Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

More than a Teddy Graham and Blue Jello

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It’s one of the most frequently asked questions I see on sites for Christian women and one I hear most in groups of real live in-person Christian women, so today I want to share one newly discovered answer to the question: “Does anybody know of any resources with great ideas for teaching toddlers?

I do! I always answer with “anything from Palma Smiley,” (you gotta be great with kids with a name like Smiley!) but tonight, I ran across a site maintained by three good friends: Kim Scott, Sandy Thompson and Becky Welch. Can I just say they have as much creativity in their little pinky fingers as I probably have in my whole body?! While I am sure their ideas may sometimes be tweaked or adapted from something they saw somewhere else (I mean, who can copyright marshmallows or bananas?), their inexpensive, Bible-themed snacks and colorful re-usable take-homes are way better than anything packaged curriculum gurus ever dreamed up. So take a look at You’ll see all sorts of ideas that are affordable, adaptable and adorable. Most of all they are memorable. While kids are swallowing a teddy graham standing on blue jello, they are ingesting something far more important: the truth that Jesus walked on the water.

So kudos today to Kim, Sandy and Becky and to all of you Bible class teachers who are consistently going the extra mile to put the word in small people with big hearts. You are growing elders and deacons and soul winners.  You are training your grandchildren’s Bible class teachers.

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