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Congratulations Brittney Allen–Member # 10,000 of Digging Deep!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!…to Brittney Allen of Rapid City, South Dakota who is member #10,000 in The Digging Deep in God’s Word Facebook group. To celebrate this mile marker in the growth of Digging Deep, we’re going to award Brittney one penny for each member of the Digging Deep Facebook group in store credit at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             That’s 100 dollars to spend in the store. (Just message me, Brittney, to claim your stuff!)

What started as a class at a conference 13 years ago has grown to 10K members and counting! There’s no credit due to anyone except God for this large group study, so we praise Him for allowing us to continue to grow numerically, in our ways of outreach and, especially, in knowledge of His Word as we study across streets and congregations and even across continents in 2023. 

We could not do it without technology. We thank Him for the four monthly audio podcasts and the video podcast near the end of each month. We’re grateful for the Facebook group and for the virtual studies that occur weekly in lots of places. 

We could not do it without some key people. Jennifer Benavides has been with Digging Deep as a selfless volunteer since we began in 2010. The study would not reach many of you without her technical skills and visionary perspective. She’s quiet, but, if she is talking, I’m going to listen! Lindsey Van Hook is a great blessing, stepping in just when we needed her so badly,  Flori Barber also sits behind the tech desk, now, during the monthly podcasts. I’m thankful for her because of so many blessings she brings to my life! We couldn’t do it without Glenn Colley working overtime, especially during the shipping time of year!  I probably would fail, at most things, without him. The elders at West Huntsville are so good to give us space and support.

Like the penny, each of us alone is worthless. But with Christ and ten thousand of us, we can accomplish some things to His glory. Thank you—each of you—for being a part of something small in the grand scheme of things, but large in the lives of lots of women, who start their days  or pillow their heads at night in the dig. Thank you for inviting others to study and, most of all, for praying for our studies together and for their impact on lost people. Thank you for thanking HIM, who is really the One who’s ultimately to be praised for anything we might accomplish through Digging Deep. May He richly bless every one of you 10K women in the Word!


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