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Book Review: BECAUSE I SAID SO, by Celine Sparks

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I think it might be Publishing Design’s best seller for the year 2010 (although I haven’t gotten to read Patsy Loden’s new marriage book, yet. The word’s out that it’s fantastic, though.) But for now, I’m speaking of Because I Said So, by Celine Sparks. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything so “real”. This book is the epitome of down to earth, yet it catapults our spirits away from the carnal pleasures of this world and makes us long for the new heavens and earth. Based on the wise sayings Celine remembers from her mother during her seventies childhood, she will take you on a sentimental journey that leads to a much more important heavenward pilgrimage. It made me laugh and then it pricked a bit. It made me appreciate God’s revelation and yet it gave me a deep respect for His reservations… the things about which we have to wait till heaven to know for sure. I wanted this book to be a slow read so it would last a long time, but sometimes I just couldn’t put it down. I loved it because it was so Biblical. But in between each power-packed Bible lesson (13 lessons in all) I found an Erma Bombeck style family anecdote based on Celine’s real life experiences in her very busy life of preacher’s wife and home schooling mom of four.

I loved it because it was extremely personal. See, Celine and I share the same parents. I kept telling myself that I could not be the one to recommend this book, because I could never be objective about its contents. After all, its lessons launch from incidents and words and people that lived at 941 Lynn Dale Lane, my childhood home. But in the end, I could not help but recommend it. It’s just so plain and simple in presenting truths that are not always the most popular, but are the real answers for what ails us as women, personally, and as a society, in general. Simply put, the reader who conscientiously applies its down to earth truths will become less and less earth bound and more and more heaven bound. So thanks Celine, for reminding me of the real life lessons that helped me choose the path to heaven in the first place. May I heartily recommend this book for your personal study or for your ladies Bible study group?

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