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Responses to "Let’s Show Some Real Love"

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Here are a few responses to the blog posted on Monday, July 26, 2010.


Went to your blog page for the 1st time from your Email. Hannah’s article is right down the line of many of the thoughts I have had.

I didn’t figure out how to make a comment straight on the blog page. [There is no response option directly on the page. You may respond underneath the posting of the note on my facebook wall. CC]

So many thoughts as to the way we as sisters in Christ make it hard for our brothers in Christ to keep their thoughts pure in any and every situation, but especially in the worship when they serve us, and we as their sisters have not done our part to help them keep their thoughts where they should be, to keep them pure. It breaks my heart, so many things do. It breaks my heart when I see a woman who professes godliness in her life and out the blue she dresses in such a way that does not show that, some how the world has taken a hold. It breaks my heart when I see a daughter of a godly mother dress in such a way that does not show God living in her, the mother has not passed on the torch to do so, to her daughter. It breaks my heart when a young lady says she is going to do mission work, and she dresses in such a way that does not present God in a way that He would want to be shown to others. It breaks my heart when our young men coming out of preaching school and colleges marry young ladies who do not dress modestly to be a support to the profession of their husbands. It breaks my heart when I see it in my own family among my sisters and nieces who are Christians. So many times I want to say “Shame on us.” It just makes me so sad that we have allowed the world to influence us so much. But I have also learned in being at Christian camps the past few years with my boys, and me counseling in the girls cabins, that it is partly because the older women have not fulfilled their responsibility to teach the younger women about modesty.

Thank you for sharing Hannah’s article.

Hannah, you are wise beyond your years! I wish I had this article a few years ago as a camp counselor… Toward the end of camp, we had a water fight. We instructed the girl campers – at every age level – not to wear white T-shirts (as you said, keeping the standard the same across the board, whether the girl was 9 or 19). Even with this clear instruction a “developed” 12-year-old girl tried to get past us (we checked attire at the door of the cabin) in a white T-shirt. Her response to the directive to go change clothes was “boys are stupid” – to which I replied, “that may be, but we have to help them out anyway.” I don’t know if it made an impression on her, but I’ve used that story as an example in other classes I’ve led on modesty and love with teen/college girls – and at least one person really appreciated the message. Thanks for posting this, Cindy!

Such a great article and such truth spoken out in support of our men who do have difficulties with women who dress immodestly and yes God did tell us women how to dress in the bible………..we, Ladies need to take heed to what God has to say about dress and show our “agape” love to others and especially to men. Thank you for sharing your study on this with others, Hannah!

Just had this talk with one of my daughter-in-laws…. about women dressing immodest at worship…It is a sad day when young men have to worry about what section of the church they serve the Lords Supper! But, it happens every day.. As a mother of three young men I truly appreciate Christian young women who want to dress as God would have them dress and not as their peers would want them to. Thanks Hannah:) LETS SHOW THE LOVE…”AGAPE”

I shared this, thank you,

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