Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

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It’s official. Statistics reveal that the use of pornography is as American as baseball and mini-vans. It’s a multi-billion dollar business. The 2006 revenues of the sex and porn industry in the US were bigger than the NFL, the NBA and the Major Leagues combined. Worldwide sex industry stats for that year show sales were at 97 billion. For a perspective, this compares with Microsoft sales of 44.8 billion that same year (Internet Filter Review/ But I don’t have to tell you this. You know someone (likely lots of “someones,”) who has been deeply affected as a part of what is arguably Satan’s biggest success story of this century. He leaves no stone unturned. Counselors tell us he’s getting 8 out of 10 college guys now and Christian Universities are not exempt. In 2006, 50% of “Christian” men admitted having an addiction to pornography according to a ChristiaNET poll ( Our preachers, elders, husbands and congregations are often hurting because of this amazingly potent and destructive addiction that, for too long, we have failed to address. Jobs are lost, divorces occur and eternal death is the victor in too many of these cases. Children, as always, are among the innocent casualties.

One of my assigned topics for a large Seminar Series called Polishing the Pulpit this year is “Helping a Loved One with a Porn Problem.” Here’s what you can contribute to help others who are in the grip of this evil mind master. If you have seen success through a particular program, would you email me and make me aware of your recommendation? If you have found a wonderful internet filter, would you also recommend that? What have you done to protect your teen boys from the danger of porn? Are there books or other resources that have helped you as a wife or mother to intervene and rescue? I want to be able to give as much information that’s truly helpful as possible. I do need your input within the next five days and I will, in turn, include these recommendations in an upcoming post. If I can be praying for someone you know who is falling prey to this insidious agenda of Satan, please make me aware of that, too.

You may post to my facebook page, email me or send me an anonymous letter (or signed one) to Cindy Colley, c/o West Huntsville Church of Christ. 1303 Evangel Dr., Huntsville, AL 35816.

Would you also pray about this class and all of the others at PTP? This large learning arena brings the potential for a phenomenal amount of widespread evangelism, growth and encouragement for God’s people. Prayer is key to maximizing this potential.

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