Bless Your Heart

Sister to Sister: Another Chance (Part 2)

…And then there was this day in early August. It was a rainy day, but it promised to be a good day. I was on my way to pick up Maria for a Bible study. I had prayed that her heart would be open, that my words would be clear and translated correctly and that […]

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Digging Deep

Digging Deep In God’s Word

Digging Deep in God’s Word is a bible study for women by women. Where to begin

Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister: Another Chance (Part 1)

I’d almost forgotten about the sweet little lady who visited our services during the summer of 2014. I’ll call her “Maria”. Her home was in Mexico and her mother tongue (definitely her only tongue) was Spanish. She was in Huntsville for a few weeks visiting her daughter. She knew about our congregation through a recently […]