"Someday My Prince Will Come" – West Huntsville Purity Day

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One Sunday night, not too long ago, several of our teen girls approached me after services and wanted to know if I would speak for an event they had decided to plan. Well, how often do you get the opportunity to respond to the spiritual initiative of a group of teen girls these days? These teen girls are planning a purity day. They have planned a program, made invitations, designed t-shirts and flyers, made a huge wall mural, and planned food and decorations. They are hosting the event. I am just speaking. Well, I already had a fairly bulging speaking schedule for the months ahead. But do you think I was going to pass up this opportunity? Not when they tell me they want an emphasis on modesty. Not when they are trying to think of activities that will really help them grow. Not when their purpose is to help teen girls plan strategies to maintain holiness and purity. As long as there are girls who want to put this message out, I plan to do all I can to help them! In fact, they honor me by even asking. Most importantly, they are honoring God in their diligence to make this happen. Kudos, then, to Meredith, Jordan, Emily, Cara, Jessica, and Kristen. They are the girls who just completed the GIFTS program for Lads to Leaders; the study that sparked this event. And special thanks to Ellen and Bethany and the moms who are working, too, to make this day a success.

So we’ve all gotten busy and now it’s almost time. We’ve put the word out to as many as possible. Flyers were displayed at Horizons Camp at FHU and distributed at the Southern Evangelism Conference last weekend in Birmingham. We mailed out 120 to congregations and girls are passing them out at school and to their friends. We’ve promised free housing to out of town groups that come. We already have groups signed up from Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee. But in case you haven’t yet been invited, consider this your invitation. Make your reservations now. We hope to see you there!

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