Heaven Through Crayola Colored Glasses!

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This past weekend, I was privileged to speak for the ladies in Cary, North Carolina on the subject of “Packing for the Trip.” It was all about the things we might need on the trip, but mostly, it was all about our destination: heaven. Included in our great little program booklet were a few quotes from the crayola set in the congregation. I’ve changed the names, but I wanted to share with you some of their explanations of heaven and how we get there:

What is heaven?

“ Heaven is where God and Jesus take people to keep them safe.”…Joshua, age 5

“Heaven is a beautiful world where people that have died are—like my grandma.”…Heather, age 7

“Heaven is gold clouds.” Blair, age 7

“It’s the most specialest place I want to be at.”…Mariah, age 7

“Heaven is a good place where no one gets hurt or cries.”…Aaron, age 7

“Heaven is God’s kingdom; the place where there is no sadness, suffering and death.”…Marlie, age 10

“It’s a place where there is no worries.” … Yules, age 10

“It’s the place where you go if you are saved.”… Colby, age 10

“Heaven is a place where we go if we follow God’s commands.” … Valerie, age 11.

How do you get there?

“God takes us up into the clouds to get there.”…Sally, age 5

“ I don’t know how you get there.”…Heather, age 5

“ You get there by floating on a cloud.”… Blair, age 7

You get to heaven by praying to God, going to church and not staying home playing games.”… Mariah, age 7

“ We fly to heaven.” …Karli, age 7.

“We get there by obeying the Word.”…Garth, age 7.

“If we hear, believe, confess, and be baptized, we can go.”…Ellen, age 9

“ If you worship God, and He thinks you deserve it, he will bring you there.” … Alyssa, age 9.

“You get there by dying if you’re on time and you are right. (Ps. 8:3, Ps. 119:8, Is. 65:17, Mt. 5:18, Mt.24: 35, Mk. 1:10, Mk. 13:32, Lk. 15:18, Acts 4:12, Heb. 12:23)…Valerie, age 11.

Here’s the poem for the day. I hope you are making the journey!

The Journey

There’s a trip that I am taking to a sunny shore somewhere.
There are plans that I am making to be with someone who’s there.
I am packed and now departing, not another day to spurn
And I won’t look back while leaving, for I never will return.

There’s a path to travel upward that is narrow and a few
Who are looking for the same land will be pilgrims on it, too.
I have read that there’ll be times when I won’t see the way ahead,
But the Savior will sustain me while I wait, with Living Bread.

I will lay aside the weight of sin. Determined I will be
I will reach my destination where His glory waits for me.
With a will of iron I’m going, so don’t try to lure me back.
I am concentrating heav’nward, I will not be thrown off track.

There was once a path to travel up the Hill of Calvary.
And no journey I could make compares with what He did for me.
While my yoke is light, He bore a cross so I’d be reconciled
And His wounded flesh was nailed to it so I could be God’s child.

Now he waits for me beside the throne. For me, he intercedes.
He is pleading for my entry. He is touched with all my needs.
He’s prepared for me a table. There’s no evil I will fear.
For the valley’s darkness means the journey’s end is drawing near.

And I love Him for the journey.

Cindy Colley

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