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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Here’s the Digger’s Special…(and the rainbow contest winners!)

If you’re planning to use Women of Scandal for the December and January studies, there’s a special price now here:!/FOR-DIGGERS-ONLY-Women-of-Scandal/p/158173372 . This special is for Diggers only and is good for as many copies as you need between now and January 1st. Alternately, of course, you can take your study for those months entirely from Scripture. The live podcasts and Dig-a-Bits will be applicable to either course you choose.

I’m learning  a lot about rainbows and clouds and His glory this month, even when the clouds overshadow human weakness and sin. But there’s so much more to study.  And you’ve been diligent rainbow hunters. Contest winners  and rainbow location, where reported, are as follows:

Celia Empett–Brownsville, TX

Michelle DeThierry–Australia

Jennifer Lyden–Jacksonville, FL

Meghan Allen–Cleveland, TN

Andrea Davis

Dorris Biggars–Summerville, TN

Mary Parker Lawson–Brownsville, TX

Sarah Ulrich–Memphis, Tn

Kathy Gulledge–Memphis, TN

Tammy Turner

Congrats to all the above. If you’ve not already done so, private message me your item of choice from The Colley House, along with your postal address (or email address in case of downloads). Lots of U.S. diggers are settling in to winters that promise to be physically or emotionally challenging. Seeing His glory through the study, through the winter, even in the hard  circumstances of life, will make us love and revere the awesome God that will, once again, color the world with the amazing hues of His mercy when the frosts and snows and winter rains have ceased. He is so faithful. Kabad!

So get your coffee and your Bible…




Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

It Takes a SPARK!

SPARK, Hot Springs, is in the books now and I am going to keep touting the spiritual advantages of attending one of the SPARK lectureships when one of these programs, jointly hosted by Polishing the Pulpit and a local church, visits your area. There are some things you can count on in a SPARK program. One is sound teaching and lots of it. Another is a feeling that your hosts really want you to be there and are appreciative of the distances driven and the effort expended by those attending. Yet one more is the sweet fellowship that grows into lifelong Christian friendships within the community of fellow believers with whom you are spending the week. 

I often hear of the good old days when gospel meetings lasted for a couple of weeks and multiple baptisms occurred. I think those two-week meetings really had nothing on this intensive lectureship that included more lessons than a two-week gospel meeting and likely fewer distractions from the world in between the messages from the pulpit. And this lectureship included three baptisms as of the time I left. One young lady, Callie, confessed the Lord and put him on in baptism prior to the beginning of the service on Tuesday night. Then later, as the invitation song was being sung, another young lady, walked down the aisle and asked to be immersed for the remission of sins. Then as we bowed for the closing prayer, a dad shouted from the back, “Wait, we’re not done yet,” and one more was baptized before we went home. (Their pictures are here.) I could have stayed and done that all night! SPARK could be the catalyst–the spark–for the kind of zeal and Bible knowledge that characterized those good old days in the mid twentieth century when the church was spreading like wild fire. Sparks make wild fires!

My favorite session was the Digging Deep class we had on Monday. We had fourteen congregations of diggers represented from seven states. If you don’t think that kind of meeting is exhilarating, your shovel is dull. It was an amazingly encouraging fellowship representing a larger and purposeful study fellowship. God is just good all the time, but you see glory clearly in a room full of diggers who are chiming in with enthusiasm about nuggets they’ve found on the glory dig. 

But it’s also hard to top the “response” we had in the women’s class on Tuesday. That was the day we discussed the command to love our husbands from Titus 2. We discussed how that love, in that passage is phileo in the Greek—friendship love.  I urged women to find something they could enjoy doing with their husbands; to even learn to love some hobby that’s important to a spouse. So one brave soul went home that night to a husband who asked her for the thousandth time to try and “get a deer” with him. “I’ve got one in my sights, already,” he said and you don’t know how much I would love for you to kill this deer. All sorts of things that she’d rather do came quickly to mind (You know, dishes, washing her hair, having a root canal…) And then phileo, from our class, came to mind and she  said “Okay, let me try.” 

This pretty little wife and mother of three shot that eight point buck with a crossbow, hitting  him right in the heart (the spot you’re going for) and the 9:30 p.m. moonlight found her in the woods tracking and then field dressing her deer, alongside her husband. She said “I was way more excited than I thought I would be. It was fun! My heart was pounding. But my husband!…Oh!… I could not believe the look on his face when he realized I was going to do this! That look was worth it all. And I will be hunting again soon!” 

Ezra, my grandson who just turned five, really wanted me to “hurry up and finish teaching those ladies.” He gets impatient when he can’t reach me for our regular FaceTime sessions. He told me to just tell them that “God does everyfing fuh us. And Mammy, if dey obey God, den give dem a pwize. But if dey don’t do what God says, den don’t give ‘em one.” 

Well that’s pretty much just a big over-simplification of what the week was about. We are going to get a big prize if we obey. Let’s all be around that throne for the sweetest fellowship of all!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Mrs. Katy…Could You Pray?

Tonight I stopped in at the hospital to see Mrs. Katy. She’s exactly my age, suffering from cancer and currently undergoing daily radiation treatments on her head. She’s having a tough go of it. Mrs. Katy has only been a Christian for about a year, but she has been a faithful digger.  Two weeks ago, she was at our Digging Deep study and she was hoping that night that her new t-shirt would have arrived. We picked up those shirts the next day…the day Mrs. Katy went to the hospital again. I delivered that pretty pink GLORY shirt to the hospital about a week ago. It’s still laying there on the table beside her chair where I laid it after she held it up to her and exclaimed how much she loved it. I hope she gets to wear that shirt! 

Will you pray for her today? I’m so thankful she found the Lord, the church, the hope and the comfort that’s giving her peace right now. I’m praying for her two collegiate sons (the entirety of her  connected family, so far as I know). We’ve asked them both to study with us, so pray that they will decide to do that. Sometimes, it’s the valleys of desperation in which the gospel is most visible and appealing to those whose lives are missing it. If you’d like to send Mrs. Katy a card, you can address it to “Mrs. Katy”, ℅ West Huntsville church of Christ, 1519 Old Monrovia Rd. NW, Huntsville, AL 35806. While you are at it, please pray for Mrs. A, too…another soul who is getting closer to the truth each day. 

I know there are many who find themselves and loved ones in spots of extreme difficulty and that Mrs. Katy is not exceptional in that regard. So, I am taking a moment as I write to pray for this digging family and those to whom we are trying to minister in many places. Two years ago, at this time of year, I was spending massive amounts of time in that same hospital in which I visited Mrs. Katy today. I was with my father, who was soon to be leaving this life with the angels. I’m so thankful for those angels each time I visit that ward of the hospital (Luke 16:22). 

Who gets to claim angels as traveling partners in the most significant journey of life?! And, yes. It IS a journey of LIFE. Mrs. Katy may have lots of life on earth left before the journey to the infinitely better life. I hope, for all the human reasons, so. But, for all of us, lots of life before that journey is only a passing vapor (James 4:14). 

Keep Digging!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

“But don’t you even want to know who I kissed?”

Last Wednesday my husband hurried off to the post office with a truck-load of Digging Deep t-shirts to mail. We had a gajillion of you to order those shirts on that last go-around and only a few were local deliveries—shirts that we were going to hand off to a neighbor or take to our West Huntsville family to deliver. One of those few hand-deliverable envelopes looked like this:

So Flori was supposed to get her shirt at Bible class on Wednesday night. But her package was accidentally placed (by Glenn) in the big bins of shirts going to the post office. 

Next, you should know that our postmistress is amazing. Mrs. M, we will call her, is efficient and so kind to let us leave our bulk bins of packages with her in the morning, along with whatever cash she estimates the mailing will cost, so she can work on them throughout the day. But even Mrs. M cannot figure out what to do with a package that looks like Flori’s.

So she sent Glenn this text message, along with the above photo:  “ …don’t know what to do with this one.” 

Obviously Mrs. M needed an address. Glenn, however saw the message, failed to look at the number, and assumed it was from me. Oblivious to the fact that he was talking to the USPS, he texted back: “I had a note that Flori requested one.”  Then he added his signature “X” —a kiss that I receive in almost every text. Yes. He sent the postmistress a kiss. 

Mrs. M, thinking Glenn had “gone round the bend,” replied: “…but there was no address on package.” She added three of those little emojis of bewildered women shrugging their shoulders.

Glenn, still thinking he was talking to me, responded pertinaciously “She’s a member at West Huntsville. Couldn’t we just hand it to her?!” He still thought he was texting his wife and he thought  I was the one who’d “gone round the bend.”

At which time, the poor postmistress texted. “Yes.  I was just letting you know it was in the box of stuff you brought for me to mail.” This time she added three of the “laugh-till-you-cry” emojis.

At that moment Glenn realized he was talking to Mrs. M instead of Cindy. It also occurred to him that he’d sent the wrong woman that kiss. 

“OHHHH! I thought I was talking to Cindy. I’ll pick up the package later today.” 

  1. I’m glad my husband is a man of integrity. The postmistress completely trusts him to pay any overage at the end of the day for those packages he’s dropped off. 
  2. I’m glad my husband is a man of integrity. He confessed to me later that night that he’d kissed another woman. I was in a hurry to get to class when he made that confession. I said, “Well, you’ll have to explain that later,” without one fretful thought in my head. Glenn said “Don’t you even want to know?!” He is a faithful husband in every way.
  3. I’m glad my husband is a man of integrity. His “in sickness and in health” vow extends to “in shallow times and in digging deep times.” I think he’s mailed a thousand packages in the last few days for me. 
  4. I’m glad my husband is a man of integrity. Whenever I do “go “round the bend” (if I beat him to the bend), he is still going to be kind to me and text me kisses.

But he should still probably check the number accompanying the text to which he’s responding. 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep: 2019-2020 Countdown!

I’ve been richly blessed in spirit this year to get to dig in and prepare the study again for Digging Deep 2019-2020. I’ve prayed about it many times and I am confident it will strengthen us yet again. It’s the Word. It’s His manna for our souls and it will never disappoint. I hope you can be along for the duration of a study that is Spirit-led. That’s precisely how He leads: The source of His guidance is the Word. The method of being led by the Spirit is Bible study. SO let’s allow our souls to be Spirit-led and Spirit-filled. Let’s dig in to the Word of God! (Don’t forget to complete lesson 12 if you are completing the current study. The last chapter of that one is extremely important.)

Remember, both a spiral bound study guidebook and, alternately, a free download of the material will be available on our website ( on Saturday, August 18th. I’ll make sure it’s very easy to navigate the site to these materials. There will also be a short tutorial on how to find everything you need for the new study and how to proceed with or without a group. It’s perfectly okay to study independently of any group. As in recent years, there will be a live video podcast each month and four audio podcasts, called Dig-a-Bits, each month. The 2019-2020 dig will officially begin on September 1st. 

It’s my favorite Digging time of year!  Some of you, who would like to bring your congregation’s or group’s orders to PTP ( have asked about the prices of books and shirts this year. We now have  the costs of these items. If you plan to order online, items will be available on the website on Saturday, August 18th at 1:15 pm EST. If you want to bring your order with you to Polishing the Pulpit, we will have a table set-up this year in the exhibit hall with Digging Deep materials available from Saturday-Thursday. Other Colley House materials will be available throughout the week. 

Here are the 2019-2020 prices (No tax will be added. No handling charges for orders picked up at PTP, of course.)

Digging Deep spiral bound book:  $17.50

Digging Deep (Comfort Colors) T-shirt:  $15

Book/shirt combo: $30                                                                                                                                         

Class special:  6 or more books—  $16  each

I hope this is helpful. I’m “chomping at the bits” to do this study with you. I’ve asked for lots of your thoughts and comments in the book, but I’ll be searching for these answers right along with you!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep 2019-2020… Make Plans, Influence People

I’m finishing up the final proof today of our new DD study that will begin on September 1st. This year, we will be announcing the topic during the weekend portion of Polishing the Pulpit in one of the ballrooms and on our livestream. I hope you’ll plan to join us whether you are in Sevierville, Tennessee for this event or at home viewing on your device.

I’m thinking this might be the best year yet (perhaps with the exception of the Shadows study) to invite your non-Christian friends along for the year of immersion into a study they will not soon forget. Like in previous studies, I’m praying there will be baptized believers, living faithfully for Him at the end of the upcoming study. It’s rich…not because of my small part in it, but because of its origin: God’s Holy Spirit.

Here’s a paragraph, on that note, from its introduction:

Let me go ahead and say that I believe this study is Holy-Spirit infused. I do. I believe when we are delving deeply into the Word of the Holy Spirit and putting that Word into our hearts as we study, that we are becoming ever more filled with the Holy Spirit. I believe that the God-breathed Word (2 Tim. 3:16) is the enabling force that bears in us the fruit of that Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:22,23). I believe He dwells in us that way. 

I hope you’re planning to join us in September. I hope, if you’ve previously started, but not ever finished a study, that this will be the year you make it to completion. (But, whatever portion you do, you’ll be blessed.) Most of all, I’m hoping that, whether you choose Digging Deep or you choose to dig deeply through some other study in the Word, you will be deeply in the Bible this year. If you’re digging deeply, daily and directionally, you’ll be discovering, doing, and dispensing His Will more than you ever dreamed possible.