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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep Reaches 9K!

Congratulations to Allison Gray who, a little earlier this week became the 9000th member of Digging Deep! This is way beyond amazing to me. Eleven years ago, when we started with 12 members and providentially left the flood gate open, who would have thought? God’s way are higher than ours and His thoughts are beyond our mental capacities (Is. 55:8,9). He is simply glorious. He has given us every member, every study guide, every new Christian’s baptism, every podcast, every avenue of information. He is the Giver of all good gifts (James 1:17). Will you praise the Giver with me today?

With a little stalking, I think Allison may be from Memphis, TN. She was invited by her friend Lori (but there are 41 Loris in Digging Deep) Allison, in answering membership preliminary questions, says she loves to worship anywhere. I like that. I do, too. If you know Allison, welcome her! Tell her to private message me her address and I will send out her prize package, including the current study guide. Here’s what she will get (The value of the package is $60.00):

Speaking of the current study guide, I hope you are digging into the study of the Spirit this month already. It’s rich and has always been a helpful study to me in “handling aright the word of truth.” It’s a month that will bless years of future study, if God gives them to you.

(Within the next few days, we will be making a final decision about Israel in October/November of this year. If you have registered, let me know privately if you would prefer going ahead with our fall plans for 2022, even with all the vaccine-or-quarantine requirements or if you want to reschedule the DD trip for 2023 when it’s very likely that the requirements will be much relaxed and you can go without a vaccine or quarantine. Your input is appreciated if you are registered.)


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

John Robert is an Early Bloomer! (and other pertinent stuff)

The travel to Indianapolis to speak to ladies this weekend was a gift. God’s good like that. Sometimes the blessings at home are large, but become obscured by my weak human mind in the midst of everyday life’s stresses or the common discouragements that we all face at times. I got to go with my favorite person on the planet to a place where the high today (Saturday) was 71 degrees. (Sorry for your heat advisory this weekend, Huntsville people.) I’ve never seen a congregation that knows how to do hospitality better than those friends at Shelbyville Road. Even as we hurried off to the airport, Mrs. Lois handed us Chick-Fila cards for our lunch-on-the-run. That big bag of hotel goodies and snacks was something else, too. I loved it, but I cannot eat chocolates at 4 pm and almonds at midnight every day, for sure! Family in Him is always far better to us than we deserve! We are constantly indebted to many for much. 

Some have been asking about the prices for the Digging Deep materials/swag that will be introduced at PTP Spark on August 23rd. Some of you have told me you’re planning to take home enough to share with all the sisters in your congregation. We have none of it in hand yet, but all has been ordered and promised by Spark-ignition on August 22nd. 

Here’s what we will have this year:

Study books ( deluxe spiral bound): $17.50 each

Bundle of six or more study books: $16.50 each

Study books (downloadable, printable): free of charge

T-shirts (Comfort Colors): $18.50

Long-sleeved hoodies (sweat shirt type): $29.00

Book and T-shirt bundle: $34.00

I hope this is helpful. 

Speaking of PTP Spark…We will close the registration on August 14th. ( We’ve had a great response and have already changed our Sunday potluck to an express bagged take-away lunch because of the bulging crowd. That’s a great problem to have! Our kids’ classes are filling quickly and the excitement in our diggers is perhaps at an all-time high. We hope you can come! Our outside speakers are exceptional (and so are Lisa, Lindsey, Emily, Carol, Holly and Glenn Holmes! =) We have even named one of Spark’s guest speakers after the event, itself…Celine Sparks! Come on! Bring a saucer, because your cup will overflow! Don’t forget to email Shannon and Sophia Bond ( if you want to make a cute plaid pumpkin (pictured here) while you enjoy fellowship with other Pumpkin artisans. 

One more of the most amazing things I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. John Robert Moon, at five days old attended all sessions of our marriage seminar this weekend and he lives a couple of hours from Indianapolis where the seminar occurred! (Talk about planning ahead! He should be all ready by the time he’s choosing a spouse!) He attended worship last Sunday morning in-utero while his mom was beginning labor for his delivery and he has already attended one additional gospel meeting in the middle of this week since his delivery. Okay! I simply stand amazed! I got to hold him for a few minutes, play with those little still-blue-ish toes and search for an escape route to sneak him away with me! Alas, I did come home without him. I love cuddling blessings so fresh from God!

Israel is still on for November of 2022. Diggers only may register for that trip during the remaining months of 2021. (… Dates are kind of confusing perhaps on this link, but the trip is an AUTUMN trip.)  Then we will open that up to all Christians. It’s an amazing trip. I mean, it’s the best I’ve ever heard of in Israel…and ROME, this time! Imagine Israel without denominational or Catholic trappings…just worshipping and learning with fellow Christians! Blessings on all your plans for Him! In all your plans acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Good Morning…and Welcome to “Glory”!


Glory starts now! I feel like we are, once again, after intensive labor, giving birth to a baby. It’s exciting to see how she will grow and where she will go. It’s surely not too late to invite a friend to do the study with you. Whose life would not be enriched by taking a few hours, at her own pace, each month for a year, concentrating on the glory of our Creator and Sustainer? And which of us should not want to give a little time, for the next year, in the quest of fulfilling the purpose for which we were made—to glorify the Source of our lives? I don’t know about you, but when I think, this morning, about the good man beside whom I awoke, about the children and grandchildren that are the tentacles through which I get to influence more broadly, about the relative physical safety and plenty with which I’m able to do my work and live out my days; but most of all, when I think about the place to which I’m going when they are all “lived out,” I conclude that no amount of time invested in His glory even approaches enough time. I know our list of great blessings varies from sister to sister, but surely we all have an inexhaustible one!

I want to welcome scores of new women to the study. It makes me smile each time I notice that someone’s been added or that someone new has dowloaded or ordered the study. Welcome to every woman who’s new and welcome back to every one who’s a veteran digger.  A special shout-out today to those who have been along for the entire nine year ride. I’d love to see you all (nine-year veterans) comment on this thread over on my personal facebook page. It would be interesting to know the names of those who began the initial study with us back in the year 2011.  A big shout-out to Pam Christopher and Cathy Swanson who have COMPLETED every single portion of every single year’s study. There may be others, but I am aware of only these two.  

Next and most important today: All veterans need to be extremely aware that newcomers have not studied along and grown in every area as you have done during past studies. There are women, from all stations in life who may not have not been exposed to the same good teachings to which you have been exposed. There are women who are joining us from many different religious backgrounds, as well. All of us must remember that the eternal souls of those who study along may very well be impacted by this study of His glory. Therefore, it’s key that we proceed though the study with extreme courtesy, kindness, gentleness, patience and love (Wow…I think these are fruits of the Spirit!); especially now,  as we launch into this year’s study. We will never compromise truth from His Word, but we will use wisdom as to when and how we deal with controversial subjects. We are not afraid of them, because we have the final Word of the Holy Spirit as the foundation of our study. He has given us clarity in all matters of salvation and has given us liberty in all matter of opinion. But let’s all be very careful in responding to those who may be joining us for the first time. Let’s not discourage their continued study by assuming they should know everything we’ve studied over the past nine years. Truth will emanate from the Word as we go along. But it will not do any good in the lives of women who have become frustrated at the very beginning of the study by those who might have been sharp or impatient with ladies who are digging for the first time. Let’s remember that we want them to hear the Lord say the words of this article’s title one glorious day: “Good morning!…and welcome to glory!” 

Once again,  here’s the link you need to get started:

I’m in daily  prayer that our direction and focus will be just where He would have it to be. (any woman who joins the study before October 15th will have plenty of time to catch up and be with the group, but get as many as you can to jump in now!)

Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen (Philippians 4:20).

 If you have further questions, post them on the “Digging Deep in God’s Word” FB page. No question is silly. (Tech people would have given up on disseminating this DD material long ago if they were not extremely gracious to people like me who are way behind the curve!) Most of the time, someone else will be helped by the answer to your question.

And for any new person who’s wondering “How do you even know if you are getting the answers right?”…the ladies in the group are so good to help each other and I try to be watchful, also, to help clarify when it might be unclear exactly what’s  the “right” answer. Sometimes, there’s no right answer  and all of our answers will be different. The podcast, at month’s end, is also useful in helping us all be on the same page. That podcast is always archived, so you can watch later, if you can’t join us live. It’s also always posted on the DD facebook page for ease in finding.   I’m in daily prayer that our direction and focus will be just where He would have it to be.

(Any woman who joins the study before October 15th will have plenty of time to catch up and be with the group, but get as many as you can to jump in now!)

Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen (Philippians 4:20).

(photo credit: Rebecca Jenkins Richardson)

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

For the Diggers: Addendum for Question 13–The Song of Moses

For Month 4, question 13, Let’s rephrase the part of the question about the heart of Moses. Let’s notice that God asked Moses to write this song in chapter 31, verses 19-21 and that this song, written by Moses, was to be a testimony against Israel when they would later encounter evils and troubles because of faithlessness and rebellion. Moses was called on to write this even as Moses knew his life was ending in a way that was utterly disappointing, personally, for himself. This song was among the last of the words of God given to the people of Israel through Moses. We know, also from chapter 34, verse 7 that Moses was not weak and sickly when he died. He COULD have lived on to see the promised land, had he not failed to sanctify God at the waters of Meribah (32:51) when the children of Israel clearly had provoked Moses by their rebellion (Numbers 20:10). Now look at Deuteronomy 32: 1-19. Notice that Moses, in these first 19 verses, is talking through inspiration ABOUT God and his disappointment with a rebellious people. (God doesn’t start speaking, in the song, until verse 20.) With all of this in mind, look at chapter 31:24-30 and describe what was in the heart of Moses as he got ready to die. As we describe his heart, let’s be painfully aware that rebellion, on the part of the people was the burden Moses was carrying to his grave. It was the factor that had tempted him to sin at Meribah. It was behind the sin that kept him from entering Canaan. Let’s also be thankfully aware that he was going to a place where all frustration and provocation by a rebellious people was gloriously absent. When we meet Moses next on the mount of transfiguration in Matthew 17, he was talking to the One who is victorious over all enemies who would rebel (Acts 2: 32-36). Finally, notice the words of another song– the joint song of Moses and this victorious Lamb in Revelation 15:3,4. Putting all of these passages together, in your own words, describe how you believe Moses was feeling as he penned the song in Deuteronomy 32. This is a thought question and all of our answers will be different, but we surely get a flavor of his frustration from the words of the song that are contained in verses 16-19 of Deuteronomy 32.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Temporary Digs

Much is happening and very fast this week at The Colley House. It’s just two days till the official beginning of “Authority”, the study that’s been wrapped around my mind since last March. I hope that it is as helpful to your walk with Him as it has already been to mine. I just have a new and keener awareness of the importance of resting under His authority. It is very comforting to know I can say and teach counter-cultural things without fear IF there is His Word on the matter, or even if there is a necessary application of His Word that pairs with a sense of smallness and submission to Him. The study has already made me think a lot about why we would ever want to try and see “what we can get by with”—in worship, morality, marriage, etc…instead of just saying “How can I rest in the assurance that I know I am doing His Will?” For me, it has already tweaked my thinking, giving me assurance that I can know and do His will, IF I am humble before it. Therein lies the challenge, of course. I am praying that the study gives us spiritual muscle for that challenge. Isn’t it “funny” that we need spiritual muscle to submit? It seems like submitting would just be resting and letting Him take control. But, as you know, submission is harder than resistance when we live in this fallen world. (The details are here:

TEMPORARY is the watchword when we think about this old world. So let’s dig into the Word. Let’s dig all the way to the unbroken, not-fallen, ever-standing, world around the eternal throne! I hope lots of you are with me on the Authority study. But it’s okay if you’re not…as long as you are in the Word. 

Exciting times at Caleb and Bekah Colley’s house, too. I know you have been watching our new Maggie grow. After all, what else would you be doing when somebody that beautiful is rolling through your news feed? But my amazing daughter-in-law birthed  a baby and a book in the same week (and my son delivered both!) Her chat  rooms for your teen girls are just about to begin and you can find all the information about that here:  The book is “Tracing Him” and it does a good job of just that—all through the eras of time. It’s strength for the spirit of any woman of any age, but your teen girls are going to love the online interaction and activities. Young souls will be growing toward heaven and getting ready for their own parenthood and positive kingdom influence. 

Last, but maybe most exciting, is what I’m hearing about everywhere I go. (Okay, I go to worship a lot!) Guys are getting excited about the men’s brand new, first-time Digging Deep study:  “The Gospel from Ground Zero.” Caleb is its editor, God is its author, and I have never seen so many busy men wanting to take time to grow in the Word.  Watch for details THIS weekend here: Praying for whatever His will is for this small DD seed that Caleb and brethren are planting as this study begins. 

It’s a bustling time. My kitchen looks like a postal scene from “Miracle on 24th Street” or that one scene in “The Santa Clause”. The lady at our little Ryland post office, Mindy Falzone, is undaunted as Glenn backs up the SUV to her door to unload. She’s the best. 

God is REALLY the best. I’m so glad we get to do fun things like DD to be a little tiny part of growth in His body on this earth. One day we will be through digging for answers—about Abraham or David or Paul or Peter— and we’ll just ask around for the answers.  Around the throne. 


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Digging Deep 2018-2019: You Could Do This with Us!

On Tuesday, August 21st, from Polishing the Pulpit, we will kick off our 8th yearly Digging Deep Women’s Bible study. We are excited that we expect, by that date, to have upwards of  6000 women in our Facebook group. We know, of course, that not all of those women are studying along, but indications are that a healthy percentage of them are plugged in. What an encouragement comes from groups which are meeting to study all over this country and in several other parts of the world! We have many who tune in for the live monthly video podcasts and others who prefer the shorter weekly audio podcasts we call “Dig-A-Bit.” Some women download the free study while others prefer the notebook. We are excited to be preparing that spiral bound study guide again this year. The topic for 2018-2019 will be reserved for the kick-off day, but you can join us on that day for the live podcast as we begin a new study. It’s a great time to jump in. We have three more months of our study on “Great Escapes”. This month (June) is a study of the one escape that was not in the plan. Our Lord could have escaped from the shame and pain of Calvary, but He chose to stay on that cross before that mocking crowd. You can still download that study here: You’ll be richer if you give the study a go, even if just for one month. Make this month your trial month and you will appreciate Calvary more by the end of June.

Below is a tiny preview of one little part of next year’s study. We’d love to have you become part of Digging Deep. You don’t have to be a part of this group to go to heaven. But you have to be in the Word. It’s the roadmap, of course.

This snippet is part of one of the monthly intros for next year. Following the introduction, we delve into the Word, following an outlined plan,  searching for key phrases, examining meaning, and taking life lessons for ourselves and our families. I hope you’ll think about joining us. You can be part of a local group if there’s one in your area. But hundreds of women study along with us all by themselves, having no others in their area who are involved. Here’s the sneak peek:

Perhaps the sexual revolution of the 1960s was the result of a national pride before God…an attitude that acknowledged our “own” achievements in fields of science and technology, our recent victories in world wars and our place of dignity as a world power. I know that this oversimplification doesn’t explain fully something so complicated as a moral revolution, but, the middle of the 20th century found school children being told, even in schools where God’s existence was still not yet being denied, that “You can do anything you want to do and you can do it your way.” We were told that each individual decides what is right and wrong for his/her life. We were told that human achievement was in an evolving state…and that we should question the time-honored values that our grandmothers had taught us. We were told, especially, that successful women of the future would not be interested in being at home with their children. “There are far more interesting things to do with your life and there are far more important contributions you can make to society than those your grandmothers have made by raising children.” I know. I was there. The books they had us read and the projects they had us complete were pulling us along to intellectual “freedom” which spawned a feministic, sexual and moral revolution. It was a revolution in which walls were being battered and collapsing under a revolt that was a rejection of the moral code of the Bible. 

The first recognizable wall that was obliterated was the time-honored moral law that sex should be reserved for marriage. This happened quickly. I can remember when my classmates, in a progressive college-preparatory high school in Birmingham, Alabama, went on a senior trip following graduation. It was shocking for me to hear about all of the unfettered sexual activity that had occurred on the beaches of Gulf Shores that spring by kids whose parents were church-going, community leaders in suburbs of Birmingham. These children came to middle and even high school with moral codes that had been eradicated by the time of graduation. It was 1977 when we graduated and many in my class had read and reported on enough Vonnegut and Knowles, Steinbeck and Woolf, to have become “enlightened” with the help of popular television that had begun to make us laugh at sexual humor, (as in Happy Days, which seems innocent compared to today’s fare) and to make us believe that people who saved sex for marriage were languishing behind the times in a pitiful minority of the sheltered. High school teachers in this academically advanced school were big proponents of “finding your own way” by challenging the norms of formerly accepted moral codes. And then, it was also during my high school years that we stopped reading the Bible and saying the model prayer in the mornings at school. Further, some really funny and popular guy had actually grown a little marijuana garden out beside the sidewalk in back of the school building; so they made their own little smoking area at the school, to further dull the moral senses. (I mean besides the big smoking area at the main building where all the kids could go to smoke cigarettes with the full sanction of the administration.) Life had changed while I walked those halls. Let’s examine how God would have weighed in on the sexual revolution, and its attendant revolts in the mid-seventies had His voice been heard at all. (Remember, in 1977, we had never heard of AIDS, but God already knew about it, for sure. In 1977, we had heard rumblings about abortion and some court case in 1973, but most of us had not heard of anyone who had considered it and we certainly had not heard of a clinic that provided abortions all day long. We did not know what “transgender” even meant, but God was ahead of that game, of course.)

And here’s a sample from the questions for that particular month.

  1. Read and search I Corinthians 5 for the two-fold purpose of the “deliverance to Satan.” Write this purpose here:
  2. What Old Testament observance was referenced to encourage the Corinthians to get rid of the leaven of sin (in this case, fornication) that was occurring (and being celebrated, to an extent) in the church? Read Exodus 12 and look for the verse that pronounced the punishment on the one who ate the leaven during the time of the first passover. (In reading about this, I noted that commentators stressed that Jews used candles to actually search their homes in subsequent Passover feasts to be certain that there was no leaven in their houses.) How might this affect our thinking about the sin we may be ignoring in our own lives?

There you have a small portion of one of the monthly lessons for the upcoming study. We’ll begin this study on September 1st. Why not go ahead and give the study a trial preview for the month of June? ( If it’s a growing experience, you might want to begin the 2018-2019 study with the worldwide group in September.  You may find it fits your walk with the Lord. Every woman studies at her own pace. It’s okay to do as much or as little as you can during any given month. But whatever part of the study you do will change you for the better…because it is the powerful Word of God, that’s sharper than any two-edged sword.