Innocent Blood

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He said he would do it. No one should have been surprised. But it’s kind of like when you know a loved one is dying of cancer. You try to be prepared for that call, but when it comes, you still feel a deep pang that begins the grieving process. That’s how I felt when I heard that President Obama had actually put ink to his campaign promise to lift the ban on funding overseas abortions. The signature was effectually a death warrant for thousands of innocent babies in countries around the world. I still have to fight the tears, take long deep breaths and swallow hard when I think of the ramifications of this signature.

When those nine men in long black robes emerged from the U.S. Supreme Court Building in Washington on January 22, 1973, little did they know that the ruling they had just made would result in 40+ million legal abortions in America in the next 35 years. They had no idea of the huge door they were opening for the disposal of the preborn. They were unaware that occasionally there would be botched abortions producing infants, born alive, but unwanted. They surely were unaware that one day Americans would be funding any abortions, much less foreign abortions, with tax dollars. Their ruling was handed down before all the data was in. In fact, their decision came prior to the mountains of scientific evidence that we have today; proof that all genetic traits have been determined at conception; overwhelming evidence that preborn babies feel pain, at least by mid-gestation. Today we have windows into wombs, even four dimensional womb windows that show us videos of the baby as it develops, a tiny life requiring only nutrition to become viable and whole outside the womb. These babies are exhibiting facial expressions by 20 weeks and by 24 weeks are manipulating their fingers in ways more complex than many newborns and are even sucking their thumbs. Oh, the concurring justices were guilty, but, at least they were blissfully unaware of the weight of the medical evidence we have today that a fetus is indeed a life.

With knowledge comes responsibility. Today we do have all of the evidence. Those who fight for abortion rights today do so with eyes wide open. They talk a lot about cases of incest and rape, knowing full well that the abortion debate is not really about incest and rape since less than 2% of all abortions are performed for any reason except convenience. They talk a lot about dangers to the life and health of the mother. They like to throw that word “health” in there, knowing that it is subject to a wide spectrum of interpretations, including mental stability, and even emotional well-being. Honest people know that the real pro-choice movement is about what’s convenient for the adults involved at the expense of the baby’s life. It is the ultimate example of survival of the fittest. The men in black robes are guilty, but I believe it will be more tolerable for them in the day of judgment than for those who still advocate abortion rights in the aftermath of the largest holocaust in human history and in the face of overwhelming evidence that the fetus in question is innocent (certainly not guilty) human (certainly no other species) life (it is certainly not dead).

President Barack Obama is personally responsible for reinstating a death culture funded by taxpayers like you and me. But what of those who heard his promise to sign this funding legislation and supported his candidacy?

Well, I have heard the rhetoric: “I can be a Christian and support Obama because Roe vs. Wade is simply not going to be overturned no matter who is president. Since abortion rights are not pragmatically up for discussion in America, I will support Obama based on his economic package or his military strategy.” While I’m not willing to concede that Roe vs. Wade will never be overturned, may I suggest to you that there are other ways to save innocent lives besides the overturning of Roe? The ban on federally funded foreign abortions was a practical action resulting in a measured response—the saving of thousands of innocent lives. The lifting of that ban on federally funded foreign abortions is also very pragmatic and its practical result is the death of innocents all over the world. It was a deliberate, calculated action promised before his election, produced in his third day of presiding and pragmatic in that it will dramatically increase the availability of abortions in many countries. In short, he has assured us that the killing will intensify and that we will pay for the exponential increase in abortions worldwide. One cannot argue that her support of Obama did not result in the acceleration of worldwide abortions. That is a practical result of a promised action.

Christians who voted for Obama knew. At least they knew if they were listening. With knowledge comes responsibility. God wanted to make His Israel of old aware of the responsibility they bore for the protection of innocent human life. Hear Him in Exodus 22:22-24:

Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child. If thou afflict them in any wise, and they cry at all unto me, I will surely hear their cry; And my wrath shall wax hot, and I will kill you with the sword; and your wives shall be widows and your children fatherless.

God had no mercy for those who mistreated the fatherless in Israel. While his punishment may not be immediate in His new Israel, he surely still hears the cries of the innocent fatherless and surely his wrath still waxes hot. When I read this description of his anger, I do not want to stand before Him having supported the killing of those who can surely be described as “fatherless” in our society.

I believe, without repentance, the seven concurring judges will stand before him with blood on their hands. I believe, without repentance, every mother who decides to have a convenience abortion will stand before Him with blood on her hands. I believe, without repentance, every doctor and nurse who perform abortions will stand before him with blood on their hands. And I believe that, without repentance, those who knowingly and willingly empower men to legalize and/or fund abortions will stand before Him with blood on their hands. If not, why not?

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