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(LAST CHANCE AT THE PRETTY PINK SHIRTS!…If you got to attend the seminar but didn’t get a shirt, we have a few left and are moving them out at only $3.95 each! That’s a bargain for a great evangelistic conversation starter, even if you didn’t get to attend! Order here) Leaping For Joy “But even […]

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Digging Deep

Digging Deep in God’s Word

Digging Deep in God’s Word is a Bible study for women by women. Where to begin

Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister: Do You Phub?

A neologism, by definition, is a newly invented word and one of the newest terms emerging this week in English is “phubbing”. To phub (from two words: “phone and snub”) is to give attention to your phone when you should be paying attention to a significant other…say, maybe your husband. To “phub up” a relationship […]