Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: The Cake Was Blue!

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10353129_10152015737521384_7578742885594338706_nThe cake was blue and my Baby G is a boy! In honor of Him, some thoughts about mothers and their boys. Originally written for Caleb, but, today, it’s for Baby G. Happy Mother’s Day!

God Bless my Baby

God, give him strength as he enters our lives.
Give us wisdom as parents as each of us strives
To make for him places in our world to grow.
Teach us Lord. We’re so small.  There’s so much we don’t know.

God bless him as he to your wonders awakes.
Bless him, dear Lord, when his first steps he takes.
He’s so small.  May his scratches and bruises be small.
May my kiss make it better each time he may fall.

Help him to learn, Lord, just what he should know
To take him in life where you want him to go.
But in all of this learning, nay he never forget.
The One who has made him and walks with Him yet.

Give him courage when Satan first gets in His way.
May he stay near your word. May he fall down and pray.
May he put on you Lord.  That’s my most fervent prayer;
And for all of his days cast on you every care.

When the time comes, Oh God, that he must go away,
Help us to let go; but still hear us pray.
God , Bless our baby.  Look down from your throne.
Watch over him gently, for still he’s our own.

Give him shelter, dear Lord, from this world’s raging storm,
In a place where your love shines; a place that is warm.
Give him people to help him keep you in his life.
Give him one of your daughters, oh God, for his wife.

And one day may they know the joy I now feel,
Of a life yet unborn, but so precious and real.
May something I give him while still he is mine,
Make him know that all life, even unborn, is thine.

So Father, my prayer is for a life you’re now giving;
And, yes, for a soul that will always be living.
My task is so great.  I’m so small.  Help me see
That through Christ I can do it, for He strengthens me.


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