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West Huntsville church of Christ Seminar for Women


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  • What is a woman’s role in the home? http://lads-to-leaders.org
  • Context of Romans 9:11-13. Studying with a friend that adheres to some of the Calvinist views. One is that God chooses us and reveals Himself to us (through the Holy Spirit). She uses scripture (Romans 9:11) to prove that we are chosen before we are born. How do we combat this teaching?
  • What is your definition of modesty and how do you handle it with teens and older women who come to church dressed immodestly?
  • I have noticed through years that the “dress codes” for worship have greatly declinded. Shorts, tank tops, jeans are perfectly acceptable to most. Also why is it ok on Wednesday and Sunday evening services, but Sunday morning is different.
  • What are your thoughts on permanent (surgical) contraceptives?
  • Does God hear the prayers of those who are not Christians? What about those who are of denominations?
  • Can a woman baptize if she is the only Christian around?
  • How am I to deal with sin that’s all around me in school? There’s no way you can get away from in when it’s in your school?
  • It is it biblical to no take/offer the Lord’s supper on Sunday nights?
  • If someone is addicted to chewing tobacco, is it a sin? God tells us to take care of our bodies but it is harmful?
  • If a girl is not a Christian yet and they want to participate in a Purity Day, singing and praying, is it a Sin?
  • Will people who have been baptized into other denominations, such as a Baptist, be saved? Or is this something only God knows, when their final day comes.
  • God knows the thoughts of our hearts but does satan? Or do you to have to say it for satan to know?
  • With divorce on the rise in our country today, how do you deal with marriage, divorce, and remarriage in the church today? Especially if they have children?
  • What is the difference between loving God with all of your heart and loving God with all of your soul?
  • Should a man be allowed to serve in worship if his adult child is living with someone they are not married to? The adult child is a Christian.
  • What does the Bible say about tattoos? Is it a sin to get one?
  • How do you talk to a close friend about her beliefs and tell her that she’s not living the ways of God?
  • We have an elder at my home congregation whose wife died several years ago. What does the Bible say an elder should do if they are no longer married?
  • Knowing that one mechanism of action of hormonal birth control is “changes in the endometrium by reducing the likelihood of implantation (ie, a fertilized egg), how would you advise a young woman on taking them.
  • Please discuss head coverings for women as found in I Corinthians 11:5 and following.
  • I am struggling with women participating (commenting, reading scripture, etc.) out loud in a mixed gender class. Is this really acceptable to God, as the Bible says for the woman to be silent during worship? I believe Bible class is still worship and that the woman is to remain silent during worship. So is openly speaking not a sin for women? Or is Bible class not worship?
  • Is it okay to view a set of dvd’s designed for Bible study, in which a woman teaches a section of the lessons by herself, in a mixed assembly of Christians?
  • (The following four need to obviously be clumped, so whatever you do, don’t let these get separated…)
  • If a person is living with his girlfriend, can he be baptized after learning the gospel while he is still living there? Living with someone you’re not married to is a sin, so would he have to repent of this sin before baptism?
  • If a person is a smoker, which is still a sin, and wants to be baptized, does this person have to stop before he can be baptized?
  • In the book of Acts, many people were baptized at one time, did the Apostles go to each person to get a background check to see if they were qualified?
  • Does not Matthew 28:18-20 cover #1 of teach, baptize, and then continue to teach?
  • In the case where the church withdraws fellowship from a husband/wife, what is the role of the faithful spouse (especially when children are involved)? How does the faithful spouse remain true to God’s Word both in the marriage & also in the fellowship of the church?
  • Will you define what a ‘scruple’ is and identify how a scruple can be correctly/incorrectly applied in the church today?
  • Most vaccines are created by using cell lines derived from aborted fetuses. Obviously the babies are not aborted for this purpose, but they are used this way after the abortion. Are these fetal vaccinations things we should avoid as Christians because using them could show support and “usefulness” of abortion, or could we look at these the same way we would look at organ donors? Two charts added
  • What are the two laws of pardon?
  • What is grace in terms of my relationship with others? How do I give grace to my sister in the Lord?
  • We do not have miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit today. Do we have non-miraculous gifts? Is this what Romans 12:6-8 is talking about?
  • When I look around I see so many great parents who have lost their children to the world. Can you advise me of things I need to be doing to make sure my kids don’t walk away?
  • Should I allow my teenager to attend his Bible school class if the teacher believes social drinking is acceptable behavior?
  • If a congregation does not have elders, how do we insure that our classroom teachers are sound in the faith?
  • Is clapping in our worship music acceptable to God?
  • Is it sinful for elders to require attendance at classes or services other than one service on Sunday since that is the only Biblical requirement?
  • It is difficult to know when congregations start changing “traditions” (not doctrinal issues), how to react. ( Some for instances—singing a song during the collection, people fixing and bringing coffee into the classes, casual dress when leading the congregation…) So the question is how to determine–is it the start of slipping or just going against what I am “used to”?
  • I hear many times in the Lord’s church people say, “It is wrong but won’t cause you to go to hell.” To me this does not make sense. I have heard this for movies, dress, activities, etc. Can you comment?
  • How do you feel about the WASTE we create as humans. When using the word WASTE, I am referring to our time, spending, food use, etc. There are so many who are without. Does WASTE make us lazy Christians?
  • How does one deal with overcoming anger towards one self? I’ve been dealing with anger, sadness and now guilt for the way I feel. Its affecting the people around me. I have a hard time forgiving myself for mistakes I have made in the past. I also compare myself to others and think I am not a good person.