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Digging Deep Israel: Flights from Nashville Included

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It’s thrilling to see the list of travelers growing as we plan the Digging Deep Israel trip. I’ve been thinking about what our Lord said about marriage in Matthew 19 and Mark 10 lately. Every time I go to the Word now, I think about how his surroundings must have appeared.  I’m told that much of  the ancient areas we will see look a lot like they did when he was walking and teaching on this earth.

We have people now from Australia to Arkansas signed up for this trip. We have a doctor, a preacher or two, some students, some homemakers and some people who work in industry. We have people who are already knowledgeable about the area and people, like me, who know very little. We have four things in common, so far: We are all excited. We are all Digging Deep families. We all have current passports. We are all Christians!

That last one is the one that will make this fellowship sweet. It’s the same component, really, that makes the promise of heaven such a powerful motivator. Of course, with heaven, the sweetness is infinitely compounded because of Who will be in our presence in that great, eternal and truly HOLY land.

Have you got your passport in order for heaven? I’d love to help you do that!

Now about the brochure: There seems to be a discrepancy on there somewhere about whether or not the flights from Nashville to Israel are covered in the fee you pay. YES! Those flights are included. As you make plans, keep in mind that the flight to Israel is a part of the money you pay IN the package. Not extra. That’s a big expense and it is included in your package. Bible Land Passages has done its best to estimate the cost of those flights and they are generally very close in that estimate. So the cost may vary  by some small amount as we get closer to departure, but it should be very close to what the brochure states. Sign up before  August 1st if you’re a Digger or family member of a Digger! If there are extra spaces, we will open it up to other families at that point.

The Bible Lands! Go here to go there:

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