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Sister to Sister: Not too Late to Register!

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logoFAQsofLifeThe FAQs of Life Women’s Seminar at West Huntsville Church of Christ is now only thirteen days away. We have girlfriends registered from six states and free housing still available. Plans are coming together for a great informal session of prayer and answers to evangelism questions on Friday night followed by visiting together over desserts. I believe our participation will enhance our chances of reaching friends who might not otherwise be saved. I believe this because each of our past experiences are different and we can help each other with evangelism ideas and strategies. Different tactics may be more effective with different kinds of people and in varying situations (Jude 21-23). Let’s help each other win souls.

Saturday will include a light continental breakfast, three sessions of “open line” questions and answers (any question in any way related to the Scriptures will be discussed as time allows), and a lunch that we promise will be delicious! (Can you tell we are excited about this?) You can email your questions in advance to email or tweet them using the hashtag #FAQsofLife. Feel free to also submit them at any time during the seminar.

Some of the questions we have so far include:

When I look around I see so many great parents who have lost their children to the world. Can you advise me of things I need to be doing to make sure my kids don’t walk away? I know there are no guarantees, but I don’t want to miss anything.

Should I allow my teenager to attend his Bible school class if the teacher believes social drinking is acceptable behavior?

If a congregation does not have elders, how do we insure that our classroom teachers are sound in the faith?

Is clapping in our worship music acceptable to God?

Is it sinful for elders to require attendance at classes or services other than one service on Sunday since that is the only Biblical requirement?

…and there are many more.

I hope you are planning to come. Be sure to register at and be sure to invite others from your church to come with you, if possible. Registration will be open for a few more days. We are praying that many of you will get to join us. It’s kind of exciting that the famous Diana Singing (less than one hour from our building… will be happening on Saturday night following the seminar. (It also happens Friday night, but we are hoping you will be with us on Friday!) It’s a phenomenon–a really good old-fashioned shed singing (tin roof and everything!) where you will hear some beautiful a cappella music involving hundreds of voices. It’s a warm-up for heaven! Saturday’s singing will start at around 7 pm and last until about midnight (Country ham biscuits are the fare at Diana.)

And finally, my heart is full of Polishing the Pulpit. If you didn’t get to watch the live Digging Deep session, I hope you will go to and join the excitement as we kick off a new study, “Knowing God.” It’s not for the wimpy, but I just know we will love Him more upon completion of this study of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I hope you can join us beginning on September 1st as we begin this journey through Scripture together. Please pray for all of the ladies involved and invite your friends to study along. Many who completed the last year’s study, “Sanctification,” commented that they had never studied the Bible like they did in this study. Let’s do this!

Polishing the Pulpit 2013 is history. Those who came experienced the pinnacle of spiritual enrichment. It was feasting for a week at a spiritual buffet unlike any other you will see this side of heaven, and it was doing it with your favorite people. I am profoundly grateful to the men and women in Jacksonville, Alabama, as well as the three directors who live in other places. I am deeply humbled to have been able to participate.

I am still in the hotel room. My legs are tired, my mind is swirling, and my post-PTP correspondence list is long. Glenn and I are pretty physically wasted, but our spirits are sprinting! We are ready for the autumn works that lie before us. Next weekend we will be in Collinsville, Illinois for a marriage seminar and the following weekend…well, you know where I’ll be then. Hoping to see you there!


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