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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Don’t Forget: Three Wonderful Things…Yea Four! (Prov. 30:18)

Don’t forget your study routine! 

I know there’s so much to think about  this month. I hope you’re not forgetting to keep up with your Digging Deep study (or whatever study you do) for December. I think December is the month in which we lose the most diggers. Dropping routines seems to be the routine for this merry month.  It’s easy to lay the shovel down when our hands get full of shopping, getting together, traveling and entertaining; or, for some, weathering the winter while in poor health, being winter care-givers for loved ones who are struggling, or just trying to survive a season in which people are supposed to be merry, while you may feel like there’s not a lot to celebrate. December is challenging; but whatever the challenge, your year will end on a more hopeful note if you stay in the Word. 

I love December because of traditions, because my family comes to share those traditions and because the world somehow loosens its collective “tongue” about the Lord during the month when our world  of “Christendom” celebrates His birth, albeit mistakenly (since we do not know when He was born and since the Lord has not given us the go-ahead to celebrate the birth of Christ as a religious holy day).  It’s easy to find creative ways to promote conversation about the Lord with those who usually do not interject His name in conversation. I like that about December. 

Don’t forget the babies whose little lives are being rescued. 

If you did not read about the five little embryos who’ve been left in the freezer, but are now being given the gift of being placed in the womb of a Christian mother, I hope you will take the time to read. I know the parents who are choosing life, in this instance. I know the plans to bring these children up in a faithful home. I see the potential this situation has for eternal good. I have seen the power of prayer at work as I searched for a Christian home for these children. I am so thankful that my brother and sister in Christ said “yes” (after much prayer) to the huge proposition of taking these children.  I hope you will read and pray for them, whether or not you can help financially. I want to be clear that these parents did not ask me to help them fund this huge endeavor. Rather, I asked them–when I saw a need–if I could try and help. You can read about these five children and their prospective home here:  We are still about three thousand  dollars shy of the amount needed, so I hope your year-end giving can include this very special way to accomplish James 1:27.

Don’t forget to think of spiritual gifts you can give to those you love. 

It’s a great time of year to evangelize and to build up the kingdom by giving a book, a DVD, a new study Bible, or a Bible game for the kids. Several couples we know have given all of their elders a copy of “Awake at Night,” a collection of real problems churches today face and their potential solutions.  Spiritual  gifts keep on giving.  Spiritual gifts given to shepherds can have a multiplied influence on the whole church. 

Finally, don’t forget to enter the Christmas contest. 

(This one’s not as important as the others, but still, you could win some of those spiritual gifts.) Deadline is December 18th and you can read about that here:

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Think Thankfulness. Think Souls.

While I’m certainly always on the bargain bandwagon, it does make me a little sad that many people I know are all about “two more days till Black Friday” instead of how much we have for which to be thankful. I get it, though.  It’s an American business phenomenon that’s even become part of a bigger holiday family tradition for lots of turkey-stuffed families and I can’t unduly criticize that kind of frugal fun; especially if the frugal fun includes a shopping list for those who find themselves suddenly without work, without shopping funds, without family members or without health this holiday season.  I know plenty of Christians who are constantly on the ready to help in these situations at holiday time and at all times of every year. I stand amazed at the family of God in times of crisis and hopelessness and I’m blessed by witnessing service by the second, third and fourth-mile-servants among us. 

I hope you have someone for whom you plan to do something out of the ordinary this holiday season. I hope each avenue of giving  to which you’ve committed has a soul (or more) as the bottom line; at least indirectly, if not directly.  For some of you, it’s a family member who needs lots of extra time and attention this year…someone who is just trying to make it till heaven is home. For some, it’s a teaching school or organization that ministers to souls and stands in need of funding to complete a mission.  For some, it’s a co-worker who has just found out her position is part of a downsizing elimination. You know that she may be open to the gospel at a time of her realization of dependence on God.  For some, it’s a child who is part of a school holiday meals program. All of those young souls are innocent and need to be reached. Sometimes filling hungry stomachs in our communities can put the name of the Lord’s church in places where that kind of recognition opens evangelistic doors.  For others, it may be a hard-working student in need of tuition funding to complete a degree in preaching or ministry. 

If you don’t have a plan yet, I hope you’ll remember the godly family who’s trying to adopt the five little embryos that have currently been saved in the freezer. This particular work is a pretty direct line to evangelism. While I did not identify them (and I will not, for the security of the children), I know them and I know that their provisions for these children (all of whom may live to birth and beyond) will be everything that godly parents can provide and I know that spiritual provision for eternity will be the most important focus of their parenting. Further, I’m certain they are only needing and allowing me to ask for a small portion of the cost of embryo adoption and implantation, most of which has been donated by a few other Christian families or they have worked to save themselves. They are hard workers, both in their profession and in their congregation of the Lord’s church. Children who grow up in their home will be blessed.  You can read about them here:

And if you can help, any small amount is a bit of sacrifice to God’s work in little souls that you can feel good about—confident in the impending lifetime work of getting them to God’s throne. The small  “two talents”  you’re able to give just may turn into four (or more) if invested here.  At least you will know you invested instead of burying (Mt. 25:14-30)! 

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping, too.