Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

“It’s All Good.”

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It’s a challenge to raise godly children.  To do so in our present culture of relativism is extremely difficult.  Our culture calls the acceptance of sin tolerance.  It calls avarice and greed success. When women forsake their god-given roles in rearing their own children it’s feminism.  Homosexuality is love and murder in the womb is abortion.  When my children live in a world where blatant immorality is ascribed these most sterile names, it becomes my job, as a mother, to be ever more vigilant in peeling back the devil’s deceitful and glamorous facade.  As we evoke again Judges 17:6, we know that calling wrong right does not make it right.  Neither does its renaming provide any protection from the consequences of wrong.  This philosophical diet of moral tolerance must be countered at home with the antitoxin of God’s immutable truth.  If my son’s history teacher is an outspoken advocate of homosexuality and my daughter’s theater director is a spiritual Universalist, these situations must light a proverbial fire under me as their mother!  When even conservative religionists tell my children that the New Testament is merely a book of general principles rather than a standard of absolute truth, my job as a mother again intensifies.
Sometimes when I sit back and evaluate this world in which I struggle as a parent, I’m truly amazed at how far society has veered in one generation.
***When my children were small (1992), I had to shield their curious eyes from witnessing the inaugural parade of our U.S. Presidency because homosexual advocates were given, for the first time, a place of honor in that Presidential procession.  Thirty years earlier, when I was small, homosexuality was never mentioned in any honorable public arena.
***Prime time television today is filled with sexual innuendo, as well as graphic sexual material.  As a teenager, I can remember when the show Happy Days first aired.  My parents were amazed at the innuendos that frequently surfaced in this sit-com and we frequently had to turn it off.  Typical recent themes would certainly make Happy Days seem very benign. These recent themes have included “breast-only orgasms”, homosexual and lesbian heroism, and sex driven competition in amazingly vulgar reality TV.
***The Boy Scouts of America have been forced to sacrifice corporate funding from hefty donors like the Levi-Strauss Company because the organization refuses to sanction homosexuality in its leadership.  They’ve faced numerous lawsuits because of this stance.  When I was a child, no known homosexual could have successfully led an adult civic club, much less a group of innocent young boys!
***Our federal government has offered tax incentives to young working mothers, actually rewarding mothers who choose to have babies and then relegate their care to day care workers.  When I was a preschooler, 90+ % of my peers were being daily nurtured at home, with their mothers.
***Popular CDs are rarely curse free, and even more rarely, pure in theme.  I checked the lyrics recently of the top 5 songs on America’s pop charts and four of the five contained lyrics that were extremely objectionable.  When I was a child, an album with objectionable material was far more rare than an album with decent lyrics.
***Several mothers of middle schoolers in my small town have related to me that oral sex is the popular pastime of the early teen years.  When I was in middle school, I had never heard of oral sex.  I believe my innocence in this regard was fairly typical at the time.
***Wednesday night ballgames, play practice, club meetings, etc. are all very common in most American communities.  When I was a child there were only very rare Wednesday night Bible study conflicts because entire communities were cognizant of the priority of Bible study in most American homes.
***Less than half of American children now live with both birth parents.  Divorce rates have exceeded marriage rates in America in recent years.  When I was in elementary school, there was only one girl in my class whose parents were divorced.  In most of our eyes she was an anomaly.
***Over a million babies this year in America will be aborted.  Not one single baby in America had ever been legally aborted until I was fourteen years old.  The word “abortion” was defined by Webster’s dictionary as “a miscarriage” when I was a child.
The list could go on and on.  If you are over thirty-five you could easily reminisce and make your own list.  But why? Why have we seen such a rapid and expansive moral decline during the last thirty five years?
The women of the book of Judges in the Old Testament were raising children in the shadow of national disobedience.  Remember, God was clear in instructing the tribes of Israel to destroy the peoples of Canaan as they entered the promised land (Dt.7:1,2).  But they didn’t.  Instead, they left remnants of these heathen groups. They made treaties with them.  They finally intermarried with them.  They allowed their sanctified status to become polluted and cowered in compromise to big armies and military might. Judges chapter one relates in detail their multiple failures to rid the land of idolatrous heathen tribes. Now as we study the judges we find that succeeding generations are left to struggle in a nation plagued by the spiritual pollutants of that idolatry.  Tolerance turned to acceptance which turned to conformity.
Sound familiar? We are raising the next generation in the shadow of the sexual revolution, a national rejection of absolute truth and a disdain for the time honored values of integrity, purity and hard work.  It will not be an accident if your children and mine emerge into adulthood with a faith that can weather the assaults of the devil through humanism and its attendant materialism and relativism. It will be the result of the unrelenting will of moms and dads combined with their reliance on the Word and the power of prayer. I pray that this blog can be a small tool to help us be able to one day sit down around the throne of God with our families in a place where the devil is totally impotent. Only then can we finally say “It’s all good.”
Portions taken from Women of Troubled Times by Cindy Colley, Publishing Designs, Huntsville, AL
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