Thank God for Abby Johnson!

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Today I am thanking God for answered prayers.  I’ve prayed many times for the babies in America that find themselves in the most dangerous killing zone in America today: the womb. I’ve prayed that those in authority might hear the silent cries and answer with integrity rather than with greed. Thank God with me for the heart of Abby Johnson in Bryan/College Station, Texas. Abby had been the director for Planned Parenthood in that city for the past eight years. She heard the innocent cries, though, as she watched an ultra-sound of an actual abortion in which the baby actually moved several times attempting to dodge the instrument of death in the doctor’s hand. At that moment, in her conscience-stricken heart, she simply said “Never again.”

In the face of attempted restraining orders from Planned Parenthood, Abby has joined forces with the pro-life cause. You just have to praise Him for people who, like Saul on the Road to Damascus (Acts 9, 22), can see the light, and, upon so doing, can leave the work of killing behind and begin the work of saving. Thank Him for technology that allows us to see what is actually occurring in the womb during abortive procedures. Thank Him for the justices that still remain on the court who would like to see Roe V. Wade overturned. Thank Him that we can still let our voices be heard in editorials and rallies for life. Petition Him that the bill including additional abortion funding that just passed the House and now goes to the Senate will fail. Pray that the moral conscience of a nation that allows this national holocaust will be smitten, so that the killing can stop.  But don’t stop with talking to God. Use your voice in your community in behalf of those who are daily dodging sharp foreign objects in the womb. They cannot successfully evade the instruments of death until we become their instruments of life.
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