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First-time Huntsville Youth Event: Moonlight Madness!

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I know every mom reading this wants, more than anything, to be able to sit around the throne in eternity singing the song of Moses and the Lamb. And your next heart’s desire is to realize that throne experience with your children and your husband. That’s just the essence of Christian motherhood. 

It’s the small decisions throughout life that, day upon day and year upon year, make a collection of decisions that form a defense against the devil’s arsenal of temptation for your kids. Every single lie has to be addressed with firm discipline and every single temper tantrum with immediate negative results. Every worship service of your local church has to be prioritized and every decision about entertainment has to be made as the heart asks “What if Jesus were right beside me?”…because He is. Small compromises are the stuff of defeat. Little lapses are stolen opportunities which, when collected, result in eternal victories for Satan.

So intentional, purposeful righteous living is the recipe for triumph around the throne. That’s what this overnight youth event in Huntsville, Alabama in February is all about. It’s been put together by a 17-year old high school senior. His goals have not wavered. He wanted this event, Moonlight Madness, to motivate teens to be purposeful about decisions, bold in their determination to execute God’s will, and ambitious enough to see their plans for pleasing Him all the way through to the end of lives wholly given to Him. 

Jerry Elder and Abel Nicholas are speaking. Their hearts are in all souls, but especially the souls of teens. (And if anyone can keep kids awake all night for a rewarding reason, it’s these two.) There will be food, games and classes, too. And it just may be that some decision, some connection made or some influence garnered during this 11-hour event will have eternal ramifications. Remember, it’s the collection of good things that make great things for Him. Among other important things, it’s finding and attending events that can be catalysts for growth that can determine the nature of THE eternal event.

I recommend this event without reservation. So make one, now…a reservation, that is! You can find all the info here:  This is the official facebook page for Moonlight Madness Youth Event. The link for registration is:

 Your kids will love losing this night’s sleep! (They have a whole day out of school the following day to catch up. It’s a national holiday!) You, on the other hand, might be able to sleep a lot better on many nights if your collection is for eternity with Him. Whether it’s this event or others like it (sound and motivating), be intentional about your collection. The devil doesn’t lose his sinister battles for young souls while we take it easy.

Oh yeah…there are  t-shirts, too (that I love!).

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