Bless Your Heart


Sometimes I find myself making excuses to God when I talk to Him….”Father please forgive me for failing to study Your Will for my life this week as I should have. You know it has been so difficult with all this company in the house.”…Or “Lord, I pray for Tricia. I know I should have […]

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Digging Deep

This week I am at a conference in Sevierville, TN that is just about as close to heaven as we are going to get in this lifetime. 3500 or so Christians worshipping, praying , studying and hugging each other in the hallways. People pouring out burdens to empathetic ears, singles “mingling” and playing games together […]

Sister to Sister


So many of the things that turn our lives upside down in a very damaging way are not really “wrong” things. The thing that turned Martha’s day in Luke 10 into a nightmare that’s still being rehearsed was not a “wrong” thing. Fixing dinner was a good thing to do… important, even. Just not as […]