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Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn Epling!

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Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn Epling. It’s a special day because Kaitlyn is turning 18.This means (happy and sad tears here) she will be making huge decisions in the next couple of years that will impact her eternity in large ways and will likely clip a few of the apron strings that have been so precious to her mama, Kerri, in their unclipped state. If she is like most of our daughters, this is the beginning of some big changes in the Epling family. 

The happy tears are because Kaitlyn is so thoroughly prepared for all the decisions. She has been in the Word in so many venues, but one of those is Digging Deep. Kaitlyn has completed (that’s right—finished every portion of) seven different Digging Deep studies. She is in her eighth year of the study. She is absolutely the youngest seven-year-finisher in our entire worldwide study! I’ve been at PTP and Camp Moriah with Kaitlyn and the study just oozes out of her personality and her character in every activity and conversation. I could not be prouder of her! She is very musically talented. She is great at homemaking skills. She’s good at making friends and she is impressive on the academic spectrum. But her most valuable asset is in the category in which even the end of the world will not affect value. She has what is, in the sight of God, of great price. She is a virtuous woman (Proverbs 31). Her price is far above rubies.

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn! You once said that the Digging Deep reveal in August each year was better than Christmas morning. I’m praying your study this year of The Crown is preparatory for many happy Christmas mornings and many happy returns of this great milestone birthday! I love you much!

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