Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Studying with a Heroine

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I had a Bible study today with a woman who becomes dearer to me each time we study. I believe she will obey the gospel, but as we struggle to communicate through our language barriers (she is a native of El Salvador), I think I am learning as much as she is. My friend left El Salvador because her first husband was guilty of some very serious sins, including adultery. She has settled into an apartment near my home. She has since met and married a hard-working man who is also here from South America on a work visa. They have a beautiful baby, who makes our studies together lots of fun for me.

My friend (I will call her Nora) is often doing favors for neighbors who live all around her. She has a valid driver’s license and so neighbors who do not have transportation often call on her to take them to the grocery store or to the doctor’s office. One day recently, a neighbor, who was pregnant, asked her for a ride to a doctor appointment. She obliged and they were off to the specified address. But when Nora pulled up to the clinic, she was shocked to learn that she had brought her neighbor to an abortion clinic. Nora refused to drop the woman off at the clinic. She knew that if she provided the transportation to the clinic, she would share in the responsibility for the death of the baby. Instead of leaving her neighbor there for the procedure to be done, she made sure her neighbor got the appropriate information from the pro-life protesters who were peacefully approaching the entrants to the clinic in hopes of saving babies from the horrible procedures occurring inside. She also repeatedly told her friend that she would gladly raise the baby for her, if she would only spare the baby’s life.

My friend Nora is far from being a rich person. She struggles along with her husband to make ends meet. On this day the pro-life representative at the clinic offered Nora some money for taking the expectant mom back home after convincing her to at least postpone the abortion. Nora refused the money because she did not want to profit financially from her conscience-based decision. The woman was insistent, though, and Nora finally accepted the money. She brought it to worship the next Sunday and gave it to the church.

I left the Bible study today with a lot of respect for Nora. In my book, she was a heroine that day. She saved a life. She boldly spoke up for the one who could not be heard.

Nora is very close to the kingdom. Will you pray for our studies? Will you pray for wisdom on my part as we spend time in God’s Word? I hope that when I speak about the privilege of studying the Word with someone like Nora, it does not sound self -serving.  After all, who am I to be able to have the Word of the Almighty God pass through my lips on Its way to a needy soul?  I am nothing but a needy soul, myself. I am so unworthy to be able to share the news with Nora that, while she saved innocent life, Christ died for us, the ungodly, while we were yet sinners (Romans 5:6-8). But I am so thankful for this good news.

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