Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sanctification Trials and Triumphs

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Today is the last day of the Sanctification Study. I’m making this list from I Peter for my refrigerator tonight. I never want this study to grow cold in my heart. I want to be truly set apart. You may want to make this list on heavy stock or even laminate it for a powerful reminder of the rewards.

The Trials The Triumphs
Obvious grieving trials (1:6) Praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus.
Evil spoken about us  (2:12) God glorified in the day of visitation.
Servants had mean masters and suffered wrongfully (2:18,19) Accepted of God
Mistreated and ridiculed (3:9) Inherit a blessing
Suffer for righteousness (3:14) Happy are ye
They speak evil of you (3:16) They will be ashamed.
Suffer for well-doing (3:17) This brings us to God.
Suffer in the flesh (4:1) We cease from sin.
They think it’s strange that we are not still sinning with them (4:4) We will be ready to give an account.
Fiery trial (4:12) Partakers with Christ, when His glory revealed, we will be glad.
Reproached for His name (4:14) We are happy and He is glorified.
Suffer as a Christian (4:16) Glorify God.
Suffer according to the will of God (4:19) Our souls committed to the faithful Creator.
Devil seeks to devour us. (5:12) God perfects, establishes, strengthens and  settles us.
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