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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Saving Babies: March for Life Trip Update

The Deep Digging trip to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life is on (! The date for the March is January 29th.  Ladies will be responsible individually for transportation to Washington and for transportation from the airport to meet the group. We will be staying at the Westin in Alexandria, Va:( If you are willing to share a room with three other ladies (2 double beds per room), your cost for the two nights (checking in on the 28th and out on the 30th) will be approximately $100.00. (Cost will increase, of course, if you prefer not to share.) I need a final count by January 10th, so we can cancel, at no cost, any rooms that we do not plan to use and so that we can make a plan for our meal and devotional time together on Thursday night.  Please remit 50.00 via paypal by 1/10 to (or send us a check)  and let us know it’s for the March. This deposit will be applied, of course, to your final hotel cost. All ladies will be financially responsible for all meals and incidentals while on the trip. West Huntsville ladies will be traveling on the church van. There may be an extra seat or two there for ladies in our area. I will let you know. 

I’m working on getting us hoodies (…it was cold last year) so we can match and represent Digging Deep and Life at the rally. These pro-life DD hoodies will be available to those who go on the trip at cost. If you want one and are not going on the trip, they will be priced at retail. We will pre-order these, so there will be no leftover hoodies in my basement. =) I’ll get a pic of these hoodies for you soon! It’s fun to be able to find each other easily and stay together.

Bring snacks to the actual rally/march because, last year, we got very hungry and there was little accessible food on our route. Bring good walking shoes, warm socks and an outer coat, just in case. Please do not include any wood or metal in any signs you may bring, but feel free to bring paper/plastic signs. We may have some Digging Deep signs specially made for us to carry, with our website info. Who knows?… We could be “discovered” and enlist some new diggers! (Let me know if you have a good and cheap source for signs for us to carry. This could be someone’s important contribution.)

Of course, the political climate may be very different by the end of January, 2021. However, the March, historically, has been extremely peaceful and the security is excellent. You will be surrounded by thousands upon thousands of people who take the sanctity of life very seriously and that makes the environment comfortable and relatively safe. 

The people there will be of various faiths, with the largest numbers of marchers being Catholic. For that reason, there may be religious comments from the stage in the rally that precedes the march with which we do not agree. There may be prayers led by people who are not New Testament Christians. We will be together as a group, though, and will certainly, throughout the weekend, be lifting our own prayers and praise. Our huge endorsement and support of the cause that brings this crowd together does not imply that we endorse everything that might be stated publicly while we are there. 

I think it is important, though, that we make some effort during our short trip through life, to state that we are in extreme opposition to the heinous violent sin of our day: the killing of the innocents. You may be choosing another venue, or multiple other ways to voice opposition. But all of us should be making our voices heard. And yes. The killing of over 60 million does eclipse the rare (but awful) illegal killing of innocent persons by police brutality. This legal massacre eclipses, in reference to numbers, even the holocaust of the Third Reich.   

(One more thing. I’m pretty tired of hearing, often from people of faith, that the Republican presidential terms are historically the ones with the most abortions. This claim is often made in justification for supporting people who are openly promising to proudly continue the killing. This statistic, even if true, is irrelevant. Making murder illegal is the right thing to do, in any nation, regardless of any statistics on any ledger.

But, just think about the current situation, for a moment. Our [apparently] outgoing president has just placed three justices in the Supreme Court who, we believe, will fight to limit abortion rights. The last one was Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett had no time to do her constitutional duty in the Court during the tenure of Mr. Trump. It will be during his successor’s term in which she, along with what is now a majority of constitutional preservationist justices, will be making decisions that will limit abortions. The numbers will absolutely be reduced during Mr. Biden’s presidential term if the strategy of the republican president is effective.  The after-effects of a pro-life president are often very positive DURING the term of a pro-choice president.

Remember this:

  1. Legalizing murder is fundamentally immoral. Always. [Pretend that those being killed are two-year-olds. Is it still okay to support those who want to keep the killing of our toddlers legal? It’s the same thing.]
  2. The reduction of abortion numbers due to legislation and judicial choices often is not immediate. Citing numbers that indicate fewer abortions during the tenures of pro-choice presidents is a disingenuous tactic.)
Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

When Christians become Complicit in America’s Mass Murder

Something chilling happens in elections like this one. Voting has a way of pulling back the cover from people who have compromised basic morality in their hearts to the degree that they defend the minimization of America’s abortion plague. It just isn’t as serious as other social ills around us. And, hell has served up a list of talking points to persuade Christians to defend abortion on the logic that there are many things as bad as, or worse than killing over 600K babies each year. (For perspective, in all our nation’s wars combined, fewer Americans have died as babies we kill every two years.) Those who wear the name Christian will smile and with a condescending elitism tell pro-life people that they are just wrong.  “Even if abortion is wrong,” they say, “there are things we should all be smart enough to see that are just as bad or worse in today’s culture.”  

“Racism is a more serious problem.”  

Scripture doesn’t use the word “racism”, but it condemns hatred.  And yet, because we’ve come so far to create equal opportunity for all citizens in this country (Do you know of any job that discriminates based on color?…If you do, then you also know one that’s breaking the law.), one has to strain to see that white people promote systemically (that is, as part of our imbedded and basic system of doing things) racism in the US. Of course there are pockets of racism in the country and there are some people who hate others based on the color of their skin (black and white), but most of us have to think hard to name anyone we currently know who can be accurately characterized as racist. Besides, our laws already prohibit injuring an innocent man because he is black or because he is white.  I do not know a man of any political party who believes laws should permit a man to abuse or kill another man based on skin color.  

“Climate change is a greater threat.”

Clearly one political party is more vocal for change in laws to favor the view that man-made climate change is the greatest threat we face in this country.  But, Christian, is there Scripture to suggest that man somehow influences wind or snow or rain?  The sun and rain are His (Matt. 5:45). The rain has a Father, and He is God (Job 38:28).  The sea has paths it follows, but God controls all of that (Psa. 8:8).  

I’ve just been reading an article with the word “Fact” at the top, in which the threat of man’s behavior in the 20th century is described.  It asserts that recent human behavior creates temperature extremes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.  Here’s a quote: 

Just in the last 650,000 years there have been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat, with the abrupt end of the last ice age about 11,700 years ago marking the beginning of the modern climate era — and of human civilization. Most of these climate changes are attributed to very small variations in Earth’s orbit that change the amount of solar energy our planet receives.  The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is extremely likely (greater than 95% probability) to be the result of human activity since the mid-20th century and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented over decades to millennia (NASA Global Climate Change, vital signs of the planet).”

Wait.  Do humans really have the ability to effect the earth’s orbit? Are we that strong?

Biblical evidence will give Christians pause while reading these “factual” conclusions in view of the young age of the earth, around 6,000 years (See article, “21 reasons to believe the earth is young.”  While the political left rails on about “following the science”…this “science” we are to follow is in direct opposition to the Word of God. 

Both major political parties are interested in doing things which are ecologically wise and I do not know a single Christian who is in favor of wanton destruction of our land or air.  However, I have a questioning eye on the assertion that man has the power to influence the atmosphere of the planet earth to the degree the left is promoting.  Some say they argue this way to garner power.  

Are you sure the arguments some are making about climate change present a greater wrong than defending the killing of over 600,000 babies each year?

“We cannot bear the consequences of outlawing abortion.”

This common argument is usually framed in words like these:  “If we make abortion illegal, women will resort to back-alley abortions and put themselves in great danger.  We must keep abortion legal to protect them from that horrible eventuality.”   I’ve always been troubled by the weakness of this argument.  It melts away when placed beside analogous parallels.  For example, this one: “We must keep gun-murder legal, because if we don’t, murders will be committed in the awful ways people used to commit them in history—knives and sticks and rocks.”  Isn’t that essentially the same argument? Cain didn’t kill Abel with a gun, and God didn’t see any reason to tell us what weapon was used. It did not matter. 

The sophomorish argument about the consequence of outlawing abortion should make all of us say, “Wait; the consequence of forbidding murder is not the question here.  All murder, regardless of how it is committed, is abhorrent and wrong and must be outlawed.”

Here are the facts which should drive compromise out of the hearts of every Christian who is tempted to minimize unborn life by supporting elective abortion. They are the same facts that should convict those who boast of how sacred is the right of a mother to kill her child because that child happens to be housed in her womb:

Murder and killing are not identical terms.  Not all killing is wrong (killing animals for food, [Rom. 14:1-3], capitol punishment of the guilty [Gen. 9:6,  Rom. 13:4, Gal. 5:21, etc.].)  Murder is the deliberate taking of innocent human life. Elective abortion is the deliberate taking of innocent human life and is, therefore, murder.

In the Old and New Testaments, God has condemned those who practice murder.

“Whoever sheds man’s blood, by man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man”  (Gen. 9:6).

 “…you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him” (I Jn. 3:15).

“Both parties support abortion in some way.”

This is a weak argument.  If you doubt me, ask Planned Parenthood.  They have no trouble telling you who supports their abortion services and who decisively does not.


Statistically, abortions in America are slowly declining and that’s good news.

This article may seem political, and I understand its political implications.  But it is primarily spiritual, and primarily for Christians. The world is always going to act like the world and Christians are not of this world (1 Jn. 2:15).  Do not criticize conscientious Christians if they appear to you to be “one-issue voters”. The magnitude of the bloody sin of abortion in American justifies being “one-issue voters”  (even though we are not). 

You don’t have to vote in this election, but please don’t vote to protect abortion. Instead, imagine that you had witnessed the slaughtering, by strangulation, suction and dismemberment, of 700,000 three-year-olds in our country last year.  Imagine  you watched the disposal of all those little limbs without fanfare and then imagine hearing the “good” people you know saying that we need to “not worry so much” about those three-year-olds because there are larger issues at hand. Imagine them saying we’d better, instead, worry about other harmful things like climate change and racism. Because you see, that’s the exact moral equivalent to the situation at hand. That is what we have witnessed.  If you believe the Word of God, you know that’s exactly what transpired at Planned Parenthood and other abortion provider clinics in our country during the past year. And we’re at almost 62 million children since the legal killing began in 1973. God help His people to never look the other way!

How could a Christian get his/her own heart’s consent to defend the routine killing by deflecting to conversations about climate change, racism and health care?

Please stop this complicity now.  It is wickedness.  

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep Field Trip to March for Life!

Did you see that fly on the head of Vice President Mike Pence last night? (Glenn did get up and swat the screen.) Whether he was a spy-fly, a MAGA fly, a virus carrier or just a swat-able pest, he will never know what an international moment of fame he claimed for those two minutes. During arguably the most intense portion of the debate, he just came in for his landing, enjoyed his up-close and personal observation deck, and then gracefully exited that tense arena. Perhaps others in those plexiglass containers, at the moment, would have loved to have so gracefully exited. 

In every single debate, particularly in light of the expected confirmation of Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court, there will be a discussion about the expected viability of Roe Vs. Wade. There’s light for America’s unborn at the end of a very dark tunnel. I’m praying hard for a path to that light. 

The March for Life in Washington DC this year occurs on Friday January 29 . You can read about it here:  I’m hoping (and planning) to have a group of Diggers there this year. We’ll be studying from the decalog (and other relevant scriptures) the words “Thou shalt not kill” at that time. I hope many of you will be able to walk from the mall area to the White House with our little group this year. 

We’ve reserved several rooms at the Westin in Olde Town Alexandria, VA, where we will have easy access to the metro which will deliver us right to the spot where the historic March for Life begins. If you are willing to stay in a room with three others, the cost for lodging for the night prior to the March and the night following the March (January 28th checkin to January 30th check-out) is approximately one hundred dollars per person–two nights included in that approximate price.  (No profit is being made in this endeavor at all. The cost of the room split four ways is what you will pay. I think there is a parking fee per night, in addition, if you are bringing a car to the hotel.) On the evening prior to the March, we will meet together at some spot for a dutch-treat dinner and then later in the hotel, for a Digging Deep time of prayer and devotional. Of course, if you want to work out your own lodging in the area and then meet us for dinner and the March, you’re welcome to do that. I think it will be a rich time together for a cause that’s very study-relevant (and precious to all of us.) Some of us may be flying into DC, so maybe we can coordinate travel from airport to hotel and back for return flights. 

Details will come together and I will keep you posted. I understand that there is a slight possibility that we cannot do this, because of COVID. But, for now, we are pressing forward. The March is pressing forward. So be thinking. Let me know if you want to join us  by corresponding on the Digging Deep for Encouragement wall, by private messaging me or by emailing me at I’ll give you an exact total closer to time. I’ll need deposits of fifty dollars by January 10th, so we can know, for sure, how many rooms to retain.

It’s a big thing to do. We’ll have to get out our big shovels. =). Last year I did this trip with four of my West Huntsville sisters and we all agreed it was a trip we definitely wanted to repeat. I hope some of you will be blessed by joining us as we become, in yet another way, a part of a statement that needs to be shouted in every venue at every opportunity by people of God.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Representative Deberry of Tennessee: Blessed!

Today, I’d simply like to invite readers to be encouraged by my brother John Deberry, a great gospel preacher and legislator from the state of Tennessee for the past quarter of a century. This record of his exclusion needs no commentary except the commentary of Jesus when he said, 

“Blessed are you when men hate you,

And when they exclude you,

And revile you, and cast out your name as evil,

For the Son of Man’s sake.

Rejoice in that day and leap for joy!

For indeed your reward is great in heaven…

You can read about brother Deberry here.

You can hear him preach here: (and you will want to do that).

(All PTP365 content is free for a limited time. Follow easy access sign in and search John Deberry)

And pray for the pre-born.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Family Ties in the Social Distance #13: Proverbs 6:17–Hands that Shed Innocent Blood


My husband, Glenn, is sharing these daily lessons  for our West Huntsville family as we are necessarily (because of the virus) spending less time physically together in worship, study and fellowship. We may be “socially distanced,” but  we’re a close-knit family and we want to keep it that way! One way to stay on track together, spiritually, is to think about a common passage and make applications for our lives together even when we are unable to assemble as frequently. I’m sharing these daily family lessons here for those in other places, whose families (or even congregations) might benefit from a common study in these uncommon days of semi-quarantine. There are Family Bible Time guides included, as well. You can adapt, shorten or lengthen them according to the ages of kids (and adults) in your family. Blessings.

From Glenn:

My Favorite Proverbs:  Hands that shed innocent blood (Prov. 6:16-19)

These six things the Lord hates, 

Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:

A proud look,

A lying tongue,

Hands that shed innocent blood,

A heart that devises wicked plans,

Feet that are swift in running to evil,

A false witness who speaks lies,

And one who sows discord among brethren.

God hates murder, but God does not hate all killing. Every word in this, the third in the list, is important: “Hands that shed innocent blood.”  When God, in the Ten Commandments, said “Thou shalt not kill,” He was forbidding murder; not all killing. Not all killing is murder. The Old Law created cities of refuge as a remedy for a man who accidentally killed another man (Deut. 4:41-43). That was killing, but it wasn’t murder. Killing animals was endorsed by God from the beginning (Gen. 1:29-30). In both the Old and New Testaments, God clearly endorsed capital punishment of the guilty (Gen. 9:6;  Rom. 13:4). God sometimes commanded Israel to kill in war (Joshua 6). So, pay attention to the wording of exactly what God hates here: the deliberate taking of innocent human life. Centuries later, the apostle John would write, “Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him” (1 Jn. 3:15).  

Now leap-frog over the obvious examples of murder in today’s news and get to the one which is by far the most egregious kind of murder in our world, despite being promoted and applauded as guiltless. It’s abortion.  I cannot imagine an act which better illustrates what is meant when the Proverbs writer said that God hates “hands that shed innocent blood.”  

Consider that the Greek word for baby is brephos, used of the baby Jesus: “And this will be the sign to you: You will find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.” (Lk. 2:12). The same Greek word is used of John who was still in the womb of his mother, yet unborn!  “And it happened, when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, that the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit” (Lk. 1:41). When the Holy Spirit inspired Luke to write this passage, He called both the baby in the womb and the baby outside the womb, brephos: baby. Killing a baby in the womb is the moral equivalent of killing a baby outside the womb. Man has imagined that killing an unborn child is different in order to protect the wickedness of abortion. He has defended the horrid act of murder.  

One more thing to consider: A website which has been tracking the Novel Corona numbers in the last couple of months has posted that, worldwide, just under 40,000 have died. The Associated Press published its most recent abortion numbers in the U.S. for one year: 862,000.  

God hates the hands which commit the murder of abortion.

Today in prayer, thank God for His amazing gift of human life and pray that our world will awaken to the murderous darkness of abortion.

Story Time from Glenn and Cindy:  Genesis 47

1.Teach your children about the practice of a man recommending another for a position.  Based on the respect Pharaoh had for Joseph, he immediately offered a trusted position over his own livestock to whomever Joseph recommended: 

 “The land of Egypt is before you. Have your father and brothers dwell in the best of the land; let them dwell in the land of Goshen. And if you know any competent men among them, then make them chief herdsmen over my livestock” (Gen. 47:6).

Use this to again teach your children the importance of always telling the truth; always keeping appointments; always fulfilling tasks with excellence.  There will be times in life when they will be of great service to others by similarly extending recommendations.

2.  It is important in life to elevate the blessings of God over the unhappy things of life.  Even in trials we should  speak of God’s goodness. The poorest of Christians is still greatly blessed. Hear the sad answer the aged Jacob gave to the king when asked “How old are you?”   

“And Jacob said to Pharaoh, ‘The days of the years of my pilgrimage are one hundred and thirty years; few and evil have been the days of the years of my life, and they have not attained to the days of the years of the life of my fathers in the days of their pilgrimage’” (Gen. 47:9).

Make sure your children understand that Jacob’s answer to the king did not include any of the blessings of Jacob’s life. Make sure they know that we should constantly be telling others, especially unbelievers about the blessings of God.

3. Decide if your children are old enough to understand the following observations:

Joseph served Pharaoh to the degree of using the plague to strip the Egyptians of all their their wealth and fill the treasury of the King:

‘So when the money failed in the land of Egypt and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came to Joseph and said, “Give us bread, for why should we die in your presence? For the money has failed.” Then Joseph said, “Give your livestock, and I will give you bread for your livestock, if the money is gone” (Gen. 47:15-16). 

Those monies lasted a year, but the famine continued. Because they had not money or livestock to buy back all the grain they had charged during the seven years of plenty,  Joseph agreed to trade grain for their lands, and their bodies.  They would become Pharaoh’s slaves.  They all agreed.

“Then Joseph said to the people, ‘Indeed I have bought you and your land this day for Pharaoh. Look, here is seed for you, and you shall sow the land. And it shall come to pass in the harvest that you shall give one-fifth to Pharaoh. Four-fifths shall be your own, as seed for the field and for your food, for those of your households and as food for your little ones.’”

A. By taxing their grain in the first seven years and selling it back to them during the time of famine, Joseph had saved their lives.  Question: Did he do a good thing?

B.  Could it be that Joseph was following God’s instructions?  It would not be long until Moses came before a different Pharaoh, introduced the ten plagues, and spoiled Egypt.  Egyptian wealth would largely be used to fund the exodus of Israel from the slavery and oppression they experienced in Egypt.  Could that have been Joseph’s long-term motive? Could it have been God’s plan? 

Emphasize to your children that God’s plans always happen. He always makes a way for things to work out for the good of his people. Read Romans 8:28 to them and talk about its meaning. Sing one verse of “I Know the Lord Will Make a Way for Me”

I know the Lord will make a way for me.

I know the Lord will make a way for me.

If I walk in heaven’s light

Shun the wrong and do the right

I know the Lord will make a way for me.


Tell your children that this hymn was written by Paul Epps, a minister for the Lord’s church.

4. Pray with your children. Be sure to pray that God will make his people stronger through the coming days when lots of people in our land will likely be ill.  Pray for the leaders in our churches, that they will make good decisions to help us be stronger on the other side of this sickness.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Coronavirus: Moving the Decimal…

U.S. Coronavirus deaths per day since March 1: 2.900

U.S. Intentional womb deaths per day since Mar. 1:  2900    

You have to move the decimal three places to the left for the virus. A decimal move is a big mathematical jump. The number in the first line  is relatively miniscule. But they are vulnerable and they are people, so we do care. We don’t want to be reckless as we plan our lives.

But the daily deaths in line 2 are deaths of people who are vulnerable, too. And those deaths are 1,000 times more per day. And that tally did not begin on March 1.

Where’s the panic? Where’s the real application of the word recklessness?