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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Meet Dilcia…

Meet Dilcia. I just met her about three months ago when she first visited our services with Nuris Reyes. (You may remember reading about Nuris’ conversion here: Dilcia attended, first, on a Wednesday night with Nuris, with Nuris’ kids and with her own three children, ages 1-4. Her children loved their classes and Dilcia was surrounded quickly by Christians who welcomed her. Thankfully, one of them, Kendra, was a Spanish teacher, so she was translating for us all. That very night, Dilcia agreed to study the Bible with me. What a great privilege for me! Kendra agreed to translate and, within a week, Nathan and Ellen invited Dilcia’s sweet family into their home for a meal. (I know that was a fun time with seven children playing together in two languages.) Dilcia attended faithfully and our studies progressed. 

On May 26th, as we were studying the cleansing of baptism, I asked Dilcia if she would like to be baptized to access the blood of Jesus. She read, among lots of other verses, from her Spanish Bible from Romans 6: “Do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ, were baptized into his death?” We’d spent two weeks on repentance. We’d spent some time delving into Acts and examples of conversion prior to this question. I’ll never forget Dilcia’s answer when asked if she wanted to be baptized. 

“I sat in my car the other day and just prayed, ‘Please help me God, to know how I can be forgiven for all the shameful sins that I have done….Yes. I want to be baptized.’” 

We talked a bit more about how different the church of Jesus is from her background of Catholicism. She got it. She understood how that babies do not have the ability to believe and repent prior to baptism as the Bible directs. She understood the egregious departure from Scripture of the entire papal system. Dilcia wanted to be just a Christian. 

It is with DIlcia’s permission that I tell of her rejoicing with you. She came from those waters rejoicing. That afternoon, after her baptism, I took Dilcia to the home of Nathan and Ellen again for lunch and to spend the afternoon with some Spanish-speaking brethren from a nearby church. A few days later, another precious family helped Dilcia to get the transportation she needed. We have a wonderful family in Him. 

Dilcia’s daughter, Christina and Brianna, Kendra’s daughter

I know there are some of you who’d like to encourage Dilcia. She has expressed to me how very encouraged she is when she receives mail from her new family. You can reach her here: 

Dilcia Benhumea

℅ West Huntsville church

1509 Monrovia Road NW

Huntsville, AL 35806

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley Dig-a-Bit Podcast

“Eleos” and Olives (CrownM09E04)

Dig-A-Bit is a weekly mini Bible study with Cindy Colley. It supplements the Digging Deep Bible study for women. In this episode, Cindy discusses the word Eleos.

For more information about the Digging Deep Bible Study for Women, visit



Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Twice the Bride in One Week

A few weeks ago, Glenn and I found ourselves sitting across the table, at a fellowship meal, from two young adults from Kenya, Africa, who’d been visiting our services.  Sister Eileen was the one who had made sure these visitors had everything needed, she’d obtained their contact information, made sure they met other Christians and always had a place beside her to sit. She’s always like that to everyone and I love her for that. Elvis and Caroline came to love and trust her. 

In our conversation with them that day, Glenn and I learned that they were yet unmarried, had come together from Kenya for nursing school (for Elvis), and had come with funding from a sponsor in Kenya. This donor, however,  had recently died and the funding for their living had been discontinued. We also learned that they ware not members of the body of Christ. I asked them if they would study about the church with us and they agreed to do that for the next several weeks, during the Bible class hour. 

But something wonderful happened and I got involved in another study during that same hour. Glenn studied with Elvis and Caroline each week and they had great questions. Each week they sat in worship with Mrs. Eileen and one Sunday last month they were both baptized into Christ. Four days later, they were married in a sweet ceremony, surrounded by Mrs. Eileen, Mrs. Debbie, Glenn and me, and a few other Christian couples. Kat bought a cake and some flowers and fruit and we had a tiny little reception in room 119. Kathryn made pictures and James and Jessica took them to dinner after the wedding. It was a huge wedding dinner at Rosies’s  and almost everyone at the wedding ended up at that table. The best day of their lives was just prior to the second-best day. They fully committed to Christ and, four days later, they fully committed to each other. The new bride (and groom) became a part of the wonderful bride of Christ almost simultaneously! 

I saw Elvis sitting down and filling out employment papers with one of our good brethren on Sunday night in another classroom. I guess, as they walk through the building, they must think “This is the room where we learned truth.”…”This is the room where we put on Christ,” …’Here’s the place where we were married,”…”Here’s our reception ‘hall’,”…”And here is where Elvis gained summer employment, to fund his education.” I love the synergy. 

Most of all, I love the Lord. He could have just told us how to individually respond to His will and how to make it to heaven in a path of solitude. But in His great wisdom, he gave us the church: the body, the family, the house of God, the kingdom. It’s a wonderful worldwide affiliate of obedient believers and it’s the wellspring of encouragement, connection and fellowship for every family member. It is a foundational belonging that the Christian experiences wherever she finds the church of Jesus. In short, the church is His wisdom magnified in our everyday lives. 

Here’s Elvis and Caroline on their wedding night. I know the readers of this blog and I know some of you will want to write them a note of welcoming encouragement. Caroline and Elvis gave me permission to introduce them to you. Caroline will love having a connection to some sisters in other congregations and areas. You can write them here. Let’s say a big “The churches of Christ salute you!” to Elvis and Caroline.

Elvis and Caroline 

℅ West Huntsville church of Christ

1509 Old Monrovia Road NW

Huntsville, AL. 35806

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Moms of Boys…Can You Make this Happen?

In the midst of a time when more and more young adults are choosing a path of deconstruction—deconstruction of a Biblically ordered faith—there’s a lot that parents can do to spiritually protect their kids from taking the path that will eventually take them to sorrow in this life and to the unspeakable in the next. We cannot make their choices for them, but we can give them a jumpstart toward true success. We can invest in that.

I’m thankful for programs like this one that Daniel Samek has put together for guys, ages 14-20. I love everything about it. I love the ages of the guys who will attend. So many times we fail to include those who have left high school and entered the work force or a university. Often these are the ones who need it most and will find the tools offered to be extremely valuable as they are influenced by those who are militant in an atheistic world view. 

I’m thankful for the speakers chosen.  They are Jeremy Burleson, Scott Ballard, Glenn Colley and B.J. Clarke. I know that Daniel worked  very hard to insure soundness and I know they are not only faithful men, but they also love the souls of the hearers. They are passionate about putting truth in them. One of them, I know especially well. =)

I’m thankful for the expense and effort on the part of the organizers. It’s a lot to put something like this together. But it’s the kind of effort that keeps on working when the event is past. Sometimes, programs like this keep influencing till the final “Well done” is spoken in the last day. 

I’m thankful for the topics. I’ve seen that list as well, and it’s a type of spiritual insurance that parents take out on young souls that will face a barrage of unbelief, often even mockery in our post-modern world.

They tell me that there’s still a place for your son. I wish mine could have experienced this. I hope it will still be around one day for my grandsons.

Here is all you need to know!   SOTK Flyer Finished

Registration is here:


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Mrs. Judy Webster…Blood Kin

Judy Webster fits easily in my list of the top ten lifetime friends, and I’ve been blessed with many. She stepped over into the land to which I’m rapidly traveling where she lives, but without any of those negative repercussions of the original sin in the garden. She’s all about being there and I cannot wait to sit down with her again in that place. We did not lose Judy last week. We know right where she is. 

Judy was a great teacher. I never heard her deliver a lecture or teach a women’s class, but she could impart more wisdom over a glass of tea than most of us can include in a manuscript over which we’ve studied for months. There are a couple of major blessings in my life that still profoundly affect me; lessons that have emerged from a gentle suggestion or a resolve that we made together, Judy and I.  She, being dead, yet speaks in my everyday world of small decisions (Hebrews 11:4). 

Judy said a few things that I will never forget; little things that you don’t know are impressive in the moment, but words that keep entering your memory. The first day she walked into my house on Sweetie Lane, she looked up and all around in my open living room and said “Oh, Cindy. Now I really know you. I know why you are like you are.” Well, that could be taken lots of ways, but what Judy meant was profound. Our homes are so very descriptive of our real selves. As I’ve moved a couple of times since that day, I’ve always thought about how much this little (or big) house will reveal to people about me. That’s why Paul described us a keepers of our homes. Our homes tell secrets about our souls. If we, as Christian women, keep our homes well, we generally keep our souls, and those of our children, well.

Judy’s home in Piperton shouted to me. “There’s no pretension here. There’s a big soft chair in the living room and a glass of tea. For supper, there are green beans, picked and shelled today. We can fry fresh-caught fish and, in the dessert, there will be chocolate, because that’s what you like….And there’s time for me to listen.” There was always time. She was busy. She greeted visitors and had them over. She visited the elderly and took casseroles to the sick. She worked in our ladies community Bible study and she traveled with her husband. She had a sister who was very ill. But, still, there was always time for me. And, I know at least two hundred people who could say the same thing! Judy had time for people.

Judy was a really great laugh-er! Just don’t even get me close to her in a worship service where Sister Bea is falling into a deeper and deeper sleep and falling slowly over into the middle of the aisle from her pew, because we just can’t help snickering and we can’t stop. The breathing got heavier, the dyed blonde bob was hovering now near the floor and this sister was suddenly started by a loud and gesturing point from the pulpit and gathered herself quickly back into an upright position. (Eutychus was no less soundly sleeping than was Bea and if it wasn’t for that short end-board on the pew, we would have had a fall, without a Paul, and maybe a broken bone or two.) Just keep me and Judy separated when stuff like this happens. We could not stop.

But Judy could laugh hardest at me. Like Humpty-Dumpty, I am a great fall-er. I cannot ever forget the time, when, after going to her kitchen to refill Glenn’s tea glass, I came scurrying back to the table, took a great ski trip in my sleek-soled shoes across her shiny wood dining room floor. After skating, dancing, spilling and gyrating for about eight feet (I mean I just kept going…) for all to see, Judy tried to say “Cindy, Are you okay?” But first, the smile danced around her lips, then the wide grin that included her eyes, then tears down her face, then full upper body shaking and then…we could not stop! It was always the same. 

Like the time when the ladies at Collierville had invited me back to speak at their ladies’ day. I was so excited to see them. I got all dressed up and we went to a fancy restaurant for dinner—a whole bunch of us—the night before. The waitress, serving from behind, dropped a ranch dip-saturated salad on my head, just as dinner was beginning. Well, that little group was mortified. The waitress was extremely apologetic. But I could not look at Judy for the rest of the meal. If I ever did, she was waiting to catch my eyes under my matted bangs.  If we made eye-contact, it was over. The table would start shaking. We just could not stop.

Judy and Han

Judy was a great role model for Hannah. The very hardest thing about our move to Collierville, way back when, was Hannah’s loneliness. There were few friends for that sweet eleven-year-old girl. She was lonely and sad and longed for fun times with friends that she had left behind in our former town.  I secretly spoke to Judy about this and asked her if she could maybe add Hannah to her already bulging list of grand-daughters. Judy took this very seriously and invited Hannah over to watch sweet movies, to go shopping, to play games and to eat cookies. She attended all of Hannah’s recitals and theater productions and, I’m pretty sure, she had to cancel some other things in her schedule, to attend these events. Hannah did not know that Judy and I had ever talked about her loneliness. She did not know Judy’s friendship was, in any sense, a planned response to her isolation. But Han would often come in the kitchen and say “I love Mrs. Judy. She likes me, too. We have fun together.”  Judy was the salvation for my Mama-heart. I do not know what Hannah’s life would look like had it not been for Judy’s friendship at a volatile time. But I know, for sure, it would not be, today, as rich and good.

Hannah wanted to go to the memorial service for Judy. She took her little girls with her.  When she got back home, she said, “I suddenly remembered, as the family tributes and memories were read, that I had all those same memories of Mrs. Judy and I wasn’t even hers!” It’s really no surprise to me that some of the best women I know are those who were directly influenced by Judy.

I’d really like to go back to Schlotzky’s one more time to get a pesto pizza and sit and talk over our work at the Collierville church, our husbands’ idiosyncrasies, our children and grandchildren, and our shared Calhoun County heritage. Judy and I shared the same grandparents and we were both pretty profoundly influenced by our Aunt Claudine in some good ways. We were first cousins in the flesh, but our real blood kinship was in THE blood, that had washed our sins and replaced all despair with hope. I can’t sit down at Schlotzky’s anymore; it’s not even there. I can’t visit that old house at Piperton. But I will sit down again. And she will listen, still. There will not be tears, but I cannot imagine there not being some pretty intense laughter and joy. I can’t wait. 

He is so faithful.

PS. Here’s clip I found on her Facebook page. So typical of our times together. She really did love to laugh.

…and you wouldn’t scroll too far on her page without getting to some Bama hype. Here’s a little photo we loved together:

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley Dig-a-Bit Podcast

The Syrians: Some Trust in Chariots (CrownM09E03)

Dig-A-Bit is a weekly mini Bible study with Cindy Colley. It supplements the Digging Deep Bible study for women. In this episode, Cindy discusses the Syrians from 2 Samuel 8.

For more information about the Digging Deep Bible Study for Women, visit


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