No Prize for Tact

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One more thing from the funeral of my Aunt Eunice:
Both Allen Webster and Kevin Smith made remarks about a life well-lived.  It was a statement made by my cousin, Sharon Harris, though, that hit a chord with me. Kevin read her statement during his remarks.  Sharon said something like this:
“Mamaw would not have won any prizes for tact or diplomacy. But one thing is for sure. You never left a conversation with her wondering exactly what she meant, particularly if it had to do with the Word of God. You always knew she loved you, but she refused to keep quiet while any of us happily waddled off to hell.”
Well, those are potent words.  If there are those in the family of Eunice Smith who are happily headed to hell, I hope the words leave them bereft of any comfort in sin. In fact, I hope the words made lots of us examine our lives more closely. I know they made this woman have a greater appreciation for plainspoken words of love. I have to write a letter later this week to a sister who has left her family, the Lord and any hope of heaven without repentance. I want to offer hope. I want to encourage. But I’m resolved to not mince words about the seriousness of sin.  Evasiveness  has no place when we speak of eternity.
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