Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Podcast is Thursday. All about the Spirit.

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0968af02c7d4cac0bd7a0b9f0b0e7085Podcast is Thursday. All about the Spirit.

So much is happening so fast this week. I know it will be a good week for me because all of my events are centered on the Word. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m out the door in a minute to hear a great Q and A session at the West Huntsville church. You can hear our monthly Q and A Sunday nights at Tomorrow, we’re off to the Memphis, Tennessee area, where we will be speaking at the Power Lectures at the Southaven Church ( My topic is “Sarah, Whose Daughters You Are.” I love getting to speak to the sweet sisters there. The lectureship is based on lessons we can learn from the life of Abraham. Should be some great stuff. Then from there we travel to Amory, Mississippi, where Glenn will speak on Wednesday night about our hope in Christ. Then I’ll be back in Huntsville by Thursday night to, at long last, be with you in a special two-hour edition of the Digging Deep podcast, in which we’ll be focusing once again on God, the Spirit. It’s at 7 pm CST. Hope you can join us! ( Pray that we (Emily Anderson is co-hosting) can be prepared by that time! It’s great to have Jennifer Benavides back in Huntsville after her father’s prolonged sickness and death and it’s wonderful that she brought along her mom, Judy Denson, who will be a great asset to our West Huntsville ladies ministries. Good things can come out of tragic circumstances and I will be praying for much good for this sweet family. Jennifer will be back on deck Thursday to produce the podcast. The final podcast will come to you live from Polishing the Pulpit ( in late August. Then next Saturday is the “Happily Ever After” Purity day at West Huntsville with Hannah Colley Giselbach speaking. She’ll help your teen girls make the best choices for a regret-free future for Him (

I’m thinking a lot about the Holy Spirit lately and particularly what he does every day for me. That’s right. Just because He is no longer revealing and giving miraculous gifts does not mean that I do not consciously feel His presence in my life. I am spiritually (and even emotionally) tied to His work in countless ways. (Just this week, the ways my life is inextricably linked to His work are pretty many and sundry!) I love the way the Holy Spirit (along with the Father and the Son) is just very much a part of any Christian’s daily planner! Here are a few of the ways He affects me practically, just off the top of my head:

He allows me to know the very mind of my Jesus (I Cor. 2:13-16). I am so grateful for that.
He validates or give me the assurance of my salvation (II Corinthians 5:5-10). That’s huge to me.
He gives me comfort when the going gets tough (John 15:26) through the truth he has revealed. (This one, of    course overlaps with the previous one.)
He shapes my conscience (I Timothy 1:5).
He gives me the basis of this wonderful Digging Deep Study!

Please try to join us this Thursday as we discuss the Spirit and how he enables us today through His amazing revelation of truth—the Word! It’s important to know. I’m finding that knowing more about the Spirit makes me hungrier for what He wants me to know…and that’s a good thing.

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