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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley Dig-a-Bit Podcast

Father, Forgive Them (THHCM12E01)

Dig-A-Bit is a weekly mini Bible study with Cindy Colley. It supplements the Digging Deep Bible study for women. In this episode, Cindy discusses the final hours on the cross.

For more information about the Digging Deep Bible Study for Women, visit


    • Luke 23:34
    • 1 Corinthians 5
    • Matthew 19:9
    • Acts 2:22



Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Fond PTP Memories

It’s six days till the official beginning of PTP. I remember once hearing brother Windell Winkler say that PTP founder Allen Webster is the single most creative man he’d  ever met. My husband and I concur and just keep being amazed . Between his tracts that have influenced thousands, his dream that just kept growing for this powerful gathering that has strengthened the church in large ways worldwide, and the impact of the publication called House to House, Heart to Heart, it almost certainly has to be said that more people have learned the gospel though his work than through the work of any man living in this century; perhaps more than through any man since the first century. This is not to detract from the hard work and amazing talents of the other directors, etc… but the imagination for the instruments we see is from God through our brother Webster. I know it is because the focus of each of these gospel-sharing tools is the Word and the cross. There’s never any sought glory for any man or even any congregation. I hope you are taking advantage of opportunities through Door-knocking day 2022 ( or the Great Smoky Mountain Marriage Retreat (, through one of the Spark programs (, or through PTP 365 ( You will be better prepared to share the saving message. 

In honor of the very exciting week ahead, here are 10 favorite little memories that we carry from this great gathering.They are not the largest thing we take-away, of course—that would be spiritual growth that we need so desperately in this old world.  

I hope you’re coming. 2019 was too long ago. I pray we never have to skip another year!

  1. Each newly-walking grandchild walking across the stage in the interim between lessons. (We just want to get their steps going in the right direction.) We’re praying fervently that they will all be faithful all of their lives.
  2. That one year when  the audio tech got criss-crossed and my husband introduced my son, saying he would lead the opening prayer. Caleb opened his mouth at the microphone and his mother’s voice came blaring forth from a ballroom down the hall. 
  3. The first year there was a women’s program and we had just 12 or so women and Hannah was THE whole entire children’s program. Wow! We have been blessed in the interim since those days. 
  4. The eclipse of 2018. The way we got to witness that phenomenon together.
  5. That year (2011) that I did four little lessons about Digging Deep that, unbeknownst to me, would turn into a 12-year in-depth study of Scripture by women around the world. What in the world?!  God never stops amazing and blessing. 
  6. That year when Digger Doug napped in our hotel room and somehow children found out and kept coming to our door to politely ask for a photo with him.
  7. Maggie’s first birthday party at PTP.
  8. Tonja McRady or Vicky Yocum playing a fruit of the Spirit game with Colleyanna  and Ezra while babysitting them during her parents’ “single-mingle.” Colleyanna said : We can’t play with that “Goodness!” piece because that is a word we cannot say. 
  9. Finding my Dickson in the Sevierville church sound room after its being missing for two years!
  10. That sweet year when we honored my dear friend and brother William Woodson, but he slipped from the bonds of this earth before the date of the celebration. Oh, what an alternative honor and celebration. I love the happy reunion of PTP, but how I hope I can attend THE reunion!

I hope you’re coming. Your memories will be yours. But they will be just as precious!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Time for a New DD Study!

I’m getting excited. The Digging Deep reveal for 2022-23 happens in less than two weeks. You can see it on the Facebook page  “Digging Deep in God’s Word” on Saturday, August 2oth at 3 p.m. CST.  That’s the moment when the books and shirts become available on the website.  I think it’s a study in which every single woman in the kingdom will find assurance and hope. As is the study each year, the grand scheme is redemption. Every year we just go at that theme from a different angle. I think you will like this angle. I love it already—because it is the Word. 

Some are asking about prices because your groups are sending a buyer to Polishing the Pulpit. Here are the prices. I think they are the same as last year: 

Books. $17.50

6+ books special  $16.50 ea.

T shirt.   $18.50

Hoodie $29.00

Book and shirt:  $34.00

Tea Towel. $9.00

Bracelet with shovel pendant: $9.00

New campfire style mug: $11.00

I don’t have pictures of the bracelets yet because I have not finished assembling them and the mugs have not yet been delivered to me. But I love them both! The tea towels are in the store already.

I’m so glad we are getting to be together this year. It was lonely getting out materials last year without the big crowd. (And shipping was a nightmare!…but you came through to study and to encourage us….We’ve needed that this year!) I believe we may have a stage full of finishers this year at PTP. I know we are closer to the cross because of our journey through The Hour has Come. 

Let me remind you, too, that every study so far is a great class book for any ladies class during any year. Thus, we are offering Glory, The Ten, and The Hour Has Come for the reduced price of $10.00 each at PTP this year. The podcasts for each of these studies have been archived and are available. Let me know if you have questions about that. 

Women everywhere are signing up and many are contacting me to let me know they are finishers! This is the best. We need to be excited about the Word. It is the power of God to salvation. I am so thankful for women who share the bond of serious Bible study with me. Thank you for being women of the Word!

Lastly, there are still just a very few spots left for the DD Israel trip that begins on October 31st. Details about that are here: We’d still love to have you. Podcast for October will be a few days late, but will feature Julie Orr, of Midland, Texas  and myself live from the shores of the Sea of Galilee! I cannot wait! We will have a great group of diggers on that shoreline.


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

All I Need.

He’s my refuge, sword and buckler

He’s my rock and He’s its cleft.

He is enough—sufficient

When there is nothing left. 


He is promises delivered 

He is future victories won

He can pity like a Father 

Empathizing like the Son.


Bearing burdens till He lifts them

He stays near till struggles cease

With His own He condescends to dwell

Exchanging fear for peace. 


I cannot comprehend this love

When I am so undone

I cannot fathom boundless grace

For me, the filthy one.


But certain can I be of it

There’ll be no fitful tossing

As I approach the end of time 

And face the Jordan’s crossing.


I’ve laid the hands of those I love

In His, at end of day.

I, too, can grasp that gentle hand

And quietly fly away.


Angels, then dispatched for me

Will give my soul protection

Guiding me to “things above”

On which I’ve set affection.


Praying, praising, pleading more

The vigil I will keep. 

Till my spirit takes its journey

And my body lies in sleep.


He’s my refuge, sword and buckler

He’s my rock and He’s its cleft.

He is enough till one sweet day

On gentle wings —-I’ve left.  

c. colley

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Inviting Time of Year!

This is the inviting time of year! Digging Deep officially begins its 12th year in just 27 days. This year’s reveal of the new topic happens at Polishing the Pulpit on Saturday, August 20th. If you are not attending PTP, you can watch the event at 3 p.m. on the 20th on the Digging Deep in God’s Word facebook page.

So take the time to send a facebook message or a text to a friend who needs the Word. (That’s any one of your friends!) Refer her to the introductory video that’s right here: Better yet, post your invitation to MANY friends. You never know what good my come from a single post. 

If you’re an old pro at DD, I hope you can watch the Facebook page to try and help the rookies with questions they may have as they navigate the study for the first time. Help them know what has worked best for your group as far as meeting frequency or dividing the study up. Make sure they know that a local study is not even necessary. Most of all, assure them that the study is not overly demanding or difficult to complete—and that it’s ok if you don’t complete every single part. Every question answered from the Word is worth the time investment. It’s always my prayer that our final return on the invested time is realized in heaven. 

Sometimes we have digger sightings at various events around the country. I recently randomly saw a woman wearing a Digging Deep shirt in a Walmart parking lot in a town through which I was traveling. That’s a pretty fun way to make a new friend.

The most glorious digger sighting will be in heaven! I hope it’s a place where we can sit down and remember digging together!! I see no reason to doubt that this can happen. We can ask all the questions we failed to fully answer here. Several diggers now have passed to the timeless side of eternity while studying through a topic with us. It will be a glad reunion. 

If you are attending PTP  and you completed every month’s study in The Hour Has Come, and watched all of the monthly podcasts OR listened to the dig-a-bits, you will be honored in a small way on Saturday the 20th. But the real honor, of course, always goes to God.  Each of our lives cannot but bring Him more glory when we learn and apply the Scriptures. I’m continually amazed at how He has worked through DD, a concept I could have never come up with on my own. It was no direct communication from Him, but rather through open doors of Providence, He allowed us to develop this network of women, who have connected through amazing digs into the deep blessings of His Word. I sometimes shake my head in disbelief. But then I remember WHO it is that we serve.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

I hope you can invite some friend to help herself to happiness by getting into life’s instruction manual with us.  There are some who have found their way to the throne through this study. He can do great things!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sally Went Home.

A couple of years ago, many readers sent cards to a small church in Vermont; cards of encouragement, through a rough season for an often snow-bound community. As your letters were delivered, one of the families to which a delivery was made, had a house guest named Sally. Jason Floyd, the minister who was making delivery runs, began to study with this house guest. In time, we gained a beautiful sister in Christ. (You can read about Sally’s conversion here: Then later, we got the good news that Sally’s son Roger, had also been added to the body of Christ. We rejoiced together with these family members we ‘d never met.
Today, we got this news from the Floyd family, which works with this church in Bennington, Vermont. Sarah Floyd, thank you for letting us know and we will keep praying. Heaven will surely be worth it all!
Oh, Christian ladies, do some of you remember your card ministry to the members of my little congregation in Vermont? When you flooded my lonely brothers and sisters with hundreds of encouragement cards throughout that awful spring of 2020? And then, thanks to your ministry, my husband met a lady named Sally, who was baptized later that year? And then, in April of this year, her son was also baptized? (Cindy Colley has told the story beautifully on her blog.)
Well, those cards have quite literally brought someone to Jesus today, sisters. Sally left this earth this afternoon after a months-long health battle that included a wound that wouldn’t heal, sepsis, congestive heart failure, and internal bleeding. She isn’t suffering for the first time in her 65 years…she was born with a heart defect and wasn’t expected to survive childhood. And we wouldn’t have known she existed if y’all hadn’t sent those wonderful cards.
Thank you to all of you who participated and prayed. Please keep praying for her son Roger, her daughter Michelle, and the rest of her family, and for our little church, and for my husband, who will be preparing to preach his first full funeral at some point soon.
We never know what kind of eternal influence a small gesture may have on a single soul. Sometimes the influenced soul may not even be the target of the good will. Sometimes the positive reaction may be delayed. Frequently the  giver is not even aware of the good that’s been done by the gift. But someone is with Jesus now, in part, because you took the time to send a card. I’m very thankful to be in this group with sisters who love the Word, souls who need it, and Jesus!