Joy in the Morning

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“Let this cup pass from me, O Lord;
This burden is too great.”
But I learned perseverance
As He taught my soul to wait.

I was lost in all my blessings
And caught up in daily living,
But my cup of sorrow showed me
Truths in gratitude and giving.

I thought that I was in control
‘Til trials made me see
That I am nothing by myself;
It’s Christ who strengthens me.

I yearned for something better
With each sorrow that was hurled,
And found my hope grew stronger
For a new and better world.

So stripped of pride and earth’s stains
In this lifetime’s darkest day,
My soul had learned submission
And my heart had learned to pray.

My cup has changed to blessing,
But, O, let me ne’er forget
That until I bless another,
I’m not finished with it yet.

Let this cup pass, O Father,
But not until I drink.
In the stillness of the midnight
Teach me, Father; make me think!

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning…Psalm 30:56

Cindy Colley

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