Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

Sister to Sister: Ferguson–Truth is Unimportant.

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images-3That’s the largest lesson of the new school year for children in Ferguson, Missouri. Here’s what they are learning this fall and the lessons will stick lots better than if they were they being taught using workbooks and flashcards. Lessons taught in real time and real life always do. So here’s that real-life indelibly inked curriculum:


Whenever you feel life has treated you (or “your” group) unfairly:

1. Truth becomes less important than agenda.
2. The commission of crimes against innocent people is justified.
3. It’s okay to take (and keep) what does not belong to you.
4. You no longer have to answer to any civil authority.
5. Physical force is your authority and, thus, the new law is “Might makes right.”

When the investigation is over and the facts are laid bare, the lessons will keep coming. Suppose Mr. Wilson is declared innocent in the end. What then? The premise will once again apply; that is, a large group of people will feel that life has treated them unfairly and the above “rules” will direct behavior. If Mr. Wilson is guilty of murder, then let the investigation render that truth (and may he be duly punished).  But mark it down: If he is innocent of murder, there is no verdict of his innocence that will be powerful enough to stop the agenda, reinstate proper authority and change the “curriculum”. Class will be over. And it will not be a peaceful recess.

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