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Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Heaven’s Hearing

Just a couple of things: Tomorrow is the deadline for the holiday contest. Read about it here and get your ideas in: ( This is going to help some new moms who are watching for your responses. I’ll publish the best ones! (I spoke with a mom of new twins last week who is really looking forward to reading your ideas!) We’re helping kids go to heaven through Digging Deep in several key ways! You can be a big part of this. 

Next: Some are asking about details about the March for Life trip. They are here: ( We’re still planning to go if things remain as they are now. We have a good crew and I am especially looking forward to our DD time together at the Alexandria Westin in Olde Town. The main thing you need to know is NOT to call the hotel to make your reservation. Make that with me by January 10th! We’re making matching hoodies for the group at a special price (No one will make any money on these, sold to those who are going!) I’ll put the info about those up soon! We have a cute design already in the works. They WILL be available for a very limited time to those who are not attending, but for a slightly higher price.  Come on and represent DD at a great event!

Finally, know that I am praying hard for your families this holiday season. It’s very hard for some of you who will be missing some very important people around your tree. I’m thinking of you, especially as I pray. There are some of you who are suffering with pain like I’ve never experienced. Cancer is a horrific burden, as are other diseases and physical and emotional maladies. There are many of you who are dealing with the fall-out that comes from a pandemic with which we are, in no way, finished. It’s not always those who have the disease who are the burden-bearers. I’m especially concerned for those who are separated from elderly loved ones who are needing family more than ever. Lastly, there are many who are suffering spiritual losses among family members. You’ve cried and prayed and walked a difficult line of influence and caring. You are sad beyond words that those you love have walked away from Him. I’m praying for you, too. 

Some of these things would be excruciating—unbearable, really— except for the cross. Because he walked there, we can walk in hope, here. I’m praying. He’s interceding. And heaven is in very close proximity to those who trust in that refuge. 

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

“I’m struggling with all of this…”

It’s difficult not to be discouraged right now. Cases of Covid in our churches are on the rise and we see real footage of suitcases hidden under tables, supposedly full of ballots in Georgia. We start to lose faith in the credibility of things that are important in our lives. We’re short on hugs and smiles and, sometimes, the angst from that shortage is almost a disease within itself. Meanwhile, all the diseases of all recent years just keep on marching into our families, communities, and congregations….And the devil is not quarantined. He’s busy spreading spiritual disease. In fact, he’s more unmasked than ever!

It’s important to spend time focusing on the ONE thing that cannot change for the worse. We have one thing that really does matter. Our Digging Deep exercise last month from Romans 5 is helpful in putting that in perspective. How is our salvation (that ONE thing that eclipses the short-term, come what may) described in that chapter that’s brimming with comfort and peace?

Justification by faith

Peace with God

Access by faith onto grace

Justification by his blood

Salvation from wrath

Reconciliation with God by the death of His Son

Salvation by the life of His Son



Free gift

The Grace of God

A gift by grace, by one man


An abundance of grace

An abundance of the gift of righteousness

Justification of life

The making of righteousness


Eternal life

I still have all of this! Even if I die, I still have all of this! It’s important to be in the Word because that’s the source of the antibody against depression. Don’t feel bad about having the blues right now. I think all normal people are mentally and/or emotionally struggling. But constantly reminding ourselves of Colossians 3:2 is empowering to Christians. Focus on light is everything when we walk through darkness. Our dear brother, John Moore, added, as he realized the gravity of a near-death experience and gave thanks that his life had been spared, “but the alternative would have been good, too.”

We always have an alternative. And it is a great one.

Set your mind on things above, and not on things of the earth.   Colossians 3:2


Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The River Clapped its Hands.

I was just so tired of looking at masks instead of smiles. My kids who live close enough for me  to ever see them anyway, were all in quarantine. I didn’t even want to drag out the Halloween jack-o-lanterns and garlands and goblins because nobody is ever going to be coming over. Every time I opened my laptop, I’d feel just a little worse after looking at the news. The counseling Glenn and I were doing—talking, really —was about heavy things that were hard to get out of my mind once the conversations were finished. Some people seemed bound to make decisions they are bound to regret once the pandemic and national tension are over. Sometimes, I was pretty sure attitudes in the grocery store had also been affected by the negativity in the world at large; there seemed to always be tension there, but never any Clorox wipes. People I knew were in the hospital and I could not visit them. Sisters I knew had been diagnosed with Covid and, worse still, others had been diagnosed with cancer. (These last observations should have been enough to stop me cold in my “pity party” tracks, but I persisted.)…I had geared up to speak a whole bunch of times this year and every single speaking engagement of 2020 had either been canceled or I was speaking it into a camera in an empty studio room. There were never any encouraging, in-person faces; and if there were, I could not see past the masks. We’d mailed out hundreds of packages and about one out of every five was lost in transit. Glenn, in cleaning up after a family birthday party, had jerked on a birthday balloon I’d taped to the candelabra (back before all the kids were quarantined) and he jerked the whole fixture down, so I had a dangling broken light fixture above my dining room table. Stuff was broken in the little Digging Deep studio, too. Mornings would find me determined to accomplish a check-list. Evenings would find me moving most of today’s to-do list to tomorrow’s page. At night before falling asleep, I’d read about some city (or forest) where fires were ragIng, because of natural forces or because of forces of racial and vitriolic unrest. I really was wallowing in the national pandemic of discouragement. 

My husband suggested that we go away for a few days. “We NEED to do this, Cindy,” he’d say almost every day. “Our bodies and minds need to rest.” I was less than thrilled, arguing that this is not a good time to travel. “I just got home from a necessary trip”… “Things will be closed. We are in a pandemic.”  But I tried to be compliant.  I checked out flights  to New England to look at the leaves, but apparently they don’t want people from Alabama to look at their leaves this year. That little trip would have required a couple of weeks of quarantine and temperature checks upon arrival, etc. So we just pointed the car in a southwesterly direction and ended up in Natchez, Mississippi with very little purpose or plan to do or see anything. But I saw a lot of things. 

In the state of Mississippi, the mask mandate had been lifted. That, friends, may not have been medically smart. I do not know. I do know, though, that seeing strangers smile at strangers is a balm to weary spirits.

Immediately upon reaching our hotel in Natchez, we started looking for a church. The place where we ended up was in Vidalia, Louisiana. (After that search online and in the car, for a couple of hours, I was most appreciative of our church family, city-wide, in Huntsville, AL) This little church had to be the friendliest one in the state of Louisiana. All of their services were in-person. Their singing was robust and obviously from their hearts. They prayed for their “visitors” from Alabama in every single prayer and they graciously asked Glenn to preach on Sunday. But the thing that renewed my appreciation for the family of God was the comment in class by the kind gentleman who also led their singing. In the context of brotherly love from 1 John, he said “Most of you know that I live by myself. I try to talk to neighbors about the Lord, but most of them are not too interested. You know that this right here is my family. Y’all are my people. Y’all are the ones I need to see and I look forward to the times we get to be together. This is my place.” Now I don’t know about you, but my soul soared to hear this black brother talk about this very racially integrated body of believers as “his people.” I thought “This is what the Lord wants in all of our hearts. While the world is tumultuously acting like the world and trying to make everybody walk on eggshells around everybody else, he has called us out of darkness and translated us into this great family—the kingdom of his dear Son.” I determined to go home and just love my family like never before! Sometimes a woman needs a brother to just put her self-focused little mind in place again. He, like a spiritual chiropractor, just popped me back into alignment. 

The next time we met with these sweet Christians, I took along our current Digging Deep study book and found women, who had never even heard of DD, eager to begin. Glenn talked to these sweet folks about Lads to Leaders (They had not heard about that either, but there was obvious young potential there.) There were folks there who had already found us and our West Huntsville family online and already begun to listen to archived lessons online. This zeal for the Lord’s family was refreshing.

Glenn was diligently looking, on this trip, for replacement light fixtures and doors for some oddly sized closet entrances in one of our bedrooms. We found someone who was selling both there in Natchez and set up a time to meet her. While almost every old house or historic place we attempted to go and see had been closed due to a hurricane (…yes, we had unwittingly traveled TO the hurricane area and electricity was off in much of the area and trees were across several area roads) this sweet lady took us to a large living space—a loft on the top of business space on Commerce Street in historic downtown Natchez, to look at light fixtures and doors!  Not only did we get the antique doors and the fixture—both just what we wanted—but she, having grown up in Natchez, was able to give us perspectives about history that no tour guide had yet given. Finding that she had been to Israel, we began talking about Judaism and the Old Testament. By that time, of course, I’m back at the SUV, digging out our Digging Deep study of the Ten Commandments and I honestly think no one has ever been more excited to get a copy of a Digging Deep book than this sweet lady was to receive The Ten. I have a sister who is going to love to study this with me!”

…And in my reluctant heart, I was thinking “God is showing Cindy Colley a few things about a few things, among which are mercies that are new every morning (particularly in new faces and places). He might be showing me that I should just follow the counsel of the godly man He gave me, without arguing. He could be providentially asking me to get busy counting blessings and evangelizing wherever I am; focusing on finding opportunities to speak of Him, knowing that the world of vitriol changes one heart at a time as people are influenced by the gospel.”

And then, before coming home, we just stood and looked out over the mighty Mississippi. Covering two city blocks that had once been a bustling part of old Natchez, those mighty waters just keep on raging with undercurrents that prevent swimming or fishing, jet-skis or sailing. From the Natchez shoreline, just about the only boats one sees today are huge barges. headed for more peaceful ports and trade farther inland on the tributaries of this powerful body. Draining 41 percent of the United States, the water flows at incredible speeds and with deadly force. But God is in the business of irrigating and draining and He has channeled the power of millions of gallons of water within our vision—for warmth and light and industry and transportation. It’s hard to look at that river and its productivity without marveling at the creative and controlling power of the God we serve.

He gets it right, every time. In a world that’s screaming about justice and equity, I’m going to follow the One who gets it right. Even when I, his daughter, may question and writhe in His Providence—even when I might grumble in the shadow of His mercies, He gets it right. He is supreme and I’ve returned home with a greater respect for His majesty and provision for me. I saw the mightiest river in our part of the world “clap its hands” in full glorification of the Lord. Who am I to hang my head and think life’s unfair when the river is praising the equity of God?! 



Let the rivers clap their hands;

let the hills sing for joy together

before the Lord, for he comes

to judge the earth.

He will judge the world with righteousness,

and the peoples with equity (Psalm 97:8,9).


He gets it right. I’m thankful for renewal.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Shipping “The Ten” (Important things to know)… dining room

…my dining room

As you might imagine, without the PTP convention that annually brings hundreds of us together at Digging Deep kick-off time, the shipping this year is a mammoth operation. Lots of hours are going into sorting, boxing, enveloping, loading and mailing. Here are a few things you need to know, if you’ve ordered DD materials this year:

  1. Although we are working just about every spare minute to get them to you and shipping large quantities each day, we hope you will be patient with any errors and delays. You’re some of the meekest women on the planet, for which we are very grateful. (You must have been in the Word!)
  2. You may get a box of books that does not include the shirts/hoodies that you ordered. Hoodies were extremely popular and we’re already having to reorder. Shirts are now in short supply, as well, so be especially patient with the shirt orders. They are coming. We did not want to hold up the study materials you are needing to wait on your shirts. We will send them separately.
  3. The ONLY hoodie/shirt reorder will happen on September 4th; so if you want a t-shirt or hoodie, your final orders must be placed by midnight on September 3rd. The turn around is quick, so you should then have them in your hands by around the middle of September.
  4. I’m sending out the free tote bags today, Lord willing, to those who claimed them from the August podcast/video. I’ll post a list on the DD wall to those who claimed them first and are receiving them, so you can watch for them in your mail. I’m sorry that there are not enough for everyone to have one this year.  If you claimed one, try to remember to send the actual shipping cost on the box to the return address on your package. OR you can PayPal the shipping cost to Thanks.

    …the kitchen floor…they’re everywhere!

  5. Several have asked about the differences between the free download and the study books this year. They are basically the same, but without limited design graphics (artwork) and spaces for writing answers and notes. You do not miss any real content; just convenience and writing room.

So, there you go. I could not be more excited about this journey together. I think we’ll grow and I have to believe, at the end of this study, we are going to look back and reminisce about the pandemic and chaos during which this study was born. I think we are going to REMEMBER it (yes, like a thing of the distant past) as a somewhat dark and defining time for us. Those of us who are searching His Will and His commandments this year are going to feel like we persevered and became stronger in spite of the distance between us at times, the sadness of not getting together in large numbers, the wretched cultural and  political scene that is unfolding daily, and the abnormality of many of our routines. I believe, when you have finished this dig, you will be spiritually enabled to better fight the devil and his troops here on earth. I believe you will find great motivation in the law that is holy, just and good (Romans 7:12) Seven teen girls have already told me that they are determined to complete the study this year. That little team alone is a powerhouse prospect for the future of the church.  Praise God!

May I somewhat parenthetically say here that making huge decisions for your futures during this uncertain time is, in my judgment, not a good idea. I know I cannot speak in accuracy about every situation and I know my judgment doesn’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things. But ending marriages, switching congregations, moving across the country, and switching careers unnecessarily are all things I’m witnessing some doing.  I believe when the masks are off and the hugs are happening, many life-changing decisions will leave us with regrets. Love your family in Him. Support and respect your local elderships. (They are probably in earnest about your souls and making decisions to the very best of their mortal abilities) Strive for the unity for which our Lord prayed. Persevere. Look for ways to serve and let’s all be bold before His throne.

Thank you. Thank you for being stellar examples of patience and perseverance. Thank you for encouraging me. But most of all, thank you for caring about the Word of our God enough to spend the time to ingest it–in big groups in classrooms and pavilions, and singularly from your kitchen tables and porches.

You will begin with “having no other gods before Him.” Study that one with all your might. If we embrace this first one for our lives, shutting out all worldly competition for our hearts’ first allegiance, we cannot help but to keep every other commandment He’s given for our ultimate benefit.

Remember: When He says “Thou shalt,” He is really saying “Help yourself to happiness!” When He says “Thou shalt not,” He is really saying “Prevent disaster!”

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Together: It’s what I’m Missing!

I’m currently at a studio in East Tennessee hammering out a total of ten lessons for this year’s virtual Polishing the Pulpit. I want to be able to do it without masking up in between the sessions if I need to go and purchase a drink. I wish I could do it in the beautiful setting of the Smoky Mountains like we do each year. I’d love to hear some singing in between the speaking times. I wish there were lots of classes I could attend between the speeches I’m making. I wish these speeches were not so back-to-back-to back. Most of all, though, I’m wishing for you…for the faces, hugs, smiles, laughter, in-person prayers, and sit-down conversations of sister in Christ. It’s hard to keep on going without these big boosts that all of us need when we get TOGETHER.

“Together” is a huge encompassing blessing, the significance of which has eluded us in times of fellowship. The fellowship famine has placed a flashing neon sign in my heart: “This girl needs sisters!” Pray with me that it will not be long till we can go to worship and hug each other. Pray that it won’t be long till our children can all have classes and we can pass out snacks and they can stand in line for their sermon sheet prizes. Pray that we can pass communion and a basket for our offerings. Pray that we can shake hands and hold hands and chat up-close-and-personal all over our buildings. Pray that we can sit down in quiet places, grab each others’ hands and bow our heads and together talk over our challenges with God. Pray that soon we can have sisters in our homes for devotionals and that two of us can look at the same Bible or commentary as we together try to figure out a passage’s meaning. Pray, pray, pray. Email, Zoom, virtual conventions and drive-by parades have been fun, but they do not suffice for togetherness. Pray!

Yesterday, my one remaining fall ladies day was turned into a Zoom meeting. I can’t even tell you the mental grasping that I did at that moment for some simile of normalcy. Pray that one day soon, we’ll be planning, persevering, and praising hand-in-hand. We are better when we are together. Physical synergy is a real thing.

And, for now, let’s get every bit of the nourishment that’s in our limited meetings and in the virtual. Pray that these spoon feedings will tide us over. Pray for elders and leaders who are making very tough decisions. Just pray.

Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Coronavirus: Moving the Decimal…

U.S. Coronavirus deaths per day since March 1: 2.900

U.S. Intentional womb deaths per day since Mar. 1:  2900    

You have to move the decimal three places to the left for the virus. A decimal move is a big mathematical jump. The number in the first line  is relatively miniscule. But they are vulnerable and they are people, so we do care. We don’t want to be reckless as we plan our lives.

But the daily deaths in line 2 are deaths of people who are vulnerable, too. And those deaths are 1,000 times more per day. And that tally did not begin on March 1.

Where’s the panic? Where’s the real application of the word recklessness?