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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Here’s the Digger’s Special…(and the rainbow contest winners!)

If you’re planning to use Women of Scandal for the December and January studies, there’s a special price now here:!/FOR-DIGGERS-ONLY-Women-of-Scandal/p/158173372 . This special is for Diggers only and is good for as many copies as you need between now and January 1st. Alternately, of course, you can take your study for those months entirely from Scripture. The live podcasts and Dig-a-Bits will be applicable to either course you choose.

I’m learning  a lot about rainbows and clouds and His glory this month, even when the clouds overshadow human weakness and sin. But there’s so much more to study.  And you’ve been diligent rainbow hunters. Contest winners  and rainbow location, where reported, are as follows:

Celia Empett–Brownsville, TX

Michelle DeThierry–Australia

Jennifer Lyden–Jacksonville, FL

Meghan Allen–Cleveland, TN

Andrea Davis

Dorris Biggars–Summerville, TN

Mary Parker Lawson–Brownsville, TX

Sarah Ulrich–Memphis, Tn

Kathy Gulledge–Memphis, TN

Tammy Turner

Congrats to all the above. If you’ve not already done so, private message me your item of choice from The Colley House, along with your postal address (or email address in case of downloads). Lots of U.S. diggers are settling in to winters that promise to be physically or emotionally challenging. Seeing His glory through the study, through the winter, even in the hard  circumstances of life, will make us love and revere the awesome God that will, once again, color the world with the amazing hues of His mercy when the frosts and snows and winter rains have ceased. He is so faithful. Kabad!

So get your coffee and your Bible…




Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Today! Women of Scandal


Women of Scandal pre-release happens today. I don’t think it will be in the bookstores for a couple of days, but it is available today here:!/Women-of-Scandal/p/65464960/category=3290197

I never thought I’d write a book with the word “scandal” in the title. That seems rather…well, scandalous. But this is the fourth book in the Crown of Creation series. It’s a quartet (for now) of study books that finds practical applications for women of God today in the lives of Old Testament women. The series began with Eve and is chronologically working its way through the Word. But these women of First Samuel and Second Samuel took this writer by surprise. The first chapter of this new book is about a woman who went into labor and died in childbirth upon hearing that her blasphemous husband had been slain in battle. The next chapter is about a woman whose husband tried to kill their son. Next came a group of singing woman, whose lyrics were so incendiary that they incited jealousy in the palace, which ultimately led to attempted murder. Chapter four was about a father who offered the hand of his daughter in marriage as  part of a twisted plot to have a rival killed. This was followed by a woman who sneaked her husband out the window to save his life and then placed an image under the covers in her bed. In the same chapter, you’ll find a man walking and weeping for forty-five miles in pursuit of his wife who is leaving him for her first and long-lost love. Women of Scandal was a title that just floated to the top in some extremely polluted literary waters. 

It’s one of the great blessings of my life to get to write about the Bible. It helps me sharpen my focus on heaven. But I cannot ever really take myself very seriously as a writer. After all, I’m just making some simple comments about the Book of Books—the one written by the finger of God. The very subject matter of my books (not to mention my own inadequacies) makes those books pale in comparison. My prayer is that Scandal will be something from which women of God today can read and learn; not something in which we will be involved. Scandal, after all, is the opposite of His peace that surpasses our understanding (Philippians 4:7).  

The first three copies will be complimentary and will go to Scarlet Mobley, to the library of the Maple Hill Church, and to Susan Brehm. All of these ladies participated in the Digging Deep podcast earlier this week. So if the three of you will email me at with your street addresses, your copies will be on their way!

May Women of Scandal be a small tool for His glory. May His people be tethered to His Will and scandal-free till He comes to claim His own. Blessings on your Bible study. It’s the most important reading of this lifetime!