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Sister to Sister: Look at the FAQs!

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logoFAQsofLifeThe news of the day is that thanks to the Lord and His handmaiden, Jennifer Benavides, you can watch the FAQs of Life seminar as it happens. We will be streaming live from West Huntsville beginning at 7 p.m. CST this Friday night and beginning at 9 a.m. CST this Saturday morning. I am super excited about the 206 ladies who have registered. (At least a dozen of you have told me you are coming, but are not yet on the list…be sure you fix that at And, if you can’t come and enjoy the fellowship, here’s where you can watch:

Please remember our kids, the Giselbachs, as they are currently still en route to Iringa, Tanzania, Africa along with two men from the Cedar Springs church where they work. Due to some unforeseen circumstances earlier in the week, they had to reroute their trip to a new destination and point of mission at the last moment. Since communication with people in Africa happens when people in America should be sleeping, they are sleepy travelers. But we are praising God for the sweet Adam Evans family in Iringa. Brand new to the area themselves, they are welcoming the weary travelers and have gone the second, third and fourth miles to be sure this mission was not aborted. We’ve been blessed by the work of these soldiers before and this time they have stepped up to the plate in a way that is humbling to those of us who are still enjoying the comforts of home. We love them. You can read about their good work at They’re amazing. (And by the way, if you are still looking for a missions family to whom your children can write and to whom they can address little funds from small piggy banks during Family Bible Time, I bet this family would love to hear from them. I personally know that they have had some large and unexpected expenses this month trying to secure a vehicle for their teaching work.) Please pray for them as we are.

I’m excited that Brenda Johnson from Lads to Leaders ( will be with us this weekend at the seminar and she will have information about the brand new Keepers program for our girls. We’ve waited a long time for this program where older women teach our girls how to do some very practical things that fall in the category of keeping the home. I hope your congregation’s women can get involved. How can we be busy teaching our girls how to speak and sing and debate (all in the context of women- only groups) and memorize scripture–all wonderful skills for them to develop, by the way–but failing to teach this basic principle that is so expressly commanded in Titus 2:3-5? So glad the Keeper’s program’s day has come!

There will be AP tables, Publishing Designs tables and other book tables and, for those who asked, yes…the Book about the Holy Spirit (The Work of the Holy Spirit in Redemption, Franklin Camp) that we mentioned in conjunction with Digging Deep will be available. I can’t wait for the day, but I’m praying for a few more hours of sleep and study before it comes, all the same. My sweet husband took me to get a latte last night after Bible study and I forgot the word “decaf” when I ordered that thing. Was it that or was it that my kids were in the air that kept me up the entire live-long night? Well, they’re both little episodes that can keep you awake when you’re already too excited….That’s just the facts of life about the FAQs of life.

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