One who makes us perfect in every good work

21—Worker in us (of what pleases Him)

21—Recipient of glory

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