Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Dear Sisters in California: I’m So Sorry.

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chalkboardSometimes equations are simple: like “rock-solid-always-works-out” truth. Take 2+2=4, for instance. We know how it’s going to work out at first glance. And we get to the result quickly. But then there are complicated algebraic equations that go on and on. They have all sorts of variables thrown in, too. At first glance, we have no idea what the end result will be (and often we don’t care enough to want to work through them).

Truth is truth, though. Both the short, simple problems and the long, complicated ones have results and they will always end up the same way. Life is like that.

So what happens to a generation of kids raised largely in broken homes, going through its days and weeks with multiple sets of standards and spending seven hours in places where God cannot be mentioned, except in expletives, each day? That’s a complicated equation. Throw in some variables like MTV, ready access to pornography, and wealth like this country has never known. Maybe that scenario, working itself out over forty or so years, was just too complicated…the problem was too long for us to have seen how it would end.

But California is one state among many seeing the how the equation works out. It worked out in a pretty tangible way today. Can you believe that Governor Brown signed a bill saying that transgender kids in all elementary and secondary schools in the state of California are now free to choose which restroom… boys or girls… that they prefer to use while at school? They are now free to choose to participate in either gender of sports teams, as well. This means all restrooms on school campuses and all locker rooms and showers will be open to all transgender students.

This is insanity. Can you just imagine with me how this is going to play out? What does it take for a boy (genitally speaking) to get access to the girls‘ showers? Is there a transgender declaration to be signed? If so, can you switch up your sexual preferences mid-season? What about the girls’ softball pitcher who is from a Christian home? Apparently she has no rights of privacy or place for modesty anymore, at all. What about the girls who excel at basketball? This year at tryouts, they’ll be competing with boys (technically speaking) who are a foot taller than they are, but who are taking the transgender route of choosing the girls’ team.

Proponents say that transgender children across the state will now wake up in the morning without fear of being bullied in the restroom. What about the Christian teen girl who will fear having to use that tampon machine in front of guys? What about her modest sensibilities about sights and sounds that happen in locker rooms and restrooms? What about protective Christian parents who have diligently trained their kindergarten-aged son to respect the privacy of his sisters? Suddenly, they are going to have to explain to him that he is somehow going to have to get “comfortable” with walking into a restroom and sharing it with a fourth grade girl!?

See, the end of the equation is that California raised, with all of the aforementioned variables, a set of kids who are now adults. They are legislators and leaders in gay alliances and they are members of the state’s parent-teacher organizations. Today, they announced to the world that they’ve come up with an answer. It’s the incredulous transgender-rights-to-restrooms solution. It’s the amazing phenomenon that a biological guy can use the girls’ restroom anytime he pleases and California girls can walk in the men’s room at any school in California. Ditto to locker rooms and shower rooms for sports teams.

Sisters in California, may I just say that I’m so sorry. I know there are so many of you who are God-fearing and faithful parents. You must be devastated. Maybe you have seen this coming for a long time. Maybe that, among other reasons, is why so many of you have been homeschooling your kids for years, now. Maybe this is not shocking to you at all. But, if there are those reading who have kept your children in the public schools in California, may I say that, although I know I am removed from the situation, I cannot see how you can keep them there any longer. I hope you are outraged by such legislation and I hope you will say, “Enough is enough.” I hope homeschooling in California just immediately empties the school system of all Christians. I think the day has passed when those who are running your school systems, at the state level, are willing to give you any concessions. I think your state administered education system has been hijacked by evil people. I think, in short, the devil is rejoicing that he has your lawmakers (at least the ruling majority of them) in his corner.

Back to the equation. No matter how long and complicated the problem and no matter how many variables it has, our God, the God of truth, knows how it will turn out. He sees the end even as we are ordering the constants and the variables in the scenario. He is omniscient. He knew this sad day in California would come even as parents were making decisions of divorce, cohabitation, and profligate living forty years ago. To Him, it was still as simple as 2+2=4.

Ahh, if we, as a people, would only look to His Word and decide that we are just going to trust Him–the One who knows the ends of our choices. If we corporately would let him be sovereign in our homes, if we would parent as he has ordered and if we would seek His counsel in our government, we might still have a chance to maintain the American life we love. But He knows the end of that equation, too. He is still sovereign.

He ruleth by his power for ever; his eyes behold the nations: let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Psalms 66:7

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