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Vote YES on Amendment 2 in Alabama

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If I am not studying, I’m likely listening to music on Pandora.  For the past few days, it seems that almost every time there’s a station break, a female physician has been speaking in behalf of the pro-choice movement in the state of Alabama, giving a rather emotional appeal to voters to vote “no” on Amendment Two. Her primary line of logic is that voters in Alabama should not be able to restrict abortion because such an important and “personal” decision should be made by the woman herself; not by politicians or voters. I believe her message is underwritten by the ACLU of Alabama working through an organization called, ironically, “Alabama for Healthy Families.” (I guess they mean “healthy” families, excluding those members who are being routinely killed.) Other states which have similar proposals on the ballots Tuesday are Oregon and West Virginia.

Have you ever considered the fact that this “personal decision”  line of logic might apply just as easily to any life that any mother considered inconvenient or unwanted? Could we not all agree that some two-year-olds are currently living in homes where their presence is making life very difficult?…homes in which there may not be enough money to provide adequately?…homes in which the parents are unskilled and immature in knowing how to properly parent? Of course there are many toddlers in various situations in which their very presence makes life extremely challenging for their mothers. In such situations (according to this line of pro-choice logic), we should just leave it to the mother to decide whether or not her two-year-old should continue to live. Putting the child to death should also be a legal option for her. After all, we should not let “voters or politicians” make such “personal” decisions. 

On Tuesday, in Alabama, voters have the chance to insure that our state constitution will immediately prohibit abortion in our state if Roe vs. Wade should be overturned. Along with Oregon and West Virginia, Alabama has a chance on Tuesday to send a message to our legislators and to the Supreme Court—the message that Alabama recognizes personhood in the womb and protects unborn life. 

I beg you….If you are convicted that life begins in the womb, please don’t miss this chance. Go to the polls tomorrow. SHOW UP for those little lives that aren’t being given the chance to show up for themselves. Vote yes on amendment 2. 

The ACLU is asking you to “vote like your rights depend on it —because they do.” I’m begging you to vote like the babies’ rights depend on it—because they do. 



For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. (Psalm 139:13)

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