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Digging Deep Audio – Great Escapes (Month 02)

Digging Deep in God’s Word is a Bible study for women with author and host, Cindy Colley. October is month 2 of the Great Escapes study. This month’s topic is Escape with Obedience. Click here to order or download a study guide. LINKS: Digging Deep in God’s Word Bible study for women Bless Your Heart Blog […]

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New Book: You Are A Theologian: Thinking Right About The Bible

You Are A Theologian: Thinking Right About The Bible is an introduction to God’s Word. In this book, the reader will learn about the nature of God’s revelation, how the Bible was recorded and the books of the Bible became recognized as canonical, and how the English Bible ultimately was translated through the centuries. The […]

Digging Deep

NEW: Finding Him

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Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister: Monkey on Board!

Tonight I showed my dad a couple of You Tube videos that feature the San Saba, the navy ship on which he traveled around the world during the second World War. Now, I’m pretty sure there must have been some momentous things that occurred as that crew delivered troops to shorelines, launching them in smaller […]