Bless Your Heart


So many of the things that turn our lives upside down in a very damaging way are not really “wrong” things. The thing that turned Martha’s day in Luke 10 into a nightmare that’s still being rehearsed was not a “wrong” thing. Fixing dinner was a good thing to do… important, even. Just not as […]

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Digging Deep

This week I am at a conference in Sevierville, TN that is just about as close to heaven as we are going to get in this lifetime. 3500 or so Christians worshipping, praying , studying and hugging each other in the hallways. People pouring out burdens to empathetic ears, singles “mingling” and playing games together […]

Sister to Sister


Rewards Of course, the big reward is heaven. If we can just make it to the throne…if we can sit around the throne of God with our spouses and our children in the New Jerusalem, singing praises to the Lamb…our marriages will have rendered the ultimate reward. But there are more immediate rewards of honoring […]