Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley


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This past weekend I spoke in Florida on the subject of the unity of the sisterhood. It was a blessing to study this topic, a needed one in many of our churches. As I reflected, the evening before speaking, on what this wonderful sisterhood has meant in my life, I jotted down a few words that, when trailed together made this poem.


I could have lost my cool. He deserved a piece of my mind.
But instead I turned to a sister, for there I knew I’d find
A buffer for the hurt I felt…a quiet place to weep.
I knew she’d offer sound advice. My confidence she’d keep.
I almost did a worldly thing that I knew I’d regret.
That thing would still be haunting me, the thing I’d not forget.
But a sister took me aside that day and said, “Just think this through.
I know the pressure’s on, dear girl, but God is watching you.
The One who gave His son for you gives true security.”
It was a sister so protective of my purity.
A sister was there for my children when I was ill or grieving.
Another sister cried with me when a loved one stopped believing.

Sisters brought pies and fresh loaves of bread.
Sisters brought casseroles for crowds to be fed.
Sisters were watching my children in church.
Sisters to the rescue when I was in the lurch.
Sisters shared secrets and sisters sent cards.
Sisters sent flowers from out of their yards.

In all ways and all places, all ears and all heart;
For all curtain calls, they showed up for the part.
They eased all my ‘stressings’, helped clean up my ‘messings’.
They listened intently to all my ‘confessings.’
When I had no focus, they showed me a plan.
They gave me a purpose and helped me to stand.
But a sister’s a blessing that brings pain when she leaves.
The channels of comfort run dry. My heart grieves.
But new sisters are born again the day sisters go.
And new sisters need old sisters who love them and show
Them their worth to the kingdom, their purpose to be.
Sisters need sisters. Perhaps they need me.

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