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We Could Accommodate a Few More–Digging Deep Israel/Rome 2022!

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Glenn and I made our flight reservations last night to Newark, NJ from which we will depart on October 31 for Tel-Aviv. From there we will travel though Israel and then spend a couple of days in Rome, Italy. We will not be learning Catholic tradition about what they call the “Holy Lands”.  We will be learning spiritual truths for our lives as we explore the places where the original teachings, miracles and suffering were experienced by our God—Jesus—when He was here in the flesh.  But there’s so much more!—The Dead Sea, Beersheba, Jericho, Chorazin, Magdala, Nazareth, the Jordan, and The Sea of Galilee. Glenn will be presenting devotionals along the way and MY favorite part: Interspersed Digging Deep lessons and a live podcast from the Sea of Galilee!

We could still accommodate a few more people. I think the price of under $5400.00 per person is likely as reasonable as we are going to find in the foreseeable future. I know that this trip is THE BEST one you could ever hope to experience. It’s all New Testament Christians and the teaching is pure and Biblical and practical. The fellowship is the vestibule of heaven and the singing—I cannot even describe. The price is pretty much all-inclusive except for your domestic travel to Newark and any gifts or souvenirs you would like to buy. 

If you’re worried about whether you are fit enough for this travel, let me just tell you that, as long as you can walk, there will be places at which you can safely sit and wait if the group is climbing a hill or traveling any rough terrain. Last time, we had several elderly people along who would not trade these 10 days walking where Jesus walked for anything in the world! The political climate is safe, the COVID restrictions have all been lifted, and the temperatures should be even nicer (cooler) than our previous trip. 

I always told my husband, if I could go anywhere in the world prior to my death, I’d want to go to the Bible Lands. I said I thought it would build my faith in THE ZION to which we all travel. But I had no idea just how much this pilgrimage would increase my longing for heaven. To think that I am going to get to go a second time is beyond my wildest dream. I hope there are a few more sisters who can make this happen this fall. If it is possible for you, it will be the absolute best trip of your lifetime. 

One more thing. If you’re someone (or a group of someones) who could make this trip happen for your pulpit preacher, I KNOW your local pulpit would be enriched by his travel with us. I have watched that happen with our own preacher. =)

Info is here:

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