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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Snippet from Digging Deep Writing Week…Out My Window

Death and its power never ceases to amaze me. I don’t want to be unfeeling or irreverent, but it has come to every single person (except Enoch and Elijah) since the sin in the garden. Yet we all act shocked when it comes to our house. It is the most predictable event and yet we are never prepared for our loved ones to go. We act as if we never imagined this could happen and yet we knew, beyond doubt, that it would happen. 

During my writing weeks in some of the past Digging years, I’ve opened my window to find a giant flag waving or a beautiful field sprawling for acres (or a crowded parking lot). This year I opened my window to see peaceful rows of flower-strewn graves and one lone, aging man sitting on a bench under a big oak tree with his head bowed. I have looked out there a lot this week. As I have been writing, two of my dear friends in this life have lost loved ones—one a daughter at the age of 35, and one a younger brother at the age of 60. I knew and loved these people who now know so much more than I do about the subject at hand. 

And that is, perhaps, the reason that death has a hold of terror on most of us. We cannot know it. We cannot speak with anyone who has experienced it, except of course in prayer and study. It’s a thing as natural as birth or walking or talking and, yet, when it comes our way, we are bowed low beneath its burden.

And God made it that way. Since the garden, Satan has had his malignant hand in our earthly affairs, subjecting us to pain, sorrow, death and its grief. He is not done with you and me. 

But, additionally, when I think about death, the sadness it brings is also a result of the great gift of fellowship. God made us with longings for relationships. I know this because he made us in His image and no one has given more for relationship and communion with you and me than the Father and Son. No one has given more for family. We are in His image, so we treasure relationships, too. We long, deep within our souls, for the benefits that come when we care for others and they reciprocate. We are meant to be social and when we are disconnected, we become less than what we could be—in our eternal hopes, in our earthly influences and in our personal peace.

But the Son showed us powerfully that the ultimate victory over death is His. The Spirit then revealed all that we need to know about what happens at, and after, death.

I hope you’re planning to study with us (or in some systematic way) next year. It’s not all about dying. It’s a whole lot about living. And it’s all we really know about either–the Word of God!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

DD Writing Week!

It’s Digging Deep Writing week! It’s busy and it’s  kind of a sleep-deprived study marathon, but it’s fun. Here’s a short excerpt from the lesson I worked on yesterday. Most portions are full of questions and scriptures. This was just one little part in which I was on a small soapbox:

  • Mothers must be joyful home-keepers. We really need to return to loving to cook, loving a well-ordered home, loving to hold and cuddle babies and loving to read to our children. We need to love the home-crafts that make our homes pretty and fun. But even more importantly, we need to love the showing of beautiful attitudes to our children. To think we cannot have those attitudes of joy in interacting with our children is to accept defeat before we have begun. No wonder our girls grow up in a hurry to get out of our homes and to be with whoever comes along, if we have made our homes situations of stress and power-clutching.  
  • Boys need to see their daddies be serious students of the word and your son needs to be 100 percent sure that Dad loves to be with him, throwing the ball or hunting the buck. Girls need to be with their moms in the kitchen and that kitchen needs to be a place of laughter. Girls need to see their moms loving daily Bible study and prayer. 
  • Ironically, I have found that the manipulative/abusive men are generally not the men who want quiet women at home.They are most generally men who want the immodest, boisterous women and they most often want them to bring home their half of the family funding. Teach your girls to reject this mentality and you will be halfway to victory. 
  • Teach your  boys and girls to wait on the Lord. That’s the hardest part. Tell them these things: “Take a relatively long time for the courtship, even if you think one day, you’d like a short engagement. Don’t be afraid of red flags. Look for them. If he wants you to carry your own bags when you come to visit his parents, see the flag waving. If she cannot keep her hands to herself or if she cannot cover her cleavage and thighs, see the flag waving.” 
  • I did not say the list would be a quick and easy fix. But, if some of us do not decide to break the maddening cycle of stress and work and money/power chasing, and take time for the important quality time that occurs in the middle of quantity time with our kids, then we will continue to inflict marriage angst on our kids. 

I hope you are thinking about doing the study that begins next September with us. It’s the Word! It’s already blessing me. And it’s already making me very sleepy! =)

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

More than the Study…

I received this encouraging letter this week and I wanted to share. It summarizes a big part of my love for Digging Deep. It’s about the study, but it’s also about the sisterhood. I cannot recall any catalyst for fellowship like the one we share in the Digging Deep Bible study. I am so very thankful for the sisters who have prayed me through so many challenges and who continue to do so. But I praise Him, also, for the way that Digging Deep unites our hearts and gives us such great commonality around His Word. I know there are other studies that do this, but I am forever thankful for that day when I spoke on the topic of ” How to Dig Deep into the Meat of the Word” thirteen years ago in Tennessee. I thought it was “one and done” on that day and I would move on to the next speech on the next topic, wherever and whatever that was to be. But God took a little 45-minute lesson and gave me thirteen years (so far) of growing closer to and learning to lean on sisters. I’m profoundly thankful. Here’s the little note. Because I am sure she won’t mind, I’ve included her name. I don’t really know her, but I am very close to her older Brother. =)

Hi Cindy. I just wanted to tell you this. I love the Digging Deep studies, but what I even love more is the friendship and the closeness that our group has because of these studies. We are all the time praying for each other and seeking each other out for things we need. I just absolutely love our bond and THANK YOU so much!! Maxine Loggins Knoll

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep is on Spotify!

Good news for you running, driving, gymming, and all-things-multitasking diggers. Dig-a-bits are now available on Spotify! It’s also a great way to share episodes with friends for evangelistic purposes. Find an episode that may strike a chord and text it over with a note that says “This made me think of you,” or “This episode addresses what we were talking about the other day!”  After all, a woman doesn’t have to be an official digger to benefit peripherally from the study! Thanks to Jennifer B, who’s so busy, but still gives to DD, you can now find them easily. APPs are for APPlication and Evangelism is the best practical application I can think of!


SO go do what you do and never skip a Dig-a-Bit! 

Video podcast this month is on the 29th and Kim Chalmers will be with me. It’s a great time for her to sit in the chair. Our study this month is on comfort and compassion and Kim has recently gained her credentials from Heritage Christian University to counsel women who are looking to please Christ in difficult situations (and women who simply want to grow stronger in practical ways).  She can help us navigate this study in a way that few women among us could. She loves souls. She loves the Word. Her practice from the West Huntsville church was planned prior to her course work as a labor of love for the West Huntsville women (and others, as time permits). She wanted to do just what our lesson this month is about. She wanted to offer comfort and compassion to women who want to grow through the challenges that are inherent in serving Christ in congregations that are lights in a dark world. The devil is very busy in the lives of Christian women. Kim prepared herself to be a resource in our fight against him. You can reach her at

I know you will find strength in this lesson we will discuss on the 29th. I already am finding that as I prepare!


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Grow More in ’24!

Happy New Year! Perhaps  the New Year is an over-used motivator that lacks long-term effectiveness. But this IS  a great time to commit to deep Bible study. The Word is, by far and away, the most important knowledge you will grasp in this lifetime. Reading it through is of great value. It’s the only information we have from our Father about what it takes to be saved from eternal death. But merely reading it through will not bless you in the same ways and to the same extent that deep study will bless. 

It’s a perfect time to start digging with thousands of women who are staying on track each month in the Digging Deep Bible study. You will not find your self lost or “behind” if you jump in right now. You can get free materials or materials to purchase here:!/Digging-Deep-2023-The-Crown-Deluxe-Study-Book/p/574010342/category=0. If you want to know more, why not join us next Tuesday night at 7 CST here for the Digging Deep podcast? It will just take an hour (plus a little) of your time and it just might change your life or even your eternal destiny! We’d love to have you join us!

Here’s what one digger recently said:

It is no exaggeration to say that doing this study each year has been life-changing for both me and my daughter.  I know you will be blessed if you partake in any of this study. 

Let me know if I can help you. There’s a tutorial video pinned on the Digging Deep in God’s Word page. Find it here:

Happy New Year! 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Bleating and the Bleeding

All of my inboxes have been sheepish for the past three months! I never truly thought about the saturating presence of sheep in our western culture until we studied about sheep and shepherds and wool and wolves for a few weeks in our Digging Deep study. But you found, made, wore and decorated your study rooms with sheep intensely there for a few weeks. Best of all, you learned from the Good Shepherd, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah. He is the anointed sacrificial lamb. While we had no other recourse, but to cry as sheep that are bleating to Him for rescue, He became one of us so that He could become that bleeding Lamb. That’s the over-arching lesson from the past couple of months.

Here are the two latest (and some of the sweetest) DIggers’ lamb creations that have come my way. One is a table decoration at Little Mountain church in Winchester, Tennessee. The other is an ornament that I get to hang on my tree. It’s from Tracy Jeter, of the Noah church, in Manchester, Tennessee. (All those “chester” places are good with the sheep!) 

Don’t forget you have two more days to get your submissions in to the contest! Winner will receive the entire HOPE bundle for teaching children the Word. A $60.00 holiday value, it includes a study guide for parents, a set of sturdy character flash cards, a timeline for putting the Bible characters in their historic perspective, a set of character trait flash cards for real life application and a memory game using the characters. It can literally fill up your kids’ or grandkids Bible time year in 2024. You can get all the contest info here:

(If you can’;t get your video to upload The Colley House Facebook page, just send it to my personal Facebook Messages or to

Enjoy the holidays. If you are hurting, as so many I know are this season, you may not enjoy, but you will faithfully serve.  While we do not have any Biblical authority to claim we know the date of Christ’s birth or to celebrate it as a spiritual holiday, isn’t it nice when more people are focusing on the Lord? Let’s you and me remember the birth, life, death and teachings of the anointed one, the Messiah, every day of every year!