Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Order your Shirt/Hoodie before Midnight Tonight!

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I want to once again, thank the diggers for your patience. Only one of you has reported Glenn to PayPal for non-delivery. Hoping the rest of you will decide not to do that yet! He’s working so hard and those of you who have ordered books only (not t-shirts, mugs, etc…) should be receiving those any day now. Most have already received if you ordered on (or near)  August 19th. A phenomenal number of you ordered t-shirts this year and that’s great, but we are on our third shirt order. That’s a great problem to have, because shirts are fun advertisement for our great study, but your box may be waiting on a shirt. For that reason, I am going to try to go ahead and order (with our screen print company)  the LAST batch of shirts at this time. Please order your shirt or hoodie by midnight tonight, September 11th, from the website. If you already ordered your shirt or hoodie, please don’t reorder.

Your package could also be waiting on your mug. I expect those at my doorstep tomorrow (and I can’t wait to see this new color,) so hopefully we can complete all shipping this week. That would be so grand on our end, because we feel your “wonder-where-that-is?” and we want to reach out to each one of you. For those who are asking about first month’s assignments, don’t forget you can look at that on the free download in the store at

You will be seeing the dig-a-bits begin this week and there will be four of those monthly.Those are little audio blurbs about the study.  The first podcast will be on September 26th at 7 CST and we will be announcing then the podcast schedule for the remainder of the year. 

So hang in there with your shovel. (I’ve been making those bracelets and keychains, too! They are really pretty fun to put together.) Your stuff is coming and, as always, we are thankful for the kind of women you are. Your hearts and diligence are an amazing wellspring of encouragement in our lives. Frankly, when I (rarely, but occasionally) think I can’t go on putting one foot in front of the other, Digging Deep calls to me, both through the Word and through your encouragement and hunger for that Word and then I ask myself “Who am I to get to do this with these amazing servants of our infinitely more amazing God?!”  It’s a privilege for which I did not go looking, but a wide-open door that God put right in front of me. I’m so thankful.

If you are before the throne and can think of it, please pray for our family in the coming weeks. I am speaking so many times (24, I think) between now and the end of October and there are some other pretty large and looming responsibilities on the plate. I do know, though, that my cares are small when compared to some of yours and I am before the throne often in behalf of diggers. You make me stronger and heaven with you is going to be wonderful!

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