Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Together: It’s what I’m Missing!

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I’m currently at a studio in East Tennessee hammering out a total of ten lessons for this year’s virtual Polishing the Pulpit. I want to be able to do it without masking up in between the sessions if I need to go and purchase a drink. I wish I could do it in the beautiful setting of the Smoky Mountains like we do each year. I’d love to hear some singing in between the speaking times. I wish there were lots of classes I could attend between the speeches I’m making. I wish these speeches were not so back-to-back-to back. Most of all, though, I’m wishing for you…for the faces, hugs, smiles, laughter, in-person prayers, and sit-down conversations of sister in Christ. It’s hard to keep on going without these big boosts that all of us need when we get TOGETHER.

“Together” is a huge encompassing blessing, the significance of which has eluded us in times of fellowship. The fellowship famine has placed a flashing neon sign in my heart: “This girl needs sisters!” Pray with me that it will not be long till we can go to worship and hug each other. Pray that it won’t be long till our children can all have classes and we can pass out snacks and they can stand in line for their sermon sheet prizes. Pray that we can pass communion and a basket for our offerings. Pray that we can shake hands and hold hands and chat up-close-and-personal all over our buildings. Pray that we can sit down in quiet places, grab each others’ hands and bow our heads and together talk over our challenges with God. Pray that soon we can have sisters in our homes for devotionals and that two of us can look at the same Bible or commentary as we together try to figure out a passage’s meaning. Pray, pray, pray. Email, Zoom, virtual conventions and drive-by parades have been fun, but they do not suffice for togetherness. Pray!

Yesterday, my one remaining fall ladies day was turned into a Zoom meeting. I can’t even tell you the mental grasping that I did at that moment for some simile of normalcy. Pray that one day soon, we’ll be planning, persevering, and praising hand-in-hand. We are better when we are together. Physical synergy is a real thing.

And, for now, let’s get every bit of the nourishment that’s in our limited meetings and in the virtual. Pray that these spoon feedings will tide us over. Pray for elders and leaders who are making very tough decisions. Just pray.

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