A House that’s Truly Clean

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I’m not a clutter person…I put things away.
I constantly remind the kids…”It’s easier that way.”
“When every item has a place and every item’s in it,
It really saves a lot of time and we need every minute!”

I’m also big on hygiene.  “Be sure to brush and floss!”
Everyone has checkups, no matter what the cost.
Once the kids came home from school infested with head lice.
We quickly bought the remedy and did full treatments…twice.

The bed sheets are changed weekly.  The floors are daily swept.
The vanities are shining and the bedrooms neatly kept.
When the baby had a virus, I scrubbed and disinfected.
For other kids were in the house and they must be protected!

No raw meat on the counter, no raw eggs in the cream.
No drinking after others or swapping helmets with your team.
I take the baby wipes for our booth at Burger King
And we wouldn’t touch that toilet at the Y for anything!

But do I live a cluttered life in a more important way?
I mean, do I make sure there is time for God inside my day?
Do I save a place for him in conversation and in prayer?
When my children watch my schedule, are they impressed that he is there?

While I’m so concerned that they are clean, and getting good nutrition,
Am I feeding them the Bread of Life?  What of the soul’s condition?
I lose my sanity when they come home from school with lice.
But they turn on the TV and none of us think twice.

As all the world’s pollutants nestle snugly in their heads,
The lies, the cursing and filth remains, when I tuck them in their beds.
I kiss their sparkling foreheads and their freshly shampooed tresses,
I am not the least concerned about those mental messes.

The startling contradictions they must be thinking through
The difference in what’s said at home and what’s taught in Sunday school
The things that made Mom mad today, the things she rushed to do
And maybe even sadder still…the things Mom didn’t do.

We didn’t learn my memory verse. Our Bible time we missed
We didn’t check on Sister Smith, but she’s still on our list.
In fact I can’t remember if we even said a prayer.
Oh yeah, Coach said one on the field…at least we made it there!

Kids know the stuff you think is neat. They see what makes you tick.
They know when you missed Bible class, you really weren’t that sick.
They see what makes you happiest.  They wait for your applause.
They know when you are angry and they contemplate the cause.

And so they’re off to sleep, their teeth are brushed and clothes laid out
And Mom has just a moment to see what Daddy’s all about.
He’s glad to finally have a rest… a client made him late
He hasn’t had his dinner yet and, my, it’s half past eight!

He asks about that virus…if Timmy’s finally fit.
He asks about the practice…Did Johnny get a hit?
He talks about his business deal, the merger he controls.
He talks of money, men and might, but not about their souls.

He says, “Are the kids asleep yet?  You might want to close their door.”
I want to turn the TV up.  Tonight’s the final four!
He gets worked up at the referees, but when the game is done
He says, “Did you get my shirts starched?  I think I’m down to one?”

Clean shirts, clean cars, A clean bill of health.  It’s just the way we live.
We never stop to think of the impression that we give.
Those tiny hearts tucked into bed can see right through the clean.
They see misplaced priorities.  They know just what we mean.

So when I grab that Pine Sol to wipe up those greasy splatters.
I say a prayer that He will help me see what really matters.
To know that in the scheme of things, these messes are so small.
For if I’ve made a mess of living, I have lost it all.

I thank him for the blood that is the cleanser for my soul.
I pray for wisdom as I let His purpose take control.
It’s on the One who washes white as snow that I must lean
If I ever hope to live inside a house that’s truly clean!

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