Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

“If Mama Ain’t Happy”….Read it with me!

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I have not read this book yet…at least not all of it. I’m just like you…I opened it up, turned to a couple of the funny parts and belly-laughed with my husband as I tried to read aloud about the insanity of Lads to Leaders in the Opryland Hotel:

“It was just one of several programs throughout the brotherhood aimed at making leaders out of our little ones who flush our debit cards and leave the seat up. This worthy goal was inspired by the same guy who tried to construct a replica of the Eiffel Tower from mayonnaise. 

But we go along with it. We are convicted deep in our hearts by the idea that our coming will eventually result in the breakdown of communism in Cuba through our future generation, and by the fact that the rooms are half price for the weekend. 

If you don’t participate in a program of this type, let me urge you to, because there’s no way you can understand the dynamics until you’ve been there–until you too, have traveled three hundred miles with a sculpture of Elisha stuck in your hip, only to have someone fall on it and crush it as you round the hotel portico. “

I have not read it all. But still, I want to tell you that I recommend it. I know it’s author too well–so well that I’m a little afraid I may be the butt of the joke in one of the humor segments. But it’s the serious parts of the book (the bulk of it) that I really want to recommend. See, I know her family. I know her faith. But most importantly, I read daily the book from which she teaches. I already know her work will be deeply centered in the Word (All of the Publishing Designs books are faithful to the Book.)  If Mama Ain’t Happy will convict and motivate me to do His will. It will make me better. I already know.

I hope you can read it with me. You can get it at lots of places, but one place is from the author, herself. I bet she would even sign your copy!  Celine is at

Here are her other books. You should order all of them if you are new to her work. They are that good!

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