Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley

The Holy Spirit is Working At PTP!

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1233412_10101287715624745_127146552_nThis week I am at a conference in Sevierville, TN that is just about as close to heaven as we are going to get in this lifetime. 3500 or so Christians worshipping, praying , studying and hugging each other in the hallways. People pouring out burdens to empathetic ears, singles “mingling” and playing games together (I’ve heard some matches were made!), elders and future elders sitting at “scenario tables” figuring out how the Word would direct congregations through difficult problems, moms leaning on the wisdom of older women and teens ingesting truths that are the real sword for winning battles of peer pressure and temptation. This, and so much more, is Polishing the Pulpit. Save up your money and head for the hills next August. It will be a great place of renewal on your journey to heaven. (And, next year, you can meet my Baby G!…one more reason! =)…You are seeing him this year…you know, that lady who looks like gravity will, of necessity, make her tip over frontwards at any moment!)


If you’ve been in the Digging Deep study this year, you know that the Spirit works mightily through the Word of God. Today He is working through that precious Word in the hearts of women at PTP. But the good news is, you can share the excitement of that working today at 2:30 pm EST via the live Digging Deep podcast. We will be concluding the Knowing God study and embarking on our 2014-15 study. Come and be in the room as we unveil this brand new study. Be in Ballroom A or  be in the chat room at See the women here who have completed the 2013-14 study in its entirety. Be encouraged and motivated. You will not complete the 2014-15 study without putting down roots in heaven. Yes, I am confident! God is just so good. You don’t have to be in the Digging Deep study to know and experience this, but you DO have to be in Bible study! That’s how the Spirit works in us. That’s how He motivates. That’s how He leads. That’s how He moves!


If you haven’t been moved by the Spirit this week, may I suggest you open the book?


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