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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Mama’s K.I.S.S. #59–Sit with the Widowed

As you know, if you’ve been reading, for quite some time, I’ve occasionally been running little installments called “Mama’s K.I.S.S.” I know that lots of readers could give many more and far more creative ideas than I can offer, but these installments are just a few tried and true and mostly old-fashioned ideas for putting service hearts in our kids.  This is number 57  of a list of one hundred ways we train our kids to serve. K.I.S.S. is an acronym for “Kids In Service Suggestions”.

Two weeks ago, in this graduation season, we witnessed the graduation to glory of a faithful woman of God in the West Huntsville family. I love looking over at every single service and seeing two or three reps from our wonderful youth group flanking newly widowed Donald Dodd as they worship with him. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen to watch them singing loudly and fervently beside this man of God. I know that Don is encouraged by this. He never sits alone! But I am just as sure that the young men and women that are sitting beside him leave with hearts that have grown three sizes! It’s also neat that, so far, the teens who are surrounding him are doing so in family groups. For instance yesterday morning, the Anderson twins were on his pew beside him. Last night it was the three Wright kids. Last Sunday, I believe I saw the three Clarke kids. There have been others, too. I love that families are making this a “thing.”

And incidentally, I believe I saw every single one of these kids weeping at the funeral service of Carol Dodd. They probably saw me, too. I love these kids!

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another (Romans 12:15).

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Abraham: The Condensed Version

Maggie is three and I’m excited to share with you the life of Abraham as she recalls it. Take your blog reading time and watch, instead. today. I know it will not make you smile as broadly as it makes this mammy smile, but I hope you enjoy.  I want you to know also, that diligent, daily Family Bible Time is what puts accounts like this one into their hearts and minds. It’s not super intelligent kids or  great Sunday School programs, or Bible story books.  It’s parents getting into the Word daily and diligently with the kids. I guess My daughter-in-law, Rebekah, is getting three of the Deuteronomy 6 times in, right here. “Teach them diligently when you sit in your house and when you lie down and when you rise up.” She keeps doing all three.   Here’s Maggie:


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Wonderfully Simple…(Carol Dodd)

Her kitchen—the center of 

precision and order;

She served from that home, but

Saw just bricks and mortar. 


Her treasures in a house now

That’s not made with hands

She died with bold resolve that 

Only God’s child understands. 


Wonderfully simple,

But wonderfully wise;

Her eye was on details.

Her heart on the prize.


A Titus 2 Mentor

Teacher of youth

Spreader of sunshine

Searcher of truth.

Faithful encourager

Happy note writer

Harry Potter loyalist

Brave cancer fighter.

Faithful wife and mother

Crazy for Don Dodd

Bible class teacher

Servant of God.

Published Christian author

Sermon sheet maker

Confectioner, hostess

Seamstress and baker.

Lover of Ms. Frizzle 

And Anne with an E

Digging Deep, preachers


The void will be deep

The chasm severe.

But God’s family’s so blessed now

Because she was here.


Her doctors were in awe of faith

Her friends of peace in pain.

Neighbors mourned the coming loss.

But she just spoke of gain. 


She talked about the valley 

And of His staff and rod

She spoke of angels waiting 

To bear her soul to God.


She pondered o’er the moment

When her eyes would see his face

Would she cry out in exultant joy

Or weep at saving grace?


“The angels in my living room!

I hope I can be in prayer.

Then while talking to the Father

I’ll look up and he’ll be there!”



Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Carol Dodd…A Name in the Book

I know God knows best, but I wish Carol could have lived a little while longer because, unlike most people diagnosed with cancer, she came into her spiritual prime AFTER that diagnosis. Not that she wasn’t a force for the devil to reckon with prior to the cancer, but, with all the spiritual tenacity that was characteristic of her whole life, she determined to spend the last months of her life influencing, patterning and preparing for the time when she “being dead, yet speaks” (Hebrews 11:4). And she does speak with clarity now. She went to her long home (Ecclesiastes 12:5) on Saturday morning early and left many of us just longing for the reunion we will know one day. More people will enjoy the reunion because Carol lived. 

Carol was never self-serving and so the book that was published, of her deep Bible studies and lessons presented to women, was presented to her as a surprise. The first run quickly sold out and we have a very limited supply of the second printing. If you want one by which you may remember Carol, but most importantly draw closer to the God she served, order here:

Let me emphasize that all proceeds will be given directly to Don. Although we have the books and are mailing them, no proceeds will go to The Colley House. It’s an excellent book for personal study or ladies classes. 

She was pretty special. She loved Christmas, Harry Potter, eating Mexican food with us and Digging Deep. Most of all, she loved God. She knew this life was a testing ground. She passed. I know she did. That’s the blessed assurance. There is nothing to mourn except for the selfish realization that I will miss her constant encouragement sorely. (And then there’s the painful reality that so many others will miss her in countless ways; especially her devoted husband, Don.) She truly cared about my children. She loved my grandchildren. She taught them and many of your children and grandchildren. She was the brightest source of encouragement that I’ve known in this world in a very long time. The chasm of this void will be deep for many. We should pray for each other as we walk through the valley of the shadow of this death (Psalm 23:4). He is with us.

Once pretty early in our relationship, Carol thought I had unfriended her on Facebook. In typical Carol fashion, she fretted and worried and finally came up with the courage to ask Glenn why I had done that. She was surprised to find that, upon investigation, she had accidentally unfriended me! I laughed so hard. I’m glad there’s another book in which the only erasures are done with God’s blotter.

He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels (Revelation 3:5).

A recent letter to encourage a child…It did encourage him.

I’m glad that book will be opened and, once closed, my time and bliss with sisters will have no bounds. Praise Him!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

“You know why I make a lot of friends?”

“You know why I make a lot of friends, Mama? Because making friends is how you make Christians. See, first they are your friends. Then you get to tell them about Jesus.”—Colleyanna Mae (age 5)

She’s exactly right. Friendship evangelism is the number one way converts are made in 2022. That doesn’t mean we can’t use someone’s drop-in visit to begin a relationship as friend to that person. That doesn’t mean we should not leave those little calling cards with strangers inviting them to study. They, too, can become friends. That doesn’t mean that we would stop doing programs of correspondence with people around the world. But it’s still true. Those people who come to Christ and stay in the body after baptism are usually those people who are brought to the Lord though a meaningful relationship and who find support in relationships and constant interactions with people who care about them after conversion. 

Today, make friends. Make friends with the goal of making Christians. That means behind your outreach is intentionality. Behind each one is fervent prayer—for wisdom, for opportunities, for providential blessing. Behind your “Let’s get a cup of coffee tomorrow,” is a time of study and a plan to also say “I’ve been thinking about this passage…”.  Behind every outing at the park for playdates is a watchful eye for chances to mention the name of God or the activities of your congregation. With every meal you take or every time you check in on that elderly woman is a mention of the Word and a card or a tract or a CD giving a little of the gospel. It’s a saturation of Christianity into every relationship. Don’t let friendships be temporary pieces of enjoyment for you. Make it an eternal blessing for the friend who needs to know the Lord. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (I read that in a book one time.)  

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley Dig-a-Bit Podcast

The Love of a Sinful Woman (THHCM08E04)

Dig-A-Bit is a weekly mini Bible study with Cindy Colley. It supplements the Digging Deep Bible study for women. In this episode, Cindy discusses the sinful woman in Luke 7.

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    • Luke 7:36