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Not Much Longer Now…

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I’m excited to have spent the morning proofing for the bajillionth time the study guide for Pure On Purpose. This series, a DVD series for girls and their moms, is all about making good decisions between 12 and 20—choices that are foundational to happiness and fulfillment during all the ensuing stages of life. I am prayerful that it can go into lots of young hands and play a role in strengthening our future families and in helping our congregations be sanctified. I pray that it will help moms look to the Word for wisdom in parenting their daughters and that it will enable girls to withstand the pressure that Satan applies so doggedly in our day through peers and the media. It includes six DVD lessons and 7 study lessons to go along with the films. It is a collaborative effort of Hannah, who is my daughter, and myself. We know we don’t have all the answers, but we are thankful for this chance to apply teachings from the one Parent who really does know it all. The DVD set is currently at the production company. I look for them on my doorstep any day now. The book is at the printer’s. Just a few more days on that, too. I will be all about letting you know when it’s available. You can find it at Here’s a blurb from a study of Philipians 4:8 found in chapter one:

Whatever is honorable:
The word honorable in this verse means grave, and/or
honest. It calls us to focus our minds on things that are
worthy of respect. It asks us to be serious about respect.
Can you think of things in your world right now that
would cause you to laugh about disrespectful things? I
can think of plenty of recent cartoons and television shows
that make light of disrespect to parents, teachers and
authority of all kinds. These programs are the opposites of
honorable. List some television programs that encourage
laughter at disrespect:

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