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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Ladies after Christ’s Example–L.A.C.E!…Register now!

It’s not often that I attach this blog to an event unconnected to The Colley House or to the West Huntsville church, but I am so certain that this one will be worth your time if you are a young women who is all-the-way-through striving to be all-in for our Lord, that I want to use any little influence I might have to promote this one. My friend Kinley Goodwin has worked hard, along with some helpers, I’m sure, to make this an event that will end in the ultimate salvation of souls. It’s a weekend packed full of evangelism training– it’s about what you as a young Christian woman can do to bring souls to the Lord. It will be powerful in doctrine and motivation. It will be what you are missing if you love Him, but have never brought another soul to be washed in His blood. I hope you will think about going if you are a teen girl. I hope you will think about getting your group to go if you are influential with young girls in your church. Here’s the info for registration:

It’s in Childersburg, Alabama, You might never have been to little Childersburg, but it just could be a small town stop on your way to glory! If  you only attend for the Christian fellowship, it’d probably be worth the trip. But it could be about a whole lot more than having a great time with godly people. It just might be about attending eternity with godly people. It could be all about your attendance around the throne… and bringing someone with you there!

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

You Could Spend a Lot More on a Girl’s Trip….But Why?

I know I am biased, but if you have not been to a West Huntsville Women’s Seminar, you’ve just missed out, so hoping you can make it on September 15th and 16th when we will be thinking about the Super Lives of Women of God. The thrust this year is encouragement to stay the course. We think this is timely in 2017. It’s tough when your husband is not a Christian, especially during the formative years of your children’s lives. It’s hard when your children are going through stages of unfaithfulness or rebellion. It’s difficult when the liberal agenda in our nation is shouting its empty rhetoric at your family or when even those who wear the name Christian do not always lend support to righteousness. It’s just hard. I need days of reflection on the  power that’s in the Word, enabling His women to overcome—enabling ME to win over Satan. This is the week’s end that can help you make it to the world’s end. It’s the retreat that can renew your spiritual stamina to persevere to the final rest.  I hope you can make it to this event. Remember, it only happens once every two years. 

Friday night will be our “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” It is sweet. It’s a bunch of God’s women being real and asking for the prayers that we know we need and asking for the blessings our families need.  We take them to the throne together. We’ve praised Him in years past for the answers to these prayers. We know effectual and fervent prayers avail much! This starts at 7 on Friday night. we’ll have snacks and lots of visiting then, too.

Then those who’ve traveled to come will be welcomed into homes of ladies at West Huntsville. We believe hospitality is a gift—a gift to those who get to offer it! So we hope we can fill up several homes with visiting ladies. We’ll do our best to offer you comfort and we look forward to that fellowship!

On Saturday, we’ll hear three lessons from Celine Sparks. You know her. She makes us laugh in every issue of Christian Woman magazine. But wait till you hear her in person! She will make you laugh, then, too. But she is one of my two favorite sisters (ha!), for a reason. She is able to take eternal concepts and make them so simply obvious, that you leave knowing where you’re coming up short in His service, as well as determined to be better for having come. She’s motivational….Not in the “let’s-all-feel-good-about-ourselves” way; but in the “let’s-all-do-the-right-thing” way. We’ll sing and praise and pray. And there will be childcare for those children age four and under during all of Saturday’s sessions.  Lunch will be provided on Saturday. 

There will be a book display with something for everyone furnished by Publishing Designs. Digging Deep materials will also be available. 

I guess there could be something you might do on Saturday that would be worth more to you than attending this event. But probably not. Bring some sisters and enjoy an inexpensive road trip to this spiritual spa. You could spend a lot more on a girls’ trip, but why? 

Register today at


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Holiness Is not a “Happening” Thing

unnamedHave you got your 2016 calendar yet? Most of you probably have had it ever since you got your smart phone. I’m old, so I have to still have that pretty one hanging in the kitchen, too.  But however you mark time, mark this! If you have or know a teenage girl and you live anywhere in traveling distance, you need to make plans to get your girls to Pulaski, Tennessee on this day. This is one road trip that will be worth the taking.

It’s January 30, 2016. It’s free and it’s all about protecting purity for the richest lives in Jesus that your daughters can possibly know. It’s about their future marriages…decisions they can make now that will make their “later” a whole lot better. Here are some specifics that you will want to know.

The location is Fairview Church in Pulaski, TN. There is no charge for any part of the program and there is even a free T-shirt for those who register by January 1st. (And, yes!…the shirts are for adults, too). All women who have any influence over any young girls (that’s all of us) are encouraged to come. There will be free housing for out-of-town guests. You can register for this housing, as well as for the event itself,  by emailing or by calling 931-309-8482. Breakfast and lunch will be served free of charge and childcare for young ones will be available. There will even be an activity for the younger girls during the most sensitive portion of the program about sexual purity.

The speaker for the day is Courtney Ruiz. I have heard her speak and you will not be disappointed.

Lesson titles and topics are as follows:

BeYOUtiful For Him!

1.Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (The Best Kind of Beauty)

2. Daughter of the King (To Whom Do You Belong?)

3. White as Snow (Sexual Purity and Modesty)

4. Is Your Apple Poisonous? (Dealing with Social Media)

I cannot take the time and space to extensively promote lots of programs at various congregations because our sisterhood is so rich with faith-building events. But this is one event in which I have been involved and for which I have a passion. It’s the kind of one-day event that can make a big difference in lots of days, in lots of lives. I’ve seen the fruits of such programs in specific lives, decisions and marriages.

One more thing: At the risk of being negative, I want to make this observation. I have seen far too many moms hoping their daughters will be chosen for homecoming court or MVP on the softball team, while giving little thought or attention to spiritual “extra-curriculars” like this upcoming purity day. It’s great when our daughters can excel in their wholesome pursuits in sports and at school. But if they find the greatest acclaim in multiple pursuits and lose their purity and ultimately their souls, all the trophies, positions, scholarships and friends in the world cannot begin to compare with the value of the lost commodity. It is extremely often that I hear a mother say, “I just don’t know what happened. Our daughter has left the Lord and our grandchildren do not even attend worship anywhere.”

That’s just the thing. What “happens” is that our children leave the Lord. That “happens” without much effort, with little thought, with minuscule planning. But faithfulness is not what “happens”. Purity never just “happens”. Holiness takes determination, work, teaching, traveling, planning and, especially during the teen years, it takes parental grit. Heaven doesn’t just “happen”.

You don’t HAVE to be at this day to put purity in the heart of your daughter. But you HAVE to be doing something. You have to have a plan. This day is a planning tool for those who can come!