Until They Know I Care

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Did some friend cross my path today
Who doesn’t know the Lord?
Someone who’s never known the Way
Of Life and His reward?
Did I tell her of the Savior?
Have I breathed her name in prayer?
Is there some way I could touch her?
Have I let her know I care?

Is there some friend who is growing old
With countenance forlorn,
For the tasks which once were simple
Are now burdens to be borne?
Could mine have been the helping hand
That pulled her from despair?
Did I take the time to lend it?
Have I let her know I care?

Have I looked into a lonely face
Whose eyes reflect the pain
Of a loss that left her helpless
To begin her life again?
As she searches for tomorrow
Some faint ray of hope to see,
She is reaching out for someone.
Could it be that she needs me?

Is there someone who is hungry?
Are there children to be fed?
There’s so much we take for granted.
Have I shared my daily bread?
In the faces of the hungry
Christ my Savior I can see.
For “If you did it not to them,
You did it not to me.”

We have found the Great Physician
For the ills that plague our time.
We can teach the world transcendence
To a life that is sublime.
But for eyes that see and arms that reach;
This must be my prayer.
For they care not that I know
Until they know how much I care.

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