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You Could Spend a Lot More on a Girl’s Trip….But Why?

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I know I am biased, but if you have not been to a West Huntsville Women’s Seminar, you’ve just missed out, so hoping you can make it on September 15th and 16th when we will be thinking about the Super Lives of Women of God. The thrust this year is encouragement to stay the course. We think this is timely in 2017. It’s tough when your husband is not a Christian, especially during the formative years of your children’s lives. It’s hard when your children are going through stages of unfaithfulness or rebellion. It’s difficult when the liberal agenda in our nation is shouting its empty rhetoric at your family or when even those who wear the name Christian do not always lend support to righteousness. It’s just hard. I need days of reflection on the  power that’s in the Word, enabling His women to overcome—enabling ME to win over Satan. This is the week’s end that can help you make it to the world’s end. It’s the retreat that can renew your spiritual stamina to persevere to the final rest.  I hope you can make it to this event. Remember, it only happens once every two years. 

Friday night will be our “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” It is sweet. It’s a bunch of God’s women being real and asking for the prayers that we know we need and asking for the blessings our families need.  We take them to the throne together. We’ve praised Him in years past for the answers to these prayers. We know effectual and fervent prayers avail much! This starts at 7 on Friday night. we’ll have snacks and lots of visiting then, too.

Then those who’ve traveled to come will be welcomed into homes of ladies at West Huntsville. We believe hospitality is a gift—a gift to those who get to offer it! So we hope we can fill up several homes with visiting ladies. We’ll do our best to offer you comfort and we look forward to that fellowship!

On Saturday, we’ll hear three lessons from Celine Sparks. You know her. She makes us laugh in every issue of Christian Woman magazine. But wait till you hear her in person! She will make you laugh, then, too. But she is one of my two favorite sisters (ha!), for a reason. She is able to take eternal concepts and make them so simply obvious, that you leave knowing where you’re coming up short in His service, as well as determined to be better for having come. She’s motivational….Not in the “let’s-all-feel-good-about-ourselves” way; but in the “let’s-all-do-the-right-thing” way. We’ll sing and praise and pray. And there will be childcare for those children age four and under during all of Saturday’s sessions.  Lunch will be provided on Saturday. 

There will be a book display with something for everyone furnished by Publishing Designs. Digging Deep materials will also be available. 

I guess there could be something you might do on Saturday that would be worth more to you than attending this event. But probably not. Bring some sisters and enjoy an inexpensive road trip to this spiritual spa. You could spend a lot more on a girls’ trip, but why? 

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