Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: What the Perfect Parent Never Says

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541129_10150761429424069_1190093411_nSome of my frequently used lines in parenting were:

“I do not know why, Honey.”

“No, we are not there, yet.”

“You are too heavy. Mom has to put you down and rest a little.”

“Speak louder. I cannot hear you.”

“I will take care of your older brother. He should not be unkind to you.”

“I’m sorry. I should have made myself more clear.”

“Today we are going to learn something new.”

“Say that again. I did not understand.”

“There will never be enough time in my day.”

“I am exhausted.”

“I really need everyone to pitch in and help. I can’t do this by myself.”

“I need you to stop talking for just a few minutes.”

“We cannot afford it.”

God, the perfect parent, never says “I do not know why.” He knows the reason for the reason for everything (although he may not tell me). He’s got that.  He doesn’t say “We’re not there yet,” because He is always everywhere. He doesn’t complain about the burden of carrying me. He’s always carried me. He doesn’t tell me to speak up. He always hears. My older brother is never unkind. He became like a man and gave his life for me–the ultimate in kindness. God never apologizes for His lack of clarity. His Word is inerrant. He never says “Today, I am going to learn something new,” for He is and has always been omniscient. He never has to ask me for clarity, either. He understands my innermost thoughts. He never wants for more time in His day. His day is infinite. He never complains of exhaustion for He is eternal. He never asks anything of me because he needs it. He is the Source of every good gift. He never says, “Please stop talking.” He always hears His children. Best of all, He never says, “I cannot afford it,” for He placed within me something that’s worth more than all the money in all the pockets of all the millionaires of all the world…an eternal soul. And when I gave it to the devil, He bought it back again. He is my Father.


p.s. The “Knowing God” study is off and running. Will you rejoice with me that more women than ever before are committing to the study? Will you invite someone to study along? God is so good. He IS the perfect Parent! Let’s take the next four months to grow in love to Him as a Father and relish the gift of spiritual birth and adoption into His house.

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